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Started by mgriffin, December 06, 2007, 02:02:28 PM

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Only the Best this evening

Gas :: Pop
Eluvium :: Copia
Last Days :: Sea
The Circular Ruins / Lammergeyer / Nunc Stans


After enjoying "The Gate" for years, I finally got around to buying Terra Ambient's "Wanderlust" and "The Darker Space".  What the hell took me so long?!

Very very nice; all three have been on endless rotation all day. 

Highly recommended!  (but then again, you already know this...  I'm just late to the party...)   ;)
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Dave Michuda

Pulled out some stuff I haven't listened to in a long time...

Arrovane - Tides
Casino Versus Japan - Go Hawaii
Jan Jelinek - loop finding jazz records
Boards of Canada - music has the right to children


Love those first 3, Dave.
Never been a BOC fan though.
The Circular Ruins / Lammergeyer / Nunc Stans


..lots of Steve Roach;
Slow Heat, The Dream Circle, Immersion 3 & the original 3-hour Quiet Music

klaus wiese - trance wave 1, seed
(nice Wiese sounds, nothing stunning but good aural wallpaper)

erik wollo - silent currents
(the more i play these, the more i like it. playful, colorfor atmospheric pieces with ocassionally nice light pulsations, can't help it reminding me of Thom Brennan's work)

mathias grassow - sky
(i understand why Grantcorp re-releases this. powerful, evocative, omnious Grassow stuff of the highest order!)

celer - manggayakan
(this is where Will continues alone as Celer, i think a quite strong continuation. i love the 1st 25 minutes, overall a very yearning sound)

david tagg - i am the wolf
(undisputable classic Tagg stuff, beautiful)

and anticipating also:

janek schaeffer - phoenix & phaedra holding patterns
oneohtrix point never - replica
robert rich - medicine box (yes!)
all upcoming Celer/Chubby Wolf CD (re-issues)

drone on

Mathias Grassow-Sky (CD reissue version).  This one sounds great on headphones.  Intense, apocalyptic floating soundscapes.  Recommended.

Mathias Grassow-Sphere (2CDR).  Excellent archival release with trippy slide guitar, very spooky.  Would make a nice follow-up to the Sky reissue.

Mathias Grassow-Dissolution (Amplexus original version).  Dark n creepy.   


I love Dissolution. I also highly rate True North, Sphere and Eclipse.


Steve Brand - Avatara. Great music and lovely digipak art. I like the way Steve uses silence in one of the tracks.

Dave Michuda

Steve Roach - The Dream Circle - this album is not mentioned often but I like it a lot, great at bedtime.
King Creosote & Jon Hopkins - Diamond Mine - heard this on NPR's Tiny Desk Concert series & just had to buy it.  Scottish folk music with just a bit of Hopkins electronics.
Tobacco - Maniac Meat - solo project of Black Moth Super Rainbow's Tom Fec.  Great noisy, vintage synth sounds with an aggressive edge, occasionally tempered by some sweet vocoder vocals.
B. Fleischmann - Take Your Time(from Welcome Tourist) - this a cd long song on cd2 of the two cd set.  It's nothing special really, it's fairly repetitive - using the same piano phrase throughout the track - but I love it.  Maybe the repetitiveness of it hypnotizes me, I don't know, but it's just a great track.


Sun Araw - Ancient Romans
RJ Valeo - Atman
Steve Roach - Quiet Music
Orbital - Insides


I've been listening to quite a bit of A Produce today, since the news of Barry Craig's passing this past weekend. There is a great remembrance thread going about Barry and his life and music. If you haven't yet, go check it out.

My remembrance is that 'Rhyolite', from the Hypnos compilation CD was the first track of his work that I heard and it was enough for me to get several of his albums here. Some of my faves that I'm listening to today:

Inscape And Landscape Great long drones here. Check out 'Dwell 1' and 'Dwell 2' which open and close the album.
Black Sands - Excellent 3-CD compilation and live set
Smile On The Void - Was this his first release on Hypnos, Mike?
Altara - Collaboration with Mike Griffin

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I really like Rhyolite too. Barry actually had two tracks on The Other World, in a sense -- one solo and one with Ruben Garcia.

Smile on the Void was the only A Produce solo album on Hypnos, but Altara came before that (collaboration with me), and of course Intangible came after (collaboration with Loren Nerell).

I hope everybody has had a chance to see at least one of the letterpress folder editions of A Produce, like Inscape and Landscape for example. These were such nice CDs, packaging-wise as well as musically.
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drone on

Lots of A Produce for me, as well, in remembrance:

Black Sands, Land of a Thousand Trances, Reflect Like a Mirror


Expo 70--Awakening
Nux Vomica & Voice of Eye-Fire of the Unitive Path: Three Rivers


drone on

Bvdub-I Remember: Translations of Morketid
Tangerine Dream-Zeit 2CD (w/live in '72 disc)
John Foxx/Theo Travis-Torn Sunset
Klaus Schulze-La Vie Electronique 10
Emeralds-Solar Bridge
Robin Guthrie-Carousel


Steve Roach - First Light from Immersion: Three  8)


Loren Nerell and A Produce - Intangible, beautiful sounding album.

Nebulae - The Path of White Clouds - very serene and peaceful.


today, only playing the best

Gas :: pop
Keith Berry :: the ear that was sold to a fish
Biosphere :: cirque
Eluvium :: lot of tracks from various albums
The Circular Ruins / Lammergeyer / Nunc Stans

drone on

Netherworld-Over the Summit (fantastic, his best album to date)
Shriekback-Life in the Loading Bay (still making good music)
James Johnson/Robert Scott Thompson-Forgotten Places
Mark Maguire-Tidings/Amethyst Waves
James Johnson-Surrender
Jim Cole-Godspace
Solo Andata/Taylor Deupree/+ live in Tokyo (12k)
Griffin/A Produce-Altara
Roedelius-Like the Whispering of the Wind

Shriekback-Oil and Gold.  A major disappointment considering they didn't bother to remaster it (and it really needed a volume/dynamics boost), only the second disk of live cuts and b-sides was remastered. Really dumb.  The label is Cherry Red.  They've screwed up some other reissues as well, so I guess not totally surprised...