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Started by mgriffin, December 06, 2007, 02:02:28 PM

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Parallel Worlds

Sawako - Hum
Sebastien Roux - Songs
Interstitial - Temporal Arc

Parallel Worlds


Hey Fern - the new Atomine Elektrine is very different from the previous one. It's one long track that evolves into alien territory. Definitely not industrial, perhaps alchemical/electro though. Actually going in to listen to it right now, so can give a better description later this eve.


Some limited run stuff I've been enjoying lately--

Remixed by Celer (a 3" CDR of 2 Celer remixes of pieces by Thee Moths; somewhat hypnotic, a little too short (13'); spare but interesting handmade package held together by velcro, ltd to only 10(!))

Ten and Tracer - Tsotsitaal (really nice and quietly tonal drone album; kind of reminds me of Jonathan Hughes; I highly recommend this one; handmade packaging with drawings is nice, too)



quite old, too. 2006 maybe? sad something happens with them only now.

Quote from: ffcal on August 11, 2009, 09:02:27 PM
Remixed by Celer (a 3" CDR of 2 Celer remixes of pieces by Thee Moths; somewhat hypnotic, a little too short (13'); spare but interesting handmade package held together by velcro, ltd to only 10(!))


Ok, listened to the Atomine Elektrine it is a great album. Starts out with a kind of industrial cavernous massive drone in the background, upon which many squelchy and glurping sounds cavort. Almost like a slowed down ambient Autechre. Then these absolutely wonderful hooting sounds ever so slowly take over. The general impression is one of bio mechanical creatures, alchemical processes, meldings of plants and animals. I need to relisten to get the finish down, but I remember wonderful spacey electronics coming in. Truly a fine experience.

Headphoned the Phantoms of Forrest Fang 3 or 4 times in a row last night. The seventy minutes of the album seem to go by in no time. The sense of wonder is so wide ranging, one feels completely immersed in the images created in the mind. So far, I've been so deep in the album that I can't really describe it in surface terms yet. It is up there with the best of the best.


I've been listening to a lot of ambient music lately.

As others have said, Forrest Fang's new album Phantoms is great.  I wish we could hear a new album from Forrest every couple of years.

I'm also really enjoying Saul Stokes Metacollage.  It's a bit of a change for Saul, just a different feel, more drifty and less propulsive than his usual.

For the last few months (since before the horrible news about Dani) I've been playing quite a bit of Celer's two Infraction albums, Everything and Nothing and Discourses of the Withered.  I really enjoy the strange, raw-yet-gentle quality of these works.

A Produce's last album of new material, Smile on the Void, has been in frequent rotation as well.  Often after a Hypnos release comes out, I set it aside for a long while and only years later do I "rediscover" it and delve into it like a new listener would.  This is a really great album, and A Produce is another artist who should release more new work.

There have been many others... Sola Translatio Mother Sunrise, my own work in progress Aether Space 1, the coming-soon (I promise!) Viridian Sun album Infinite In All Directions (featuring revised track sequence), a bit of Jean-Michel Jarre's first two albums (which I still contend are great electronic music), Ryoji Ikeda's Jelly Tones (simple, inventive electronica of the highest order), and a couple of  U. Srinivas discs from Peter Gabriel's Real World label.
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Landscape in Obscurity - Obmana + Trifoglio + Borotti. Lovely drifting sounds.

followed by

Blood machine - Steve Roach and Vir Unis


Looping Fang's Phantoms so I can join the rest of the community in not being able to say enough about this amazing album!!
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Arcana Coelestria - Le Mirage De L Ideal which is fantastic funeral doom with some serious atmosphere like their first one
Ahab - The Divinity of Oceans - nautic funeral doom (as good as 1st release or better)
Colosseum - Chapter II Numquam - heard of them before but first hands-on listening = killer funeral doom as well

All of these for fans of extreme doom metal should look into as they are all worthy of your collection!

For Arcana we have extreme and clean male vox, clean female vox as well (can't recall if 1st one has the latter two). But some seriously heavy atmosphere going on. Not every song is brutal, they have a couple that are lighter but still this was a VERY pleasant surprise

To come: God Dethroned - Passiondale (very much looking forward to this as I've heard samples and I think they have their old drummer back, still brutal, fast/face shredding and melodic (on at least one track they slow it down). That's what I love about Henri and co, they can slow it down and be very melodic on a track then rip your face off on the next one due to the speed/aggression of them, dutch black/death metal masters ;-) and I've seen em twice/met them last time I saw them, cool bunch of dudes.


Parallel Worlds

Labradford - A Stable Reference


claude debussy-preludes

'La fille aux cheveux de lin' or 'the girl with the flaxen hair' is my fave.

it tastes like buttercream cake frosting and feels like cool, fresh linen.

in my ears/mind that is.


Paul Ellis - The Last Hiding Place of Beauty

Like this one...
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Roach - Dynamic Stillness ... This one is really growing on me. Very emotional, subtle but of extreme beauty and distance. This could become a favorite amongst his catalogue.


My brother Mark sent me this link, should be of interest to fans of Hypnos-like music.  I'd not heard of this UK-based music store, or this particular artist, Lawrence English.  Very relaxing but not new agey (which is good IMO).   :)
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Thanks for the link, Phil.
A number of people here liked his earlier Kiri No Oto release.
This one sounds more mellow & consistent. I'll be picking up a copy.
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Your welcome Anthony.  Just doin' my job.   ;)
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Dave Michuda

That Lawrence English release is excellent, I have it in my tentative best of 2009 list.

ambient listening...
David Tagg - Wind Blown Guitar
Quiet Sounds - show24
Klaus Schulze - Moondawn

recent non-ambient discoveries from my daughter...
The Acorn
Conor Oberst


lots of stuff that makes me dizzy all the way around..  ;D

kangding ray - automne fold
clouwbeck - wolfrahm
jeff greinke - in another place
celer - brittle
message to bears - departures
danny norbury - light in august
oophoi - signals from the great beyond
loren dent - empires & milk
tu m' - monochromes vol. 1
vidnaObmana - river of appearance [re-creation by Dreams in Exile]

looking forward to;

steve roach boxset
p. jorgensen - to
natural snow buildings - shadow kingdom
mathias grassow & tomass weiss - farewell
solo andata - let's solo andata
aidan baker - dry


Redshift - Faultline

Totally love some tracks on this.