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Started by mgriffin, December 06, 2007, 02:02:28 PM

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Leftfield, just had that out last week,excellent.check one is my favorite track off that.
I read a few dismal reviews of the new Brian ferry. Lots of guests, no songs.
I was into ebm too in that same period. Chris and cosey,clock dva,test dept.,front 242.cabs just reissued Johnny yes no .just saw recoil this week,hydrology is excellent for those that are interested. Just Allan wilder on a laptop with another guy but cool visuals. Even played a dm song.
Recent listens;labraford- prazition,David sylvain-beekeepers apprentice ,databoem collection 1


drone on

Olympia by Bryan Ferry is not his best solo album by a longshot.  Not near as good as Boys and Girls or Mamouna.  I found it overproduced and a little too slick sounding (surprising, as he used Rhett Davies, who produced the masterpiece Roxy album Avalon).  There are more "just okay" songs than great ones, but there are a couple or three great ones.  Sounds better in the car stereo than at home for some reason.  I'd say if you're a BF fan get it, you'll find much of it worthwhile, but more casual fans not so into his arty vibe may be bored. 

Parallel Worlds

Mark Van Hoen - Where Is The Truth (very nice, in his own/'locust' style)

Anodize DB

Been currently enjoying a wide variety of stuff, new & otherwise:

>The Orb & Youth Impossible Oddities, a fantastic comp of many of their notable releases on their WAU! Mr. Modo label, brings the early 90s proto-dance scene back in all its glory.

>Supersilent, 10, which takes a somewhat more acoustic tack than the last few discs but there's still plenty of electrical goings-on of a particularly improvisational & experimental nature...quite good.

>Late last night: a used copy of John Adams's Shaker Loops / Light Over Water (New Albion), one of his early minimalist/post-classical works, featuring the Kronos Quartet-meets-Zeitkratzer-meets-Reichian pulse dramatics of "Shaker", along with the 40+ minute synth & horns "Light", an exercise in abject, melancholic beauty.

Hopefully soon, that new Herion, with some kind of review to follow - watch the skies, Mike! :)
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Lately I've been listening to all kinds of cool things in one of my old iTunes libraries that I finally moved across to my new computer.  Lots of Jonathan Coleclough, Andrew Chalk, Darren Tate, Ubeboet, Dronaement and Celer. It's a regular ambient/drone fest here at Hypnos HQ!
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Really enjoying False Mirror's Derelict World. I'm glad I got the CD. This is how you do a digipak. Beautiful artwork. Tracks are excellent, I think maybe Tobias's best.

Also been listening to many albums on the Earth Mantra label Too many albums to list, but you will find just about every style of ambient there. All free under the Creative Commons license. Thanks to JKN for the tip on that.
There is no spoon. Which sucks because I have a pudding cup.


I also think Derelict World is a finely crafted release.
Excellent music, and packaging.
Its a concept album !
And a puzzle  :)
Anyone getting anywhere with the puzzle?
I'm working on it.
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Scott M2

Just listened to Danny Lanois' Belladonna for the 3rd time in a row here at work.
It's short - but very sweet.


I've recently been playing

- God Is An Astronaut: Age of the Fifth Sun

and its a fine, immersive wall of 'post-rock' sound.
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Scott M2

Work music this afternoon - "Birch White" by Whisper Room.
On my 2nd spin now. Cool grooving soundspaces by Neil Wiernik, Jacob Thiesen & Aidan Baker.

Dave Michuda


I love Belladonna, I pretty much like everything Lanois does.  Have you heard his new stuff?  He is recording with Trixie Whitley as "Black Dub".  I have it & like some parts & others are still growing on me.  I wish it was more stripped down, less production to let the raw power of her voice take over.  Still an interesting release though.  The "Tiny Desk Concert" they did for NPR was fantastic!  Here's a link to it...

other recent spins...

Herion | Out & About - nice, new direction for Hypnos.
ryonkt | past memory and image - very minimal, light drones.  just okay.
Sonmi451 | Ruis - another good release in Slaapwell's wonderful sleep series.

PS - my son son is listening to a Kanye West tune that samples 21st Century Schizoid Man, not a bad song just weird to hear it in that format.  Hard to believe that song is over 40 years old.


my impressions:

Nearly 16 minutes of darkly crafted sounds on a 3"CDR.

This release is not a tranquil drift in the depths of a silent ocean, it is a stormy, visceral, persistant and demanding tidal wave.

It starts with washes of noise that may be waves or tides. As you are lulled into the ocean depths the songs of whales appear, whales that sound as if they have been sliced apart and physically pushed through the filters and modulators of a synth before swimming into view.

After a while the whale songs are echoed by an undercurrent of Siren song, but these Sirens have been lost and arrived via a creepy film and a Dali painting - not quite here, there or anywhere.

Dark Blue Sea is hallucinogenic, but carefully so - with an obvious attention to detail that gives these twisted and twisting sounds their sharp edge without descending into auditory chaos.

Great stuff


lots of stuff again;

marcus fischer - monocoastal
(one of the best things i've heard from 12K in a while! and most probably one of my favorites of the year, delicate and richly detailed sweetness)

yannick dauby - overflows
(multi-layering of fieldrecordings around Taiwan urban areas, i just love it, my favorite fieldrecordings CD this year)

andrea ferraris & matteo uggeri - autumn is coming, we're all in slow motion
(another VERY great disc, terrific acoustic performances with fieldrecording, these all go together so well!)

nostalgia - echoes from the borderlands
(a big surprise, i'm not a sucker for their previous CDs at all, but THIS one's really powerful stuff, from dark ambient passages to Nadja-like guitar ambient..)

celer - salvaged voilets
(i've been playing the 1st disc only so far, they seem to be back on track with more beautiful synthesis.. like a longform edition of their Nacreous Clouds..)

tomas phillips & marihiko hara - prosa
(other micro-goodness, goes well together with the Monocoastal disc)

steve roach - empetus (2CD-edition)
(yep, after all that recent berliner-schule revival, i thought this one deserves some spins again ;-) )

and now, time to play the 4 new Alio Die's !!


Listening to Emeralds quite a bit lately. My new favorite band...


Currently enjoying

- Namlook : Air 1

Such a well-crafted album.
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  • David Parsons- Akash  Latest release from one of my favorite artists. This is similar to his last release, Jyoti in that it is all synthesizers. No samples or field recordings. It is also somewhat similar thematically. This doesn't mean that it is simply a rehash of the last effort. It is a very enjoyable release on its on.
  • Ginger Baker- Horses and Trees Some of my favorite drumming by Ginger Baker. Not over the top like some of his sixties releases, just good solid percussion work by a master. I don't remember a lot of details about this release (I copied it from an LP some time back which I can't find right now) , except that it is recorded with mostly African musicians, the exceptions being Bill Laswell and Bernie Worrell. It is all instrumental and it is some of his finest drumming since Blind Faith.
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- Taylor Deupree: Shoals

Excellent 12k release. Minimal detailing. Love it.
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Dave Michuda

Maps & Diagrams - Tintinnbulate - an excellent 4 track ep available for free from Audio Gourmet.
lost in the trees - all alone in an empty house - great combination of folk & classical.
Federico Durand - la siesta del cipres - great sleep ambient on spekk.


Thanks for the Maps & Diagrams link, Dave  8)
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