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i just picked up this cheapo, ($170), and can't believe how easy it is to use,
how many useful features it has, and how great it sounds=

so what are you guys using?
my first full length Beta Cloud disc from 07'-


all copies are sold out, and i decided not to re-press it, so a free gift to all;
please enjoy and share as you wish.

Other Ambient (and related) Music / Beta Cloud
July 08, 2009, 10:37:37 PM
hello all, i'm new here on the Hypnos forum and thought i'd share some links and things to 'Beta Cloud';
a little about it:
Beta Cloud is me;Carl Pace. It initially started out in 2005 as primarily lo-fi analog device/trumpet/synth based experimental ambient music, (previous to that i did grindcore/noisecore and eventually studied jazz and performed in avant/free experimental ensembles).
At this point, i've integrated alot more ambient guitar, software and field recordings to the mix. I would classify my newest material as ambient/drift.
I enjoy collaborating with other artists live and on disc. Some of the collab discs i've done have been with Aidan Baker, Mick Harris's LULL and Kenji Siratori.
I've performed live with acts ranging from Godflesh, Napalm Death and Old Lady Drivers to contemporaries such as Aidan Baker, Plotkin and Wyskida, Nadja, Sleep Research Facility, Wolf Eyes, Black Mayonnaise, Dreamstate and more.
Currently, I'm recording a new disc, due in a month or so of atmospheric/drift ambient.

here's some video segments i have on youtube of a performance i did at an Ambient Ping event in Toronto Ca. a couple of months ago,
(it's a 5 part continious performance edited by Alan Dubin. each segment is representational of different 'mood concepts'):

here's my current label site, 'Laughing Bride Media', (there's a free download in the 'extras' section of a live show i did a while back):

here's the obligatory myspace page, (there's some fun stuff on there like show flyers, incriminating photos of myself and other ambient performers, reviews, and other stuff):

and the 'official' Beta Cloud site, (badly outdated):

I hope you enjoy what you see and hear; any feedback is always welcome-
even if you just want to say 'hi' or whatever you like.

thanks and see you on the threads-
my name is Beta Cloud aka C. Pace and i'm an ambient performer from NY/USA.
I've been familiar with Hypnos for a while and just discovered the forum and really like what i saw so...
here i am-
if anyone out there knows me at all, (or we've corresponded or whatever), please shoot me a line and say 'hi'.
i'll post a separate topic if anyone wants to hear/see my stuff.

also; i'm a gear/recording nut, so i'll be popping up on all the threads.

see you on the interwebz-