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Now Playing / Re: Currently listening, part 1
March 07, 2016, 01:21:24 AM
Cvac:  Thom Brennan never really pursued a music career or sought out labels to release his music.  Seems like on average it's upwards of 10 years between releases in terms of major CD releases. He's the Kate Bush of Ambient.  I never liked Peyote by OYC much either.  Undercurrents and Equator are essential. 

Tonight it's "A Door in the Air" compilation  from the early 90s.  Excellent roster: Roach, Rich, Brook, Torn, plus others.  A couple Rich tracks here are still exclusive to this album.  The Michael Brook track kicks ass.
So I finally sorted it all out.  I found out they still had Sonic CD version copies.  $15 plus $2.50 each for shipping.  I bought three, sold two for a small profit.  No one is paying $50-$70 for this CD anymore, believe me.  It almost wasn't worth the trouble.  I tried to cancel my remastered CDR order but no one replied.  I played both back to back.  The remaster is louder.  Which means nothing really.  According to Stearns website they're reissuing  Chronos soon .  Remastered original mix version or something like that.  It will be available on CD.  I've a feeling they mean CDR.  There's also a new Ron Fricke film imminent with music by Stearns.  If you want the original Planetary CD I'd haul ass to the website pronto.
My favorite Grassow album is Silent Lucidity.  It's available to download on his Bandcamp I think.  There's so much Grassow it's hard to make a list.  I never really compiled a best of list.  Not yet.
Yes, Projekt website listed these for sale last week, and they are in the US...
Should have called Seamlessly Bliss "Endlessly Wait," as in after one month of shipping my order from Italy, I still don't have them.  The Italian post system is awful.  It's been taking three weeks in recent years, and getting worse.  I'm basically paying airmail prices now for surface mail delivery. 
I saw "The Way", fantastic movie. 
One thing about want lists on Discogs I almost forgot; you have to go into your Discogs mailbox to see the "new item from your wantlist" messages.  They aren't automatically sent to your email address.  So you may not know something you want is for sale until you log in to your messages.  I'm on the site every day but not everyone is. 
Thanks both.  And I'll check that video.
Well I'm talking about rare items on Discogs that show the entire selling history of the disc.  If the highest paid is $70, the median $40, and the lowest $20, and I cannot sell it for under $20 (and its in 80 people's want lists), that is sad.  That's what I'm talking about.
It's getting really bad now.  Most of the rare, supposedly in demand CDs I've attempted to sell over the last couple years, I couldn't even give away after repeatedly lowering the price.  Are collectors like me just giving in to the digital age?  Even on eBay, buyers won't pay what several years ago would have been a bargain. 
Everything and Nothing / Re: New Cars and CD Players
February 28, 2016, 01:35:00 PM
The reason for all this is to prevent those idiots who play gangster rap through a 10,000 watt subwoofer and wake up the whole neighborhood at night.   ::)

Although now they can just use their iPod instead.  :'(
Everything and Nothing / CD Disc Rot
February 28, 2016, 01:26:51 PM
If you Google disc rot there's a Wikipedia page about it.  Anyone here have experiences with this?  Just to clarify, this only applies to silver/glass mastered discs, not CDR.

This has happened to me twice now.  It's amazing how the tiniest speck of the black rot on the edge of the CD can cause it to sound like a CDR gone bad. 

One of the two was made by PDO in UK in early 90s.  Apparently the company's faulty manufacturing created a huge wave of disc rot.  The other one was the Legend soundtrack CD by Tangerine Dream, issued in 1995, by a different manufacturer.  I almost needed a microscope to locate the telltale rot.

I have a CD bought on Discogs recently where I can see the rot starting but it plays fine.  Wonder how long before it goes south.

Related to rot is bronzing, where the disc turns a bronze gold color.  A few of my original Tangerine Dream CD pressings from UK have this but playback isn't affected.  Well at least not yet...
Everything and Nothing / One handed electric guitar?
February 27, 2016, 04:15:22 AM
I've seen some rock guitarist and bassists over the years with their plucking hand off the guitar but still playing notes on the fretboard.  Two examples are Eddie Van Halen and Peter Steele from Type O Negative.  Any electric guitarists who can explain how this works?
You mean the seller has low self esteem or the buyer? If the buyer I think it's more about ignorance.  EBay is not the only place to buy rare music items.  I think maybe these sellers prey on these types. 
Other Ambient (and related) Music / Re: Biosphere on BC
February 25, 2016, 04:20:30 PM
The one he did with Higher Intelligence Agency, Polar Sequences, is very good.  Probably my second favorite after Substrata.
Marketplace / A couple Tetsu Inoue FAX CDs for sale
February 23, 2016, 09:41:23 AM
I'm selling two hard to find Fax classics by Tetsu, on the Ambient World reissue series on Fax:

Organic Cloud $30

Ambiant Otaku $15

If interested send me a message
Their website is very misleading then.  It says all the discs are leftover office stock, nothing about discs made on demand.  But I think you're right about all this because I did also see that "inquiry" form.  But actually I did make an inquiry first because I emailed them last night.  In her reply the office rep never differentiated between the original and a CDR.  So yeah, I bet what I ordered is a CDR version.  By the way, that other cover is actually the original Lp artwork.  The planet artwork was for the CD release.
Thanks, I emailed them yesterday and they led me to the order form.  I don't know where that "17.50 shipping included" figure came from in the previous post, because I paid $15 for CD and $5.89 for first class shipping.  I then noticed on my order confirmation that some company "made and shipped" my order.  This sounds like order on demand for a CDR, which I definitely don't want.  I'm awaiting a reply back about this.
Huh???  I could not find anything on his website about this, and googling Earth Turtle/MSP gave no results except a link to his website, where again I found nothing about this.  Please let me know cuz if I get this from Groove it'll cost twice as much.  Thanks!!
Now Playing / Re: Currently listening, part 1
February 21, 2016, 10:32:14 PM
Mick Chillage--Infinite Perspectives.  His latest solo release on txt label.  Excellent.  Big and symphonic/cinematic sounds.  Modern electronic classical?  I don't mean violins and stuff. But if Richard Wagner had synths at his disposal back then, it may have come out like this.  Chillage output now is very prolific.  You might say he's filling the legacy of Pete Namlook, whose influence is huge on his music.  Another Chillage disc that would have been a great Fax release.