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Other Ambient (and related) Music / Infraction thread
« on: June 02, 2010, 01:13:10 PM »
Thought that the Low Point label thread was a great idea...I'll use this as a bit of
an announcement/update platform for Infraction related news here.

We've had a sale running on three catalog titles for $6/each postpaid in the U.S. & Canada ($9 each overseas postpaid)

ELUDER - The Most Beautiful Blue CD (INFX 033)
CRAIG BETHELL - A Day Full of You, A Night Tired of Me CD (INFX 026)
BEAUTUMN - Northing CD (INFX 020)

The sale ends on these at the end of this week in our shop :

Arbitrary picks for sale items.  The Beautumn has been probably our best seller to date.  His 'white
coffee' disc sold out fairly quickly after release, so we doubled up on 'Northing'.  Planning his next
release now, entitled 'Bordeaux'.  Will be an LP & CD release.

Craig's disc featured music entirely made by Mark Van Hoen.  Definitely the most 'pop' thing we've
released to date, and probably the last 'pop' issue we do. 

Eluder...can't recommend this one enough.  We did a run of 500 and have about 40 left.  His next
disc is in the works right now as well.  Planning a CD issue...working title is 'through the horizon'.



New release due in April on Infraction :
CONCERT SILENCE - "09.22.07" CD/2LP (INFX 042/INFX 042LP)
Concert Silence is a collaboration between Charles Buckingham and Matthew Cooper, currently both residing in Portland, Oregon. An ongoing conversation between the two began in 2004 when they met over a shared interest in live sound manipulation. “09.22.07” was the first major outcome of discussions regarding symbiotic cultures and their implications to music. A live performance set up was designed, allowing each player to have equal input and manipulation control, (which can be seen in a diagram within the artwork of the album). After the completion of a live session recorded to minidisc, the two decided to release the unmastered un-edited music for free download via their website. A short while later the free recordings were taken down from the site. Infraction Records is now releasing a previously unheard professionally mastered recording of the session in its entirety.

“The sound of piano, both pure and processed, has become almost a sub-genre of its own within ambient electronica. There’s a Satie-authored lineage stretching from Budd/Eno through to Sakamoto’s collabs with Alva Noto and Fennesz, with signs to other off-beat sites. Buckingham’s background in visual art makes his contribution to Concert Silence somewhat enigmatic. He had previously co-opted Cooper for the audio of an online ambient audio-visual collaboration in the ‘Window Exchange’ project; Cooper’s signature is clearly recognizable, for all that the pianism of his earlier Eluvium work are tweaked and tampered with here. Six discrete movements, an affair of edgy ambience, with lilting lulling passages ceding to digital depredations. Some parts subtly infiltrated, others strewn with the detritus of error-smithery. “Part Two,” for example, sounds as if it’s slowly spontaneously combusting in the player, gradually growing into a larger conflagration, culminating in a veritable firework display of pops, crackles and wayward woozy pitch shifts, eating itself in echo and fuzz, before returning to the opening lull of barely audible soft-pedaled piano purism. Overall the Cooper-Buckingham pairing puts a distinctive slant on the compositional tradition mentioned above, finding a beguiling blend of the worlds of piano concerto and that of digital signal processing, with its random reversals, glitch flurries, and drone. Yet, for all its peculiarities of pitch and microsonic mist, strong melodic lines serve as binding, stiched together, lending poise to noise. “ – Alan Lockett

“09.22.07” will be issued as a CD [INFX 042] and 2xLP [INFX 042 LP]. The CD will be a 6 panel matte digipak. The 2xLP set will be in a Stoughton gatefold sleeve, with full color inner sleeves, 180 gram vinyls, and an OBI strip. The D side will feature a vinyl etching. Both versions are in editions of 900. Artwork and typography by Jason Evans.

In addition there is a 3 song ep coming out at the same time :

CONCERT SILENCE - Rain Furniture CD/12" (INFX 047/INFX 047 LP)
With “Rain Furniture”, Charles Buckingham and Matthew Cooper wanted to explore a new and different musical territory than previously traveled, while still using the audio set up from “09.22.07”.

Rain Furniture will be issued as a CD (INFX 047) and 12” vinyl (INFX 047 LP). The CD will be in a matte finish 20 pt cardsleeve. The vinyl will be housed in a heavy cardstock sleeve, be of 180 grams and also have an OBI strip. Both versions are in editions of 900.

New release on Infraction from this past month...

DRAFTED BY MINOTAURS - Aversion Therapy LP (Infraction) U.S. [INFX 038 LP]
Finally, our first vinyl release! "Drafted by Minotaurs mainstays are guitarist Ryan Wilson and Ian Fulcher, who contributes trumpet and glockenspiel. Meanwhile members of a floating cast chip in with added textures from cello and violin. Opener "Blueprints for Sunbuilding" spools out a hail of plucked and bowed strings, webs of sound solidifying then melting into steely flow, stall set out somewhere around cultivated Constellation post-rockeries, a mood and sound that may feel familiar to those acquainted with the new backwoods chamberisms and neo-folk drone of UK cottage industrialites such as Richard Skelton (aka A Broken Consort/Clouwbeck) and Seasons (Pre-din). "Sault Locks" proposes cyclical patterns of stringed things that seem to hover shyly apart, before swarming to swell and billow over the listener - not so much a Storm of Drones as a squall of tones. "Skin the Night and Fog," a more veiled sister of the previous pluckings and bowings, plays out a psych-infused dream sequence. These three tracks forming Side A work with their own distinct harmonic and textural patterns, while seeming like movements of something overarching. Miasmic minor chord tidal flow abounds, the music's motion determined by languorous bow-strokes, its textures by warm-prickly needles of guitar pizzicatos. Side B's single extended track, "Sunday's Morning Ghost," is wrought from similar materials, but aspires to more transcendant levels, led by the celestial harmonics of Fulcher's treated trumpet. It takes on atavistic echoes redolent of some distant Miles Davis or Jon Hassell blowback, as if viewing In a Silent Way through a post-Kosmische kaleidoscope, or channeled through Eno/Budd cathedrals to meet today's psych-drone and ambient trajectories. Overall, Aversion Therapy thrives on such productive tensions between genres and eras, as it does between live and recorded, spontaneous and pre-structured, making for engaging, at times thrillingly psychotropic, listening." - alan lockett

Price is $24.00 each postage paid in the U.S., overseas is a bit more.  I know it's a bit hefty for a single LP...hopefully the quality of the entire package and the sounds make it well worthwhile.

I recognize the cost factor. The details...the outer sleeve is a Stoughton printing tip-on style gatefold. 'Tip-on' is a separate matte sheet that is applied to thick board stock. Like LPs from the '70's, only thicker. Or 'old school' if you prefer. There is also a sort of OBI strip, or j-card that lies on the spine of the gatefold sleeves. Similar to the Japanese import vinyls - which is a nice touch (I'm biased) that gives some additional info. Then there is the vinyl itself - a slab of 180 gram virgin vinyl pressed at the vinyl pressing mecca that is RTI. The inner sleeves are audiophile grade anti-static triple layer sleeves. Lastly, the outer sleeves are resealable 4 mil plastic sleeves with flap...and they actually reseal.  Mastered by Carl Saff.  This LP pressing is limited to 489 copies.
[INFX 038 LP]

Norman Records of Leeds gave it their album of the week honors a few weeks back and said this :

"...sounds like distant pianos and heart-wrenchingly gorgeous strings that give off pure emotion, like everything that's beautiful about life compressed into vibrations...I'm not entirely sure which player is responsible for each part here, but accompanying Ryan Wilson are Ian Fulcher, Colette Alexander, Carol Grey and Susie Pilzinski. This seemingly has them all working in total harmony. Often musicians in rock music are referred to as being "tight" but that term can also be applied here as they seem to know and respect each others parts and this helps to build music that is both sublime and vivid. Much in the same way as Stars Of The Lid. There's space for each sound to make it's statement yet they melt together seamlessly."

Full review here:

We also have a few sound samples on our site :

and a bit more info here :

Thank you,


Everything and Nothing / Ah Portland
« on: June 19, 2009, 04:44:13 PM »
I believe there may be a couple of authorities on the city.  I'm in over the weekend, and just
wanted some suggestions for food, drinks - and most importantly, record stores :)

I found everyday music in the pearl district and only had about 10 minutes to browse - but am
planning a return trip tomorrow!

Thanks in advance,


New release on Infraction, out now :

ELUDER - The Most Beautiful Blue CD
"The careful choreography of retreat and remotion is what Patrick Benolkin is about. So you won’t be surprised when walls within and without come down, dissolved by the drift inside The Most Beautiful Blue. The spectral soundfields of grey dimly charted by (free netlabel) debut Warm Warning’s doleful drones and wan washes are opened up into miles-deep inner-zones, as under Infraction’s curation true textural colours come through. Of the label’s fellow-drifters, Eluder’s discreet field work and timbral questing place him closest to the “grex” methodologies of Adam Pacione, or perhaps a more abstract carpenter in an annexe to the sawdust and smoke-rooms frequented by Milieu. But Eluder music is characterised not by the sound of the bucolic or sylvan, or even the underground, but rather the submarine. The will-to-escape finds an effective scenographer in Eluder, who offers here a sonic solution in which thoughts, mirroring the music’s mood movements, may dissolve, float free, and finally submerge, without fear of being taken down." - Alan Lockett (e/i audio verite)
Edition of 485. [INFX 033]

Samples here :
Available here in CD form :
and also in mp3 form :

Thank you,


Other Ambient (and related) Music / Touch me, touch me now
« on: September 03, 2008, 05:23:57 PM »


When did Touch become ECM   :)


Somewhat later than Sony, I'd guess. But Wozencroft is of a generation that can't help but be influenced by ECM. Is anyone else as tired as I am of photos of skies and beaches and clouds and shells and ________?

At first glance I'd say this resembles the ECM LP "Dansere" from, what, 1975? Maybe riffing a bit on "Dis" by Towner/Garbarek? I love looking at mists and nature but really, its time for artists and labels to move on.

The Pjusk release on 12k is a nice photographic turn on an urban quasi-pastoral scene. It's a top down view of a leafless tree obviously viewed from an apartment on a grey day. It avoids the deathless romantic nature/weather view while still hinting at the kind of connections referred to in the Artforum piece Alan linked to. 

I felt like being a moderator, so I moved the chatter about post-ECM artwork here.

Hope I'm not stepping on Mike or Lena's feet  :D

I was thinking of "Dis" too.  It's as pedestrian as any of the ECM covers, but it sticks out in my mind.  Maybe that's the brilliance
of it that I'm overlooking.

I've always liked Wozencraft's cheap camera shots with contrasting font colors aesthetic.  There's an element of running in circles I suppose, but what he's crafted from that has been interesting.  To me at least. 

Agreed about the Pjusk cover too...the feeling is there without being totally thrust into *that* view.


onnow : MV / EE - Ragas & Blues

Two new releases on Infraction by the Celer. 

CELER - Discourses of the Withered CD (INFX 028) Edition of 500.
CELER - The Everything and the Nothing CD (INFX 036) Edition of 300.
Celer is a husband (Will) and wife (Danielle) duo from California that use a variety of strings as the basis for their sound. Cello, viola, violin and the sounds are mixed in with field recordings, choir. live theremin and then tape spliced and re-assembled in varying lengths to create a loop base. Those sounds are then sampled, layered and processed. The result is a shimmering orchestra. Periods of silence between the notes only enhance the sound. Though at times very haunting, it's brightly hazy ambient. Initially "Discourses..." was to be 1 full-length CD with a bonus CDR ("The Everything and the Nothing") to accompany the first 100 copies. When Celer presented the bonus material, with field recordings mixed in obtained by Danielle over several months in India, the quality of the material was so high that it was suggested and agreed to instead be a concurrent release of two full-length discs.

Shop is here :
Listenable sampling :

I also received some restocks of Celer CDR releases.  I usually only get a handful every couple of months.  Not surprising, as
I think they record appx. 23 hours a day.  Who has time for handmade packaging?


Got a note from a Josef Sedlon in the Czech Republic today.  He has an ambient radio show entitled 'seance' on Prague's Radio 1.  He did a
retrospective on our Infraction label and posted it as a download as well:

The 192 kbps sounded the best to me :D   It was nice to revisit some of the older tracks too - namely the Zammuto
and Colin Potter track from "See".


Other Ambient (and related) Music / De wonderful Waard of music
« on: July 06, 2008, 07:49:48 AM »
frankly, i'd rather discuss the merits of his numerous sound projects (beequeen, kapotte muziek, freiband, goem, etc.), but, of course, that's (throbbing) gristle for a whole other thread entirely...

Good idea.

I miss Beequeen.  I know they're still around, but the version we have now is a more experimental pop version than the haunting, scraping engaging drone version of yesterday.   I received their latest "sandancing" a few weeks back, gave it a couple of spins, and then shelved it.  Maybe I'll come back to it at some point. 

I recently (finally) picked up "aughton - the patient books" LP on BLRR.  These were older (93-95) Beequeen drone works, that I found much more compelling.  Same goes for the recent reissue of "time waits for no one" on the Malaysian label Herbal.



Spotted in this week's Vital Weekly...

Sometimes people wonder why we review everything we get. Well, perhaps because
that's easier than having to explain in private e-mails why we don't review
stuff. Here's two examples which complete went by me. Vital Weekly is not for
this kind of music. First we have Robert Scott Thompson, who composed a piece
for 'Chi Kung Master Terrence Dunn [...] to work especially with the pace, mood
and dynamics of the Flying Phoenix form of Chi Kung'. I really can't relate to
any of this, but its about choreography, never my thing. The music sound like a
very third rate piece of ambient. new age drivel to me. Pseudo ethnic
percussion, melancholic piano chords, rattling of bells in a wash of reverb.
Yuk. 'A personal homage to Erik Satie'. Yeah right. Very thin, very pathetic and
very much over the top. (Frans De Waard)

Ouch.  Any dissenting opinions?


onnow : Roger Eno - Between Tides

Everything and Nothing / Infraction ebay
« on: June 03, 2008, 07:53:25 PM »

From time-to-time we offer our in-print titles on ebay at a reduced price.  I think the majors used to call it 'the nice price'. 

Nice then:




I guess I expected something more insightful.

Moby?  C'mon.


Sometimes it's a battle to get distribution.  Once achieved, it can be just as arduous to get paid
for the sales of those discs, or to get the returns from discs that were (criminally) ignored. 

We received a few returns of discs today, 2 of which have been out-of-stock :

Koda - Movements CD (INFX 008)
Beautumn - White Coffee CD (INFX 011)

I have a few Koda and only 1 Beautumn.  I know there's been a bit of chatter here and there about the Beautumn, and I believe the
Koda would fit in well with the recent talk about guitar based ambience.

Both of these discs we are planning on repressing at some point this year, I just wanted to have the hypnos forum folks (HFF's)
the first crack at 'em before they're gone again.  And here they are :

Thank you,


Other Ambient (and related) Music / Don't believe the hype
« on: April 18, 2008, 11:40:22 AM »
This is a bit strange, but nice.  Last week we released MILIEU'S "Warm Wooden Hollow" CD on our label Infraction.  We did 320 copies, and this week it's nearly sold out.  I don't want to create any mass ambient hysteria (ah, the irony), but I'm literally down to a handful of copies.  If you're interested - please work on over to your shop page :

I've talked to Mr. Milieu about doing a repress, and he's not interested, so this will be it.  These retailers will also have copies, most likely for some time after we are completely out :


Ear-Rational Music
David at Playing by Ear
Forced Exposure
Soleilmoon Recordings

Smallfish Records
Norman Records

Thank you,


We just released Milieu's 'A Warm Wooden Hollow' and Norman Records in the U.K.
named it their album of the week :

Milieu- A Warm Wooden Hollow CD (Infraction Records)
We've had a lot of records in by Milieu this year. Some we've reviewed and the majority we've not reviewed. Mainly cos there's been so many we'd have to employ someone especially to do that and that, put simply, would be nuts. So here we are with another Milieu album and this time it's a proper release album on the Infraction label rather than one of the many CDR's which have arrived. The packaging is all lovely and pastoral which gives you a clue of what you're getting on the inside. The 12 tracks of 'A Warm Wooden Hollow' are quite a change in direction for Milieu as there's much more piano being used. Yes it's still pretty much ambience but the piano adds a different feeling to the music. It's much more spooky and eerie sounding than the usual lush warmth you get from his ambient albums. Float off and tune in for the duration of the album and you'll be sucked into a world of total beauty though. This guy makes some of the best ambient music money can buy and here's another fine example of his work. I'm totally loving the piano on this. I guess it's somewhere between Yellow 6 and William Basinski if you must know (or like a decaying Harold Budd - Ant x) Worra fantastic album!! Ltd to 300 copies in digipack... be quick!! Phil x

I love their reviews - good, bad or otherwise - and they are a discerning bunch.  So, this is a nice blurb to see!

They are here and are shipping now :


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