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Started by mgriffin, December 06, 2007, 02:02:28 PM

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Menche-- Glass Forest
Rapoon-- Melancholy Songs Of The Desert
Thomas Park
Mystified / Mister Vapor


I moved on to

- The Notwist : Sturm OST
- Juliee Cruise: Floating Into The Night
- Van Morrison : Veeden Fleece

There is a natural progression...
The Circular Ruins / Lammergeyer / Nunc Stans



Thomas Park
Mystified / Mister Vapor


Rocked on the way to work:
Motorhead - Motorhead...I think their version of Train Kept a Rollin is one of the best...
Pink Fairies - 'The Snake'
Hawkwind - 'You Shouldn't Do That' - Space Ritual version...


Opium  pain(t)
Grassow The Fragrance of Eternal Roses
Oophoi Bardo, my favorite from Oophoi
Kawabata Makoto/The Mothers of Invasion Hot Rattlesnakes



Jason / Shinobu - Dispel Space-Time Lust - Install - CD-R
(Altogether an equisite blend of noise, disparate sound fragments, drones, and distortion.  Actually I found this album to be amazing in it's ability to keep my attention...the hour seemed like mere minutes as it raced through 10 tracks all with an identity of their own.  As independent artists I would probably favor Shinobu...but on this album both artists meld their contributions so well that I don't hear any Shinobu or Heptangular...but instead an independent project I give my highest reccomendations.  On another note this album indentifies with the "tape sound" amazingly wonders what those tapes would sound like if they had the oppurtunity to be mastered by Taylor Deupree or James Plotkin....5/5)

Son Of Rose - All In - Blanket Fields - CD
(Discovered this artist through his releases on Dragon's Eye recordings...although I never picked up his releases...the few sound samples I encountered never convinced me.  My opinion would change after I listened to his contribution on the "Listen Comp" on Duckbay recordings...come to think of it his track was the one that made the deepest impression on me.  So much that after I listened to his track I visted his myspace page and purchased the album through his own website and forgot about the rest of comp.  The album gives me mixed feelings as I tend to like it and just when I find that perfect moment it's ruined by two songs...track four "Nineteen Sixty Five" and track eight "Fragrant" opens beautifully with "Falling Forward" and I really like "RADii" and the other songs are great but not the end a 3.75/5)

Moth Electret - Tocasen - Diophantine Discs - CD
(I've seen this album garner all the praise through Vital Weekly and Wonderful Wooden Reasons...I felt a need in purchasing the album as I half-way enjoyed his first album on Mystery Sea...this on the other hand I could have passed up or at least that is how I felt before I reached the last track...after three songs I was ready to eject the CD hop into my car hit the freeway and accelerate to 100MPH and fling the CD out the window so it would break into the smallest fragments.  But no I trudged on and track five got my attention with half-way decent "Mystery Sea" style aquatic drones with a hint of noise...but the last song "Anicia" the 14 minutes of drone ecstasy was the moment I was looking for...I reccomend a good pair of headphones on this last track as it has this low-end dynamic I have not heard on any drone albums...the low end is distoted but melodic at the same time...kind of strange as I don't remeber hearing anything like this on any other album I own....3/5)



Thanks to some post in here, I've been introduced to Celer.  Listening to "The Everything and the Nothing" right now; just finished a first listen to "Close Proximity."  Just the sort of sounds I've been craving recently.


Quote from: TheBigLow on March 18, 2010, 08:05:40 PM
Thanks to some post in here, I've been introduced to Celer.  Listening to "The Everything and the Nothing" right now; just finished a first listen to "Close Proximity."  Just the sort of sounds I've been craving recently.

If that is the case then you must pick up "Engaged Touches" on Home Normal and "The Everything And The Nothing" on Infraction....


Brian Bieniowski

Yeah, Engaged Touches is really terrific.  I think it might be out of print, though. :(

Speaking of Infraction, I just got former-Forum-regular Ben Fleury-Steiner's CD Keep a Weather Eye Open (with bonus 3" CDR).  This one's outstanding, especially if you're into the Celer albums we've been talking about.


Jorge reyes - Prehispanic Music. Not listened to this in ages, some great sounds on it.


Matthew Florianz - Maalbeek (nicely done impressionistic dark ambient CD from Matthew.  He also has nice set of unreleased pieces ('Tauern') you can get free from Shopsonic after registering for the site; my only slight quibble is the 160 kbps res, but you can't argue with the price)

HASYMO - Has/Ymo (DVD) (a bit of a splurge, but I really enjoy hearing the core of YMO playing live alongside pedal steel).



Phil Thornton - Alien Encounter. Lots of twitters, sweeps and bleeps. Also nice to hear music on a 7 beat rhythm....


simulacra | There is a fountain filled with blood
(deep drifting darkness, excellent)

fabio orsi| | wintereise
episilon eridani | retrospective


drone on



Mathias grassow and Amir Baghiri - True North. Every time I listen to this I think I should listen to it more often.


Opeth - Watershed, IMO not as good as Ghost Reveries but still enjoyable
"A painter paints pictures on canvas. But musicians paint their pictures on silence."Leopold Stokowski

michael sandler

I just heard Iwrestledabearonce on the metal channel on cable TV. Strange, complex metal.