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I wanted to let people know who were not aware: Seren Ffordd is not the artist's real name, he's not a Scandinavian dude (a friend of mine calls him Seren Fjord, like those iceberg things!) He is from Wales and Seren Ffordd means "Star Road" in Welsh.  IMHO, this artist is on the cusp of true ambient greatness, his music being infused with an organic, otherworldly sound quality rarely heard these days. Indeed, I place him on the same pedestal as the great Oophoi.  I truly hope he will be recognized sometime soon with an official Hypnos release so as to get his music to a wider audience via radio programs like Stars End, HOS, etc.  I don't think they give CDR releases a chance, which is too bad considering there is so much great stuff on CDR like Seren Ffordd.  The new Umbra release cover is beautiful. Can't wait to hear it!!!
This is a very good compilation.  My fave tracks belong to Justin Vanderberg (very Vir Unis like a la "The Drift Inside") and Igneous Flame, whose name I had heard on this Forum but was unfamiliar with his music.   
Arc of Passion is incredible.  Probably his best live release ever!!!
Other Ambient (and related) Music / Re: Ron Boots
December 16, 2007, 10:55:48 AM
There should be sound samples at the Groove Unlimited site.  My fave Boots CD's would be Screaming Whispers, Close But Not Touching, Joie de Vivre. Boots' music is very Berlin-school influenced with a modern touch. He definitely has his own sound.