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Started by mgriffin, December 06, 2007, 02:02:28 PM

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jim brenholts

listened to cyborg bu klaus schulze in the car today. this is a great space music set! ks did some awesome work back in the 70's and this one was truly ahead of its time.
currently i am listening to caul's epiphany/fortunate from the golden epiphany 3 disc set - great dark ambience.
all the best and God bless

Kendall Station

Quote from: jkn on January 24, 2008, 06:13:44 AM


plastikman - artifakts  - still a fave.

Yeah, I love old Plastikman stuff.... I just wish Mr. Hawtdog were doing better things these days than playing bad techno and drinking Grey Goose. (sorry, got a chip on my shoulder maybe).

What you think of Consumed?


Quote from: Kendall Station on January 25, 2008, 02:51:54 AM

Yeah, I love old Plastikman stuff.... I just wish Mr. Hawtdog were doing better things these days than playing bad techno and drinking Grey Goose. (sorry, got a chip on my shoulder maybe).

What you think of Consumed?

Yeah - it was funny to see his face on all the magazines a couple years back as the poster boy of techno...  of course, nice that the music was getting center stage at all.

Consumed is my favorites of his by far... followed closely by the earlier releases - Artifakts and Musik.  I still toss on Sheet One from time to time.  Closer I thought was really mediocre/bad/sucked - on the first few listens - I came back to it 6 months later and found I liked part of it more than I thought... There are some good moments.

Back to the BC/CR stuff discussed earlier...

I've got a few of the metal tin releases - yes - first thing I did was pull the discs and put them in something else.  Nasty packaging...   here's the collection..   (nice site for this stuff: )

porter ricks - biokinetics
various - decay product (although I've misplaced it lately...)
monolake - hongkong
various - ...compiled
fluxion - vibrant forms II (non-tin)

I admit that I have a few copies of other CR albums (not listed).

I've also got the tin versions of BC-CD and the Maurizio M-CD.

I was so close to buying one of the complete set BC vinyl reissues... but didn't.  :(

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Mark Mushet

It's been an Infraction Fest around here lately:

Beautumn - Northing
Adam Pacione - From Stills to Motion
Koda - Movements

Along with Northern's Drawn, I think these are my favourite Infraction releases. Still have a few more to hear though. Lovely stuff. Fully realized and no filler!


Yep, Infraction fests are a regular occurrence over here too. Those 4 are among my faves too, along with Kiln and Milieu.


LullCold Summer: a fairly compositionally rudimentary exercise in sullen drone-based ambient by Mick Harris from way back in 1994 that I keep coming back to for all its unloveliness. Chill drones, a sombre ebb-flow like a slow-mo death throe, attended by breaths of ill wind. I dunno why but I still find this recording's eldritch crawl a compelling listen, while finding 90% of the stuff out there designated "dark ambient" to be an ordeal.



- Saafi Brothers: Supernatural  (fine beat-dance stuff)
- Justin Vanderberg: In waking moments  (Hypnos SS) (a first listen, and strikes me as an accomplished and interesting piece of work.)
- Taylor Dupree: Stil.  (very listenable minimalism)
- Deaf Center: Pale ravine  (always goes down well here)
The Circular Ruins / Lammergeyer / Nunc Stans


Earlier today, in the car:

The Winterhouse - Slow Promises (Blue Oasis)

this evening, while computing/surfing:

V/A - Sounds of a Universe Overheard (Hypnos)

Both excellent listens (and very compatible)!


Yui Onodera - Synergetics # 1
wonderful peace of music on drone records

Mark Mushet

A Tzadik day:

Derek Bailey - Ballads

A thorny, committed set of ballads as only one who's spent his life doing things his own way can! A return to familiar tunes after a long and unique journey.

Ned Rothenberg - The Lumina Recordings

At last! the "Trespass" album appears along with much other material. Essential for fans of extended solo techniques applied to sax & clarinet. Listenable for non-specialists and still exciting!


Jonathan Block


np:   photek - modus operandi - moody fun slower slightly jazz tinged dnb.


the elf machine - i/o
vir unis - return of the locust queen
vir unis - henry hud

a trio of atmoworks downloads.
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Tim Hecker - Harmony In Ultraviolet -- I remember APK leaving a comment on the old forum that he had had enough of this album halfway through. After listening again, I understand the comment, but I have to say that I find this album cleverly balanced. Whenever you've just about had it with the noise, the album breaks into a slightly somber ambient mode. I love this album.  :)

Deepchord presents Echospace - The Coldest Season -- Very cool (no pun intended), ambient dub techno.

Vladislav Delay - Demo(n) Tracks -- Diverse glitchy electronica. I like this one.

Bill Binkelman

Tim Story and Hans-Joachim Roedelius - inlandish

This is certainly the best ambient album of 2008 that I've heard so far. I'd hazard a guess it's going to land on my "best of" list next year. Roedelius' Budd-like piano minimalism and lots of quirky yet accessible electronic textures and effects from Story (many sincere thank to Jeff Pearce who corrected me on the original reversed order of crediting these musicians). It's like a cross between their previous release Lunz and solo Story efforts like The Perfect Flaw and Shadowplay. Really a superb effort on both artists' parts, IMO. A balancing act between romantic neo-chamber minimalism and quasi-abstract electronic tonalities. Very highly recommended if you're into this kind of music (subdued, melancholic, but a little edgy too).

michael sandler

I've been listening to Andrew Lahiff over and over awake and asleep for about a year now and it never gets old.

Mike S.

Brian Bieniowski

Thanks again for the reminder about Inlandish, Bill.  Tim Story was kind enough to send me a copy of Lunz after he read my review of the Roedelius biography back in 2004[ish], and the CD quickly became a big favorite of mine.  Just ordered the new one.  (And I also look forward to their Gathering appearance in November!)   8)

Dave Michuda

Thomas Dolby - the sole inhabitant LIVE - Great live record.  A lot of artists from the 80's I wouldn't really care to see live anymore, Thomas Dolby would be an exception.
Eberhard Weber - Fluid Rustle - Dug this up after reading the ECM thread.  Excellent album.
yagya - rhythm of snow - Another one I pulled out based on another thread.  Also played it in honor of all the freakin' snow we keep getting, it just never seems to stop.
philip glass - koyaanisqatsi & glassworks - I needed some Philip Glass for a piece I am editing at work, so I played these two repeatedly yesterday.  Glassworks was the first Glass recording that I heard, back in the 80's, and I still love it.  The song Rubric works great with timelapse or sped-up video.  Gotta be the only TV station in Milwaukee using Philip Glass for some crap health story.


blur - moddern life is rubbish
underworld - dark & long e.p.
the circular ruins - falling into the sky
vir unis - mercury and plastic

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Thanks, John :)


-Leonard Cohen: Songs of Love and Hate

Yes, sometimes I tumble backwards !
The Circular Ruins / Lammergeyer / Nunc Stans


Several recent Peter Wright albums.  His recent live one, "Pretty Mushroom Clouds" on Archive is really stunning.  Some really powerful guitar drone with fine sense of flow.

Also pulled out Chris Short's Duende, which is a really nice guitar-based album, too, though more in the ambient guitar sense.