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DiNDDL12 Strange Attractors by Ian Boddy

"Strange Attractors" is a milestone for the DiN label in that it is the 50th album release (38 physical + 12 digital). As such it is only fitting that it should be by the driving force behind DiN, label boss Ian Boddy.
Recorded live in April 2011 at the Awakenings series of electronic music concerts the album showcases Boddy at the top of his game. Employing almost exclusively analogue sound sources he crafts a seamless blend of electronica spanning 76 minutes of sonic exploration.
The album opens up with "Amongst Dark Clouds" with it's nebulous, spacey atmospheres and wash of glorious, epic chords. Tracks such as "Crossing The Range" and "Return Vector" see Boddy pulling off the feat of live sequencing and keyboard playing, a difficult task in a solo concert environment. As the tracks build you can literally hear Boddy building the pieces brick by brick to a sonic crescendo before tearing the musical structure down again. A fascinating experience that uses his years of experience using analogue modular synthesisers to the full. Other tracks such as "Parabolic Excursions" & the encore piece "Trip The Light Fandango" use studio created trippy sequencer grooves. Over these Boddy plays a range of subtle keyboard parts which feature his analogue "Ondes Martenot" style controller. These soaring lines are built up using a looping device into beautiful ambient beds and phrases. The title track "Strange Attractors" is an all together different affair. Like some proto-sequencer soundscape it's organic pulsations seem to drift in and out of phase. Overlaid with darkly shimmering ring modulated textures it's dark, unsettling atmosphere is punctuated with beautiful mellotron flutes. Building to an intense climax Ligeti like choral intrusions heighten the sense of unease.
One of Boddy's best and most intense concert performance of recent years "Strange Attractors" showcases one of the UK's leading electronic musicians. With almost 150 concerts under his belt such experience really shines through on the complexity and inventiveness of this live show.
More info + track player here:

Video of Strange Attractors Promo photo slideshow:
Strange Attractors

The download album includes extra bonus material:
Full resolution artwork
Concert photographs
Promo text pdf
Strange Attractors Promo photo slideshow movie

DiNDDL10 Submission 01 Now Available For Free Download From Bandcamp

DiNDDL releases are digital only albums that are being presented alongside the physical CD releases of the parent DiN label. As such DiNDDL is following the path set by it's parent label in that every tenth release will be a sampler compilation album showcasing the previous nine albums. Thus Submission 01 is the first such sampler release and features one track (or in some cases an edit) from each of the first nine DiNDDL titles. Artists featured on this compilation are Ian Boddy, Dub Atomica, Bernhard Wöstheinrich, Markus Reuter, ARC, Zero Ohms and Memory Geist. Six of the tracks are taken from concerts performed by a selection of these artists.

By releasing music on the DiNDDL sub-label it is possible for DiN to continue to present a wider range of electronic music titles that supplement and compliment it's core label physical releases. Submission 01 is free to download in a variety of audio formats (including 320K MP3, FLAC, AAC & ALAC) including full quality artwork up till September 30th 2011.

i participate with my collab (with Steve Law) project, 'Memory Geist' in this compilation. its track 9, and its full of Serge modular.

Memory Geist - 'Benthos' (DiNDDL09)

DiNDDL09| Release date 04/07/11

"Benthos" is the second album by Memory Geist, the collaborative project of Steve Law (of Zen Paradox, Starseed Transmission & Black Cab) and Bakis Sirros (of Parallel Worlds & Interconnected). Their first album "Funereal Cavern" was released in 2007 by the well respected Italian experimental label Musica Maxima Magnetica.

The creation of "Benthos" has been a long process initiated in mid-2007 when Law visited Sirros in his home town of Athens, Greece and the duo recorded some initial material together comprising a variety of soundscapes, sequences, analogue rhythms & organic atmospheres. On his return to Melbourne in Australia, Law sculpted this raw material into a set of 6 tracks which were augmented by further soundscapes, rhythms and arrangement ideas sent across to him by Sirros. The gestation of "Benthos" took 4 years in total and has resulted in the birth of a complex and fascinating ambient electronica album. The pieces range from dark, industrial rhythmic tracks to cosmic style slabs of ambience and showcase the duos use of modular analogue synths alongside computer software manipulation.

info and clips here:

the album will soon also be available as a limited edition (100 copies) digipack CD-R from Alio Die's label Hic Sunt Leones.

(for the gear-heads: this album is full of various modular and analogue synths, including ARP 2600, Doepfer A100 / eurorack, Integrator, Serge modular, Technosaurus Selector, Metalbox/CGS, MS50, System-100m, Trident, etc, etc... )

DiN37 Exit Strategy CD album by Ian Boddy & Parallel Worlds
(release date 31st of May 2011)

information and track previews now on the DiN web site

Both Boddy & Sirros have a long, well documented love of analogue modular synthesisers and the organic sounds and rhythms these instruments can produce so in many ways it was inevitable that these two musicians would collaborate at some point. Sirros started the ball rolling with the composition of a series of both ambient soundscapes and more structured multilayered compositions. These featured his unusual pulsing, throbbing analogue percussion layers, warm soundscapes and beguiling melodies that are in many ways a signature sound of Parallel Worlds. Boddy took this raw material and shaped, arranged and sculpted it into a series of seven inter-linked tracks that form a musical narrative that runs throughout "Exit Strategy". Adding his glissando keyboard sound that was premiered on his album Slide (DiN31 2008) Boddy brought a real emotional focus to the album which, whilst it may seem to journey through dark, subterranean territory has some glorious melodic highlights.

"Exit Strategy" proves once again that the DiN label can conjure up new combinations of sonic palettes from internationally renowned electronic musicians.

Other Ambient (and related) Music / Free music from Parallel Worlds
« on: January 23, 2011, 02:40:50 PM »

in our facebook page:

there is a (reverbnation) music player with many tracks for free streaming and download, as well as two 'fan exclusive' tracks for free download: track 'Logic' (from 'out of print' album 'Existence' 2003) and track 'Purple Skyline' (from 'out of print' cd compilation 'Ikude')

insider info: the early drum machine used for all drums in track 'Purple Skyline' is an EKO Rhythmaker.

enjoy, or not.

best regards,

hi list,

new video clips for two older tracks of mine:

Dreamstate (2005, Shima records)

Beneath Fear (2007, DiN records)

equipment used:


Roland SH101(bass sounds), Roland TR606 (drums), Nord lead rack, Nord modular (drums processor), JP8000(pad), korg MS10(bass line), mono/poly (effect sound), Doepfer A100(wet sequence) modular, MS2000r, s750, emax2 .

Beneath Fear:
Doepfer A100 modular, Analogue Systems Integrator (RS370 PHG sound), system-100m(bass), electribe S(drums), s750 (string and choir) , JP8000(pad) , Reaktor (lead sound), Nord modular, MS20.


New 2cd Compilation 'Radio Lunatica Z2' (VIMCD004) (featuring new Interconnected track!) OUT SOON!

Interconnected is my collab project with German Musician Ingo Zobel (from DRON, mikrolux/elektrolux)

(the track is full of analogue modulars of course, Serge, Doepfer, etc, etc...)

                official press release follows:                                   


“It was Dizzy or Charlie or Thelonius walking down the road when he listened to a strange noise, a sound, half Lester Young, half wild rain and fog, a sound that’s got that tension and roughness of a dark cave, of a train line, of an empty neighborhood that’s bringing you a thrill in the chest, it was like hitting his tiger-head on a wooden  fence a rainy Saturday morning, one of those mornings that we never go to school.
“Hey!” he shouted and he disappeared dancing. Thelonius Monk’s playing an out of tune note in the piano tonight, he’s dropping something different among all those sweet notes that the others are playing, Meadows Playhouse, nights that start at 10 and finish in a never-ending jamming, bar for black people opposite a hotel…….That strange note is making  the trumpet player lift his eyebrow.  It’s the first time that Dizzy gets surprised this day. He brings the trumpet in his lips and boils out a liquid undefined thing. “Hi hi Ha ha!” Charlie Parker laughs and hits his palm into his ankle. Putting his alto in his mouth says “I’ve told you that” with jazz notes. They express themselves like big poets speaking a different language, they sing in a different country with their instruments, beyond the sea, but nobody understands them because their language is still unknown in this country.”
We choose silence. Shhhhhhhhhhhhh………………………………………………..we don’t want to  be heard. We’ve got so many answers but we will obstinately deny them. A sounding silence, the same as God’s. The only truth is that when you love music you always return to it, even though the path of your life is taking you away from it. An electronic trip with galaxy dreams…….everything at the same time!


many tracks uploaded on Soundcloud !

(many are now free to download!)


the final improvisational track was based on the Doepfer A100 modular system.

enjoy, or not.



talking about modular stuff... and (the most important) music!

Created by Dimitris D. Davakis for "Shade", a track from Parallel Worlds' cd album "Shade" 2009 DiN records. Photography by G. Gyralexis.
Created by Dimitris D. Davakis for "Into the Caves of the Mind", a track from Parallel Worlds' cd album "Obsessive Surrealism" 2007 DiN records.
Full track of the video clip created by Dimitris (Jim) D. Davakis for Parallel Worlds. Purple Skyline is an old music track (2001) from Parallel Worlds, part of the cd compilation "ikude" of various artists under the label of Shima Records.

Parallel Worlds live @ Stage, Larisa, opening for Kilimanjaro Darkjazz Ensemble (Ad Noiseum).

Parallel Worlds, will present (alternate versions of) tracks from 3 of their albums, plus unreleased material, combined with atmospheric background visuals of Jim Davakis.

Saturday, 15th of May, 'Stage' venue, Larisa, Greece.

PW Live line-up:
Bakis Sirros: Synthesizers, machinic drums, (Doepfer A100) Analogue Modular.
John Sirros: Keyboards, Synthesizer.
Jim Davakis: Background Visuals.

myspace event pagelink: event page link:


ALIO DIE | PARALLEL WORLDS  Circo Divino (HSL055 and HSL055LP)
CD - 6 side Digipack, 180gr VINYL.

This is the first collaboration by ambient master Alio Die with soundscape creator Parallel Worlds.
The unique sound achieved could be described as a hybrid sonic world, made out of bouncing electrons and air vibrations.
The modular machines of Parallel Worlds are merged with the acoustic instrumentation and drones of
Alio Die, joined by the ethereal voice of the Polish vocalist/composer India Czajkowska, resulting in a surreal, yet down to earth, listening experience.
The compositions, being, at times, minimal and calm and, at other times, full of mystical darkness and microsound elements, take the listener into a place were mental and physical boundaries have no need to exist.

The beautiful Digipack artwork is by the painter Romanie Sanchez.

1 Lost Fractales
2 Circo Divino
3 Nuvole di Palissandro
4 Sorinel
5 Electrostatic Forest
6 Slide of Grace

All tracks composed and produced by Bakis Sirros and Stefano Musso
(BMI) between 2008 and 2009, in Milan, Italy and Athens, Greece.

Parallel Worlds : Doepfer A100 modular, Serge Modular Music System, AS Integrator modular, Metalbox/CGS modular, modified Oberheim 4-Voice, modified EMS VCS3, String machines, Tape Echoes, Tone & CV generators, wave shapers and modifiers.

Alio Die: Drones and Loops, Zither, Carillon, Effects and Treatments.

Voice and effects on tracks 1,3,4 by India Czajkowska recorded in
Verezzi, Italy.

Mastering by Stefano Musso at Temple Studio, Milan.

Cover pictures by Romanie Sanchez

CD and Vinyl Limitation: 500 copies each

Please order at:

Vu-us is very proud to present their newest release:

Interconnected - “Current Flow”.(VU-US018)

Interconnected is a collaborative electronica/ idm/ experimental project between Bakis Sirros (of Parallel Worlds, Memory Geist) and Ingo Zobel (of DRON, Signalform, Self Oscillate, Datasette). Both guys are heavy into analogue modular systems which makes their sound very unique and organic compared to other artists in the electronica scene who hardly use any hardware anymore.
Their debut album “Current Flow” is a sonic trip where frequencies take on real life form. Each song takes you on an aural voyage to explore new worlds beyond your imagination. The opening track “Greenerblue” brings you smoothly into this new world while other tracks like “Deepestsespeed” give you the impression that you are wandering around that cold surface for ages.
The design of this release might seem a bit dark rst, compared to the music itself, but it represents a so familiar ally and yet so mysterious during the night, the unknown.

Jef Aerts, vu-us

clips from the album here:

of course the album is full of analogue modulars like the Doepfer A100, Serge modular, AS Integrator, Technosaurus Selector, Metalbox / CGS, Blacet research, (with additional Livewire, Cyndustries, Plan B modules)  and Oberheim SEM, Jupiter 6, Mono/poly, MS20, SQ10, TR606, Roland System-100m, various string machines and Tape Echoes, Nord modular, Waldorf Microwave, etc, etc...


Friday, 18th of December 2009, 11:00PM.

Parallel Worlds live @ BIOS , plus PAN SONIC and Rob Hall (Skam records, Gescom).

Parallel Worlds (DiN records) will present (alternate versions of) tracks from their latest album ’Shade’ and their older albums, plus 2 unreleased improvisational tracks based on a Doepfer A100 Modular System, combined with the otherworldly live visuals of Maria Tsiligiridi.

PAN SONIC (Blast First/MUTE records), the Band from Finland, being pioneers of the industrial techno sound for so many years, need no introduction...

Rob Hall has been the co-owner of Skam records for many years (home of 'Boards Of Canada', Bola, etc.) and he has also participated in the well-known 'Gescom' collective.

Official announcement from Shima Records:


Both parallel worlds albums (Insight from 2004 & Far Away Light from 2005) are very low on stock and we will soon be sold out - forever!

Once the CD's are gone, they are gone!

This does not affect the digital downloads, they will remain available as usual.

last few copies available from here:

Parallel Worlds are playing live at Reworks 09 festival (, one of the most important electronic music festival of Europe.

Parallel Worlds will present (alternate versions of) tracks from their new album ’Shade’, plus older tracks and unreleased material, combined with the otherworldly live visuals of Maria Tsiligiridi.

(plus, there will be a Doepfer A100 analogue modular synth on stage)

Parallel Worlds will appear on Saturday 19/9/09.

the Festival is taking place in 18 and 19 September, Vilka Area, Thessaloniki, Greece.

Artists that will perform in this year's Reworks festival include:

The Stereo MC's Live, Sven Vath, Dj Hell, Dennis Ferrer, Oliver Huntemann, Parov Stellar + band Live, Daedelus Live, DJ Mehdi Live, Filastine live, Actor One, Cayetano Soundsystem Live, Beardyman Live, Paul Kalkbrenner Live, Shlomi Aber, Argy, Martinez Brothers, Parallel Worlds, NTEIBINT Live, Heidi, Marry's Flower Superhead, Chromata, Dj booker, Dj viton, Cj jeff, cruz

Some of the artists that have performed in Reworks in the past:

Gaz Cobain (FSOL), Jazzanova, Jimi Tenor, Mike Paradinas aka u-ziq, Booka Shade (Live), Anthony Rother (Live), Modeselektor (Live), K.bhta (Live), Pole (Live), Bola (Live), Isan (Live), Peekay Tayloh (Live), Neon (Live), Nikko Patrelakis (Live), Spyweirdos, Serafim Tsotsonis (Live), Filippos Pliatsikas (Live).

DiN32 - Shade by Parallel Worlds
Release date 23rd March 2009

Shade is the studio album follow-up to Obsessive Surrealism (DiN26 - 2007) and is the fifth CD release by Parallel Worlds (the main musical project of Greek electronic musician Bakis Sirros).

Parallel Worlds employ a vast arsenal of both vintage and modern analogue modular synthesisers with extensive use of classic sequencing techniques to produce a sonic world that combines modern electronica and ambient music styles with the feel of retro electronic music. His attention to detail is astonishing and his careful sculpting of sounds and textures produce an organic, ever evolving atmosphere full of half glimpsed meanings and subdued emotions. The purely electronic rhythms and beats seem to have a life of their own and showcase a musician who is a virtuoso with these types of instruments that are the antithesis of the quick fix pick-a-preset mind set of much of todays society. Musically he likes to explore various states of mind, no doubt influenced by his medical background and this adds a tension and darkness to his compositions that are punctuated by disarmingly simple and wistful melodies.

With Shade Parallel Worlds show a musical maturity and command of sonic atmospherics that takes the music on a journey, moving through dreams and shades, aiming for the light.

audio clips and info here:

this album is full of analogue modular synths, including the Serge modular music system, Analogue Systems RS-Integrator modular, Doepfer A100 modular, Arp 2600, EMS VCS3, Technosaurus Selector system D, Livewire/Plan B/Harvestman modular, Metalbox/CGS modular, Analogue Solutions Concussor modular, Korg MS50, Oberheim 4 Voice modular, etc...


there is a new Parallel Worlds extensive interview in the Analogue Haven ( website
including many studio and analogue modular synth photos.

click on the studio photos to see them in bigger size.

next month there will be the second part of the PW Interview with more studio photos too.



Parallel Worlds are playing live at Earthdance Festival on Saturday 13th of September (20:30) on the DANCE STAGE Batis beach P.Faliro (tram:Batis)

Parallel Worlds will present tracks from their latest album 'Obsessive Surrealism' plus older tracks and unreleased material combined with the otherworldly live visuals of Maria Tsiligiridi.

(and, yes, there will be a micro version of my Doepfer A100 Modular on stage!)

full schedule/details below:

Saturday 13th & Sunday 14th of September

Global link for peace
350 cities – 60 countries- 1 global link

Athens, BATIS beach -P.Faliro, 18:00-00.00 and
“AΜΜΟS CLUB” (00.00-06:00) tram stations “Batis” and Loutra Alimou”

Thessaloniki, “Theatro Kipou”
Santorini “The Beach Bar”
Corfu “Old Castle-town.
Ypati “Chora Art Park”

For info regarding artists line up and locations please visit

On Saturday September 13th and Sunday the 14th , over 340 cities in 57 countries
will unite as one global dance floor in support of global peace.

In Athens, from early afternoon until midnight on the beach of P.Faliro-Batis and from
midnight to sunrise at AMMOS club, EarthDance 2008 host more than 50 acts,
live and dj sets, exhibitions and contemporary cinema.

A number of N.G.O’s focusing at environment and urban culture
will participate: ELLINIKI ETAIRIA (Society for the Environment and Cultural Heritage),
Ash In Art! CAID, Genathlon, and Helmepa.

Quintessence of the event is a global link that brings together all festival
at an effort to create a common mind supporting peace.
The web link will be broadcasted through
and if some of you cannot be there with us you can listen live
at the After Party at AMMOS club - Alimos through and as well as
the event at Thessaloniki through

Tune in, and live a wonderfull dance phenomenon.
Line up Athens

Saturday 13/09
EARTH STAGE Batis beach P.Faliro (tram:Batis)

Somewhere beyond
Verum secta
Changing faces
Listen Up! Soundsystem
Cast-A-Blast Soundsystem

*On site fire show by Magic Happens*

Saturday 13/09
DANCE STAGE Batis beach P.Faliro (tram:Batis)

Petros Feelin
MUTE dj set
C.Stauropoulos dj set
ION dj set
Urban Disco live set
D.M.R dj set

Saturday 13.09
AMMOS After party (tram: Loutra Alimou)

DJ PITH dj set
ArchiteCt dj set
Nikos Vandoros dj set
D.J. Girl dj set
Chevy-Mr Statik dj set
Huyshe dj set

Saturday 14/09
EARTH STAGE Batis beach P.Faliro (tram:Batis)

Sleepin Pillow live set
One Drop Forward live
Maraveyas illegal live

Saturday 14/09
DANCE STAGE Batis beach P.Faliro (tram:Batis)

DubSkanker dj set
Gblack dj set
Γιάννης Λώλος dj set
Alex Afanas dj set
A@H2O dj set

Sunday 14.09
AMMOS After party (tram: Loutra Alimou)

intro by Paul D. intro
217 Live
THANNASIMOS (beatbox) Live
Jerome Aka the source Live

For more info regarding the festival at Thessaloniki, Santorini, Corfu and Ypati
Visit or look for Earthdance free press magazine.

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