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I am super excited to announce the release of my 3rd album of ambient/electronic/space music called Hospital Planet. It is available as Choose-Your-Price/Donation (All proceeds from this album go to a charity helping destitute children):
I hope you will In-Joy it!

It's Ancient Astronaut.
I have finally released my second album Spheres of Love! (space/ambient/electronic/athmospheric).
It is available as Free or Choose-Your-Price:
I hope you will enjoy it!


I'm Ancient Astronaut (from France) and I begin releasing my music - ambient, space music, soundscapes, ethereal - designed to help relax, fly and float in space, and dedicated to the Ancient Astronauts of the legendary Blue Race.

My debut album is called "Through the Tunnel of Love" and is on Bandcamp:

Feedbacks are very welcome!

Thank you for creating this community and forum for ambient music!