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Started by mgriffin, December 06, 2007, 02:02:28 PM

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jim brenholts

believe it or not - a good life by joe grushecky, a semi-legendary blues rocker in the springsteen style. (the boss has guested on several of joe's albums and vice versa. they have also toured together several times.)
i helped joe feel a tad old today. i saw him at the home show at the pgh convention center today. he had a set up at the local rock stations booth. i told him that i first saw/heard him when he opened for patti smith at the leona theater (long gone) in homestead, pa (a suburb of pittsburgh) when he was the lead for the iron city houserockers. he smiled and remembered. i bought his newest cd telling him i wanted to hear how he sounded now. "not bad for an old man," he said, smiling. it was pretty cool!
all the best and God bless


Kluas weise - Ming Noir
Tavener - The Protecting Veil.
Tallis Scholars - the Palestrina masses


Disturbed Earth - Life Amidst Dreams
Parallel Worlds - Obsessive Surrealism
some of my old unreleased stuff
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Parallel Worlds

Vidna Obmana and Asmus Tietchens - Motives For Recycling


Theo Travies - Salad Noir
Flute based Ambient Album .... very gently and relaxing album

Brian Bieniowski

Quote from: Undershadow on March 06, 2008, 01:02:54 PMSeems like he's beating himself up unduly. Lähtö's stuff was quite markedly influenced by other artists (not just Hammock, but also Eluvium, Sigur Ros, Tim Hecker, Fennesz), but I thought he did enough to make it his own. The line between plagiarism and intertextuality/recontextualiztion has become blurred anyway, as notions of authorship and originality have been problematized. Sure, own up to an error of judgement, but to jack it all in seems rather extreme as a self-punishment.

I checked out the two "offending" samples of Lähtö and Hammock and I think he's overdoing it too.  Let's be honest: those tracks are "generic" (not trying to use this word in a derogatory sense) enough to have been created by several artists at several different times.  I think it's admirable to admit the boo-boo, but not worth ditching a promising career in the lucrative ambient biz over.  Hell, he could simply have credited Hammock and treated it as a kind of "cover" version, I guess.  And if I'm being brutally honest: it's not like Hammock was the most original group to hit the airwaves to begin with, no?

Currently listening:

Alio Die & Antonio Testa—Prayer for the Forest
On the late, lamented Green House Records.

Man was this guy underrated.  His three CDs (especially Settling Density) are tops in my collection.

Robert Wyatt—Shleep
Takes some getting used to, but quite addictive once it happens.


Quote from: Brian Bieniowski on March 13, 2008, 06:04:32 AM

Currently listening:

Man was this guy underrated.  His three CDs (especially Settling Density) are tops in my collection.

Brooks is playing guitar in a metal band these days...  he was working up some great minimal techno for awhile that I don't think he ever released.   Maybe someday he'll circle back and do some more ambient stuff... :)     I agree - I really love Settling Density is a great release.

np:   Uusitalo – Vapaa Muurari Live
           great album of minimal techno goodness – Uusitalo is a pseudo for Vladislav Delay
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This evening:

- Some excellent Jeff Greinke, a smattering of Saul Stokes (interesting new web site btw), and a flotilla of Robert Davies.
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jim brenholts

believe it or not - horses by patti smith! the opening segment of land (horses) is a great musical moment - one of the all time top 100 and, in a strange way, very ambient.
when i ran into joe grushecky last week, that kicked in my nostalgic self and i picked this up at i am digging it.
all the best and God bless


This afternoon (both on headphones & in the car) a recent ambient mix:

01. Brian Eno - Dunwich Beach, Autumn, 1960
02. Numina - Lost on Silica Ridge
03. Robert Fripp - Requiem: Affirming
04. The Winterhouse - Winterhouse
05. Michael Whalen - The Heart Of Midnight
06. Lammergeyer- Against the Shore
07. Kirk Watson - Scarecrow
08. Vir Unis - A Mysterious Subatomic Fragment
09. Saul Stokes - Thick Streets
10. Jonathan Block - The Language Of Rocks
11. David Helpling - Moon Dreaming Thunder
12. Robert Rich - Sky Tunnel


Going back to the '80s today:

Lime Spiders, "Nine Miles High" - a 'best of' collection.  Raw and hyper, I always liked these guys.
V/A, "Rockabily Psychosis and the Garage Disease" - Trashmen, Sonics, Meteors, Guana Batz, etc. - garage rock at it's most primitive.  Fun!
Skinny Puppy, "Remission" and "Bites" - This is the original version of "Bites", not the one with the crappy remix of "Assimilate".  I've always liked these two albums best of all their output, although the vocals can be a bit grating.  Cool sounds, funky beats, just so so good...
Severed Heads, "We Have Come to Bless This House" - just this track, over and over.  It's beautiful echoing vocals, simple beat, and synth lines mesh so perfectly...  their high-water mark for sure.
Stranglers, "Aural Sculpture" - This is their first album of more 'normal' pop tunes; not great, but worth a listen.  I much prefer the older stuff, like "Gospel According to the MenInBlack".

And going back to the 60's:
The Scramblers, "Cycle Psychos" - I bought this in about 1986, at a thrift store, for a quarter.  I bet I've listened to this more than any other album I've owned; it's primitive surf-music, very funky and well-played, with lyrics about riding motorcycles.  Seriously; there are even revving engines at the start of almost every track; "Bud Ekins" is credited on the cover with "cycle riding".  A sampling of the genius lyrics:

"He's got a souped-up bike and a real sked-led,
Leather pants, jacket, he's a crazy kid
And on his foot he's got a steel shoe
Get in his way and it's the end of you..."

This scratchy, beat-up LP was on almost constant rotation in my college house.  We would drink too much, and run around the house like maniacs, riding invisible cycles...   :-[
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Some very nice work in the Erstlaub.
Certainly well worth the download.

Thanks, Alan.
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Dave Michuda

David Tagg - Waist Deep Seas Of Milk - lovely drones, thanks to Alan for the recommendation.
Kaki King - Dreaming Of Revenge - more pop leaning than her other recordings but a wonderful record. About half vocal, half instrumental.
Rain Cloud - Rain Cloud - very nice ambient-acoustic offering.
Martin Grech - March of the Lonely - still digging this melancholy collection of vocal tunes, it'll probably end up on my best of list at the end of the year.  Actually the Kaki King & David Tagg releases may also make the year end list.


Glad you guys (Dave , Anthony) picked up on my recs in re: Tagg and Erstlaub releases.

Now playing: Konntinent: All Lines Lead In
Hmm... I seem to be turning into a free download trainspotter. More nice stuff that involves no expense...
to be got here:


Konntinent: All Lines Lead In

Believe I've already heard this one, and particularly liked the last track. Less so the others.
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Now playing

- Thomas Koner: Teimo & Permafrost

great ambience when you turn it up loud so you feel it.
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I agree - those Koner discs are favorites!

I've been listening to Bola, Plaid, and Telefon Tel Aviv today...
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Parallel Worlds

Quote from: jkn on March 18, 2008, 06:03:20 PM
I agree - those Koner discs are favorites!

I've been listening to Bola, Plaid, and Telefon Tel Aviv today...
all great.



- Near the Parenthesis: Of Soft Construction

great album.
its on
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