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Started by mgriffin, December 06, 2007, 02:02:28 PM

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Shpongle. I'm over this stuff but ...And the Day Turned to Night is still a fantastic track.

Julio Di Benedetto

Milieu : A Warm Wooden Hollow....There are several tracks on this that are my personal all time favorite ambient tracks.

Loscil : First Narrows.....Out of my Loscil cds this gets the most spins

Alio Die & Lorenzo Montana : Holographic Codex....The first track sets the tone and the rest of the album never seemed to arrive. Muns de Etrah sounds like a real collaboration and the rest of the album comes over as dominant Alio Die.

Mathias Grassow & John Haughm : Aurae....Beautiful music but as a collaboration the sonic balance seems heavily weighted towards Grassow

Gregg Kowalsky : Through the Cardial Window....Had this cd for a year or so, listened and it did not register.  Now its on continuous play.  Sometimes we are just not ready yet .
"Life is one big road, with lots of signs, so when you ride to the Roots, do not complicate your mind, ... "  Bob Marley


"Alio Die & Lorenzo Montana : Holographic Codex....The first track sets the tone and the rest of the album never seemed to arrive."

Totally agree.
And it may be because that first track sets such a high standard. It is a phenomenal piece of music.
I often leave it on repeat.
The Circular Ruins / Lammergeyer / Nunc Stans

drone on

Well the first track on Holographic Codex is totally different--rhythmic-- whereas the remainder is more Alio Die type ambient, and quite good in its own right.

drone on

Urenga--Pacific Depths, As If--Havet.  2 latest CDs on the always excellent Gterma label from Sweden.  Both excellent deep ambient dub works, subtle and relaxing.  Some original ideas and sounds on these, too.  Highly recommended to fans of Silent Season.

Sraunus--Asperatus Clouds.  On Anodize recovery series.  Amazing ambient dub.  Near perfect record except for farting sounds on first track.  I'm not joking.  Funniest part is the track title is "Gut.". Must have eaten an extra large burrito.


That first track on Holographic Codex is utterly superb. It really is something special. I really enjoy the rest of the album also but no doubting it is in a different vein and more Alio Die influenced. Great album though.


Steve Roach - Sigh Of Ages

This is on free download, or small contribution, from the Projekt bandcamp site this weekend. Just started listening to track 1 . Beautiful, haunting, melancholy. Thanks Projekt and Steve Roach.

drone on

Julio di Benedetto- Original Light.  This excellent album will easily rank high in my Best of 2015 list.  I buy so much music it's hard to devote enough time to everything.  Some stuff I literally listen to once and shelve it to return to months later because it didn't impress on the first or first couple listens.  I've been fighting to really make time for this album.  This disc has been mesmerizing every listen, the most recent in the car today on a sunny beautiful day.  It was an odd choice for the weather but somehow it fit perfectly.  To me the music has a strong early Vidna Obmana feel (e.g. The Trilogy on Projekt), with the hauntingly melancholic stretched out synth chords and a feeling of deep respect for the natural environment.  Whereas Vidna's sound was often cold, though, there is a warmth in this recording that envelopes like a warm blanket on a chilly day.  The CD moves through different moods, from dark, to shadowy, to glistening light, remaining amazingly cohesive from start to finish.  These are more like movements rather than individual tracks.  Although the Vidna comparison is what initially comes to mind, it's soon obvious there is an originality to this sound.  I'm very impressed by what I've discovered in this artist's music, and very much looking forward to more.  I hope the album reaches as many ambient fans as possible.       

Julio Di Benedetto

Thank you so much for your words drone on. Im honored and grateful you made time for this music and am very happy it resonated with you.  I appreciate you expressing how you listened to it and the creates a special image for me.
"Life is one big road, with lots of signs, so when you ride to the Roots, do not complicate your mind, ... "  Bob Marley

Julio Di Benedetto

Pat Metheny's Bright Size Life......Jaco Pastorius fretless lead bass :)
"Life is one big road, with lots of signs, so when you ride to the Roots, do not complicate your mind, ... "  Bob Marley


It's 3 years since Pete Namlook passed on . Can't believe that. Really miss him and his new musical creations. Wonder what direction and journeys his music would have taken. Been listening to a lot of FAX this week.

62 eulengasse
2350 Broadway
Faxology - Mick Chillage

Currently the final FAX release and masterpiece that is.....

Autumn Of Communion.


nom nom. I love that first AoC disc.

Markus Guentner - Theia
Amazing drone work from a legend. Recently released by A Strangely Isolated Place, on vinyl and digital.

Grimes - Art Angels
Not ambient, but super fun, quirky electro-pop on 4AD.


AOC 1 is a masterpiece.New AOC in 2016.

That Markus Guentner is lovely.Similar feel for me as the first one he put out on Kompakt way way back.

No 1 by No. artists on BC.The label is No.Material Object and Atom.I find that MO always seems to have a constant drone or cohesive feel to his ambient tracks.Also uses some of the same samples over and over which ties his many works together.

Anamorph Specimens,also on No. on BC-A bit more techno here and there but again,its a whole mix.1 long ambient remix by MO included too.

Yagya-Will I dream during the Process on Sending Orb.Always enjoyed this.1 long mix with his usual dub-ambient-techno thing going.

drone on

I thought they said AOC 6 was the absolute last one!  Then again, Namlook said Dark Side of the Moog 6, or was it 8, was the end, and that series went to 11...


Ishq - In a Rainbow Air
Great new release on Virtual.  Vast ambient expanses with plenty of quirky Hillier electronics.

Yunomi (Ishq) - Floracopia
I'm not sure what to think of this. The album has some fantastic tracks on it, but, as an album, it doesn't really flow well; I find myself skipping around to get to my favorite parts. It is much more experimental than the previous Yunomi release, which felt more like a psychedelic journey through a garden.

drone on

Ishq--In a Rainbow Air.  Not near as impressed as Chris is.  The Florascopia I liked more, but it's very uneven.

Aglaia--two new discs on hic sunt leones.  One of them has a brief glitch/dropout that's strange.  I thought my CD player was malfunctioning.  Mr. Alio Die never answer my email so  it's a mystery.  These albums are good but nothing new from the last few years. 


Jeff Pearce - Winter Calm
Digital only. Nice, slow-moving soundscapes. The second track, A Long Winter's Sleep, is perfect: serene and ethereal. I continue to be amazed by what this guy can do with a guitar.

drone on

Scion (Asianova side project).  Asianova was an early incarnation of Voice of Eye.  They created these really out there soundscapes of heavily processed female vocals, synth and guitar.  Like an intense acid trip, sort of scary actually.  Scion was Ure Thrall, of Asianova, with a different female vocalist.  I can't even find this on Discogs.  Bought at Amoeba about 7 years ago.  CDR.  Excellent nighttime headphone trip music.


Troum/Yen Pox - Mnemonic Induction
"A painter paints pictures on canvas. But musicians paint their pictures on silence."Leopold Stokowski


Divine Matrix - Atmospheric Variations - superb Berlin Scool type melodic ambient. Really is a class album.

Picture Palace Music - Curriculum Vitae . Thorsten Quaeschning from TD. Great tunes.

Robert Rich - Live Archive , volume 1 - wonderful.