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Started by mgriffin, December 06, 2007, 02:02:28 PM

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Quote from: drone on on January 11, 2012, 10:18:12 AM
re: Alio Die.  I may be in the minority here, but I have been increasingly underwhelmed by his output over the last few years.  I think there are maybe too many releases of average quality and I find myself going back to the early stuff (Sit Tibi Terra Levis, Ritual, etc.) again and again. 

I've been disappointed with several of Alio Die's recent releases as well, especially Tripudium Naturae, which almost sounded like unfinished demos.

The exception for me was his collaboration with Zeit, Il Giardino Ermeneutico, which I liked quite a bit.



I ordered 4 Alio Die from Hypnos some 6 months ago,his latest ones,very pleased with them,lovely.
Just got:
Symmetry- Themes for imaginary films.Fantastic.Part of the abortive soundtrack for the film Drive.
Think early 80s analog keys with John Carpenter. Same label,Chromatics- Night Drive.

drone on

Bvdub-Then.  The usual looped highly reverbed soundscapes.  Like this one more than the last glacial movements and darla cds.

Amir Baghiri-Live Long and Prosper.  The man is back with a real stunner.  Huge drones and tribal space emanations.

Max Corbacho-Deep Time.  3 immense tracks up there with his best.  Should have been a proper cd release.  Makes me feel better after the disappointing Bioma dud.

Dave Michuda

INSTAGR/AM/BIENT: 25 SONIC POSTCARDS - cool free release where each song is based on an Instagram photo.  Find it here Instagrambient.
Coppice Halifax - high hawaiian fog
Porter Ricks - Biokinetics
My Morning Jacket - circuital


Trent Reznor & Atticus Ross | The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo
what a phenomenal score ... saw the movie last friday and was absolutely blown away by the music and
the way it merged with the visuals of the movie ... didn't knew before that it was by Reznor & Ross but had
a feeling during the first 10min of the movie and something seemed familiar .... and during the credits it showed
me that i was right .... so one day later i had to buy the 3xcd set and i am totally overwhelmed by the music and
the impact it has on me .... its way more drone-based than anything Reznor ever did before and i find the lack of
"beat" or lets say the decision to strip the rhythmic elements to a certain degree very enjoyable ... the thing is,
that this is a 3h monster and i only played cd1 for about 20times already and already sink so deep that i almost feel
bad that i didn't played the other 2cds so far


Max Corbacho-Deep Time.  3 immense tracks up there with his best.  Should have been a proper cd release.  Makes me feel better after the disappointing Bioma dud.

i do agree, Drone On. i was also very underwhelmed by Bioma. they should re-release Deep Time or their 1st collaboration instead!
the Bvdub is still quite good even he might be a bit saturating the market with his releases.. i especially like to first 2 tracks with their fantastic vocals.


maggi payne - arctic winds
psychomanteum - oneironaut
robert rich & b. lustmord - stalker
michael stearns & ron sunsinger - sorcerer
steve roach & loren nerell - terraform
vidna obmana - memories compiled I

cory allen - still
nils frahm - felt
chandanam - whispers of the silent colors


stephan mathieu + caro mikalef - radioland (panoramica)
mulm - the end of greatness

drone on

That Psychomanteum disc is amazing.  One of the best Cyclic Law releases to date.  I would also highly recommend the Peter Bjargo "Architecture of Melancholy" on CL. 

drone on

A couple of recent downloads:

Robert Rich-Ici Et Maintenant Live in Paris 1989.  A very precious gem to have an early document like this of RR, recorded during arguably his creative heyday.  Recorded on minimal gear, it shows how "less" can equal "more."  You can hear the ideas that were swirling around with Numena, Geometry, and Rainforest.  Some incredible piano playing, to boot.  More, please!! (I would like to hear some tapes of his mid-90's period, such as his show at Noe Valley Ministry with Lisa Moskow on sarod in '94)

Robert Rich-Due Acque Live 2000.  Recorded at Oophoi's place.  Slow and hypnotic.  Brilliant!

There are five others in this Archive series.  Looking forward to exploring those in the future


Rediscovering an old favorite...

Steve Roach - Arc of Passion


QuoteRediscovering an old favorite...

Steve Roach - Arc of Passion

Yes, it's always very nice to rediscover beauties like this one... :)



Indeed :)

and... lots of this...

and this lately...

El culto

Oliver Lieb - One of the most underrated + most flexible artist (if listeners are open and not stuck into 1 style)


Dave Michuda

Leonard Cohen - old ideas
Bop - the amazing adventures of one curious pixel
Scissors and Sellotape - for the tired and ill at ease
tangerine dream - stratosfear
Kate Bush - 50 words for snow



ran kirlian| dissolution
simulacra | the empty vessel makes the loudest sound
seetyca  |  bleak landscapes
phelios | passage
matthew florianz | los
andrew lahiff | the perception lingers
oophoi | potala

noir transports                 h


drone on

Hammock w/Steve Kilbey-Asleep in the downlights
Seahawks-Invisible Sunrise
"Drive" motion picture soundtrack


I don't think I've posted in over 10 years--back when the forum was hosted on a different server. Nonetheless, I still find this thread to be one of the most reliable ways to get solid suggestions for music, given the demands of work and family. Thanks everyone for sharing your listening habits, tips, and suggestions.

Some recent favorites in high rotation, thanks in large part to this forum:

Bop - The Amazing Adventures of One Curious Pixel
IDM/electronic with what I assume are Mrs. Pac Man samples. Fantastic melodies.

Marsen Jules - Nostalgia
Martin has one of the more refined palates for sampling. He combines wonderful acoustic samples with done-like structures to create amazing songs. His last album, Golden, didn't really resonate with me. But I really like Nostalgia.

Tobias Lilja - Delirium Portraits
Great electronic album from the n5md label. Reminds me a bit of 1980's goth/electronica. Amazing vocals.

Marconi Union - Beautifully Falling Apart
Soft, melodic, subtle electronic ambient.

Aglaia - Nights in Nubiland
Less drone-like than their other work. These pieces sound like deliberately constructed songs. It is a nice change.

Alio Die & Aglaia - Vayu Rouah
This is my favorite long-form drone piece form Alio Die since Password for Entheogenic Experience.

Balam Acab - Wander/Wonder
Electronic, sometimes classed with witch house. Great melodies. The chipmunk vocals can be a bit off-putting at first, but the combination of melody, subtle glitch, and structure wins.

A Winged Victory for the Sullen - A Winged Victory for the Sullen
About what you might expect from a SOTL side project. Frankly, I have a hard time turning this off once I turn it on. It might be my favorite release of the last year.

Steve Roach - Immersion 5
I like the second disc alot--soft ambient drones. The first one is kind of meh.

Dave Michuda


I love your selections.  Bop is a new fav of mine, I will be working it into my next mix.  Marconi, Aglaia, Winged Victory & Balam Acab are fantastic as well.

other recent spins...

Markus Mehr - In - Disintegration Loops in reverse.
Air - le voyage dans la lune - Air's retro/future sountrack to 1902 sci-fi film.
Scissors and Sellotape - for the tired and ill at ease - If you like A Winged Victory you'll like this one.
Sven Schienhammer - Altostratus translucidus - ambinet/dub goodness.

"A painter paints pictures on canvas. But musicians paint their pictures on silence."Leopold Stokowski