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Started by mgriffin, December 06, 2007, 02:02:28 PM

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Jason,  I'm a fan of Two Wheels Good, as well, though I find much of their later material to be a bit overproduced.   I'd recommend PS' Protest Songs and even their debut, Swoon, as better second choices.

Anthony.  Can't go wrong with Mr. Hopper.  That's probably my favorite of his solo releases.

Recent listening:  Humming Kitchen - Strange Tomatoes (charming bluesy folk project from Japan; on Haruomi Hosono's Daisyworld label).  Hosono has a new one out (playing more to his pre-YMO acoustic roots), though I haven't heard it.


Dave Michuda

Anthony's last post about Hugh Hopper got me in the mood for some "Canterbury scene" music.  So I pulled out some oldies but goodies...

Hugh Hopper & Al Gowen - Two Rainbows Daily [1980] - Hopper on bass & Gowen on keys, I LOVE this record.
National Health - Of Queues and Cures [1978] - my fav NH album because it was my first.
Quiet Sun - Mainstream [1975] - I like this album but I think I like the 801 live versions of these songs better.
Matching Mole - March [2002 compilation] - haven't listened to this in years, still like it quite a bit.


Constance Demby - Novus Magnificat. Stunning, beautiful album.
Michael Hoenig - Departure From The Northern Wasteland. Classic 70`s Electronic album, similar to Tangerine Dream and just as good.
Kogumaza - S/T. Heavy desert Psychedelic Rock. Very good.
Iasos - Angelic Music. Blissful and brilliant 70`s Ambient.


Listening to a compilation track by Ishq. They are always good when you feel down.


Biosphere :: Patashnik
Biosphere :: Dropsonde

I hear he has some new thing coming out.
The Circular Ruins / Lammergeyer / Nunc Stans


Yes,new biosphere out on Touch end of June. From the samples I heard,more beats and field recordings. Based on Japanese nuclear facilities.

Dave Michuda

Mmmmmmm, soaking in the classic Hypnos goodness...

Saul Stokes - Outfolding
Saul Stokes - Washed in Mercury


Steve Roach - Immersion Five


Mathias Grassow - Bliss
Steve Hillage - Rainbow Dome Musick

Dave Michuda

maps and diagrams - get lost - beautiful recording, I could have used some of these tracks in my last "sea" mix.  M & D has three great releases this year already.
marsen jules - nostalgia - very nice.
michael mantra - a.l.b.e -  good sleeping music.
Kate Bush - directors cut - this is Kate Bush re-doing tracks from The Red Shoes & Sensual World.  Parts of it I like very much, still letting it sink in.


Deadbeat - Drawn and Quartered. Nicely produced Electronic Dub album.
Don Slepian - Sea Of Bliss. Lovely chilled Ambient.
Robert Carty - Photonic Movements. Excellent Ambient album, and free.


Alio Die - Horas Tibi Serenas

One of his medieval-ambient albums.


Gong - Magick Brother (first album from 1969)


Thomas K├Âner - Kaamos, Teimo-Permafrost
John Broaddus - 4 at 18
There is no spoon. Which sucks because I have a pudding cup.


this morning;

bvdub - songs for a friend i left behind
bvdub & ian hawgood - the truth hurts

(though his layering of sounds is quite simple, this guy really knows to draw you in.. his tracks needs time to develop but are truly captivating somehow)

and earlier on this week;

deepchord - hash-bar loops
(yep, Modell back into his form, aquatic ambience with minimal deep-end grooves, excellent)

the garden - in sea-land (hakobune & david tagg)
(what you expect from mr. tagg..? YES, beautiful intimate droning, drenched in light and dust..)

luigi turra - KI
(probably THE release of 2011 for me.. a 3CD set filled with mystery, it features found sounds, fieldrecording, lost voices/echoes, distant drones, shakuhachi, stones, all in all completely captivating! and nothing beats the price at andOAR)

alio die - honeysuckle
(feels like continuation of Castles Sonorisation's Series.. soft enchating drones with soft tinklings of the zither.. very nice for early morning ambiance)

jeff greinke - timbral planes
jeff greinke - places of motility

(my enjoyable revival of Greinke's earlier work)

richard chartier - a field for mixing
(surprisingly a fantastic piece of work, gone is all that annoying high-frequency stuff, but make place for a collage of organic sounds, field-recordings, rather deep stuff..)


steve roach - the complete Quiet Music (3CD)
erik wollo - silent currents (excerpts sound simply great, reminds me of thom brennan's colorful, majestic work)
aidan baker - still life
nicholas szczepanik - please stop loving me
offthesky - the beautiful nowhere


Quote from: jim02 on July 07, 2011, 03:20:25 AM
this morning;
luigi turra - KI
(probably THE release of 2011 for me.. a 3CD set filled with mystery, it features found sounds, fieldrecording, lost voices/echoes, distant drones, shakuhachi, stones, all in all completely captivating! and nothing beats the price at andOAR)

Glad this got a mention - I was not able to really get a grip from the description that came with the and/OAR announcement, and was curious about this trio of discs.  Dale always prices his releases right, and has free shipping too. 

To make the post relevant :

Tindersticks - Falling Down a Mountain.  (Constellation/4AD)  I was truly floored when I discovered the tindersticks first two self-titled albums back in the 90's.  They epitomized moody, melancholic, and slightly sloshed chamber-pop music.   As integral as Waits, a less serious cousin to Nick Cave - either loved or loathed by those that listened.  What came after the first two releases (and smattering of singles, live set releases, soundtracks) was met by mild indifference to my ears.  I don't know if it was their discovery and implementation of old soul into the mix or if the songs were actually a bit tighter, I just wasn't as enthralled.   This album renews my interest though - the soul sound is on the fringes, and the moodiness has returned.  The atmosphere is dark (and welcomed), the desolate piano, the strings in the background and Staples baritone voice is as restrained as years ago.  Less a crooner and more reflective, I am loving this bit of a return of sounds.

Aphex Twin/AFX - Chosen Lords.  (Rephlex)  I'm a bit behind on listening.  I think I'm finally over RDJ too.  Thanks for everything.  (Kyle Bobby Dunn is keeping the SAW II spirit alive and well btw - and doing it justice).

Willamette - Echo Park.  One of the releases we're working on now...been listening and relistening to this project by the brothers Chong that used to record as Northern.   Delicate ambience, found sounds, breathing along with a smattering of cello and a bit of cinematic loops.  Just planning on doing an LP and hopefully will be out in August.


Parallel Worlds

Alio Die - Honeysuckle
5000 Spirits - Towards Edentea
Enten Hitti - La Solitudine Del Sole
Alio Die & Aglaia - Vayu Rouah


It's a '70's fusion flashback weekend:

Return To Forever - Where Have I known You Before?, Romantic Warrior

Al DiMeola - Land of The Midnight Sun

Lenny White - Venusian Summer

Larry Coryell - 11th House

Miles Davis - The Complete Bitches Brew Sessions

Herbie Hancock - V.S.O.P Live, Maiden Voyage
There is no spoon. Which sucks because I have a pudding cup.


- Namlook :: Air I  (when he's good he can be so very good)
- Grassow :: 3rd Dimension  (from the recent el culto limited bundle, and its a fine work)
- Maps and Diagrams :: Cubiculo  (always enjoyable)
- God is an Astronaut :: The End of the Beginning  (gotta have solid food sometimes) :)
The Circular Ruins / Lammergeyer / Nunc Stans

Dave Michuda

Brian Eno - Drums Between the Bells - still trying to figure out what I think about this one.  It's very interesting, which doesn't necessarily mean it's something I'll want to listen to over & over.  I like it so far & I'm glad Eno took a chance & decided to make a spoken word record.
Matt Borghi - The Phantom Light - picked this up from the Hypnos store when I bought the new A Produce cd and have really been enjoying it.  Great for sleeping.
Maps and Diagrams - red moon rising - I've been on a Maps & Diagrams kick lately & like this one very much along with so many others.  This one is sort of sequential space music, at times it has a retro feel to it.  Good stuff.