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Started by mgriffin, December 06, 2007, 02:02:28 PM

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drone on

Steve Roach-Journey of One.  All I can say is WOW!!!!!


Satumnaisuus - Kaleidoskopedelia. Complex, Psychedelic and highly enjoyable Electronic masterpiece. 1$ or more on Bandcamp.
Dementio13 - The Hobbyist. Brilliant Electronic music.
Dextro - Consequence Music. Excellent, gorgeous stuff.
Mauxuam. - Viceversa. Dubby, Psychedelic Electronic goodness.

drone on

bvdub-Resistance is Beautiful.  Some great tracks and some so-so ones. 

Schonwalder & Rothe-Filter Kaffee 101.  Amazing Berlin School music, very much like Rainbow Serpent.  If you like them get this.

Broekhuis, Keller & Schonwalder-Musique des Machines.  Excellent driving sequencer work.


Max Corbacho.
I recently discovered this spanish ambient artist. Lot's of floating, space ambient multi layered bliss here... There's some Steve Roach vibes there, in my book that is a testament of quality, I'd recommend anyone liking space ambient to check him out!
Max Corbacho - The Great Breath

Super Fata.
I found this ambient artist on youtube. He has not released an album yet, but the stuff he showcases on his profile is very good. First album "Structural Tendency" is comming out next year. From moody, organic ambient, to infinte vast spaces, I listen a lot to this.

Deep ambient space music by Super Fata: "Merge"
Ambient Space Music: Super Fata- Structural Tendency III

Steve Roach - The Magnificent Void.
This is an album that I can just rediscover again and again. It's not music, it's a reality of being. It will never out date. Haunting, mysterious and very beautyful.

Steve Roach - The Magnificent Void


EMOTONE Live from 6dogs, Athens, Greece.
Tomas Weiss and a few others. On NOW (around 10pm Athens time, Nov 4).  Sounds very good.

live stream link

And now I think it is over. Was a fine concert.
The Circular Ruins / Lammergeyer / Nunc Stans



Steve Roach - Palace of Nectar...first track from Mystic Chords.

Dave Michuda

Some recent non-ambient listening...

Atlas Sound - Parallax
Damien Jurado - Live Northwest MusicFest, Portland, Sept 8, 2007
The Decemberists - Long Live The King ep
Dum Dum Girls - Only in Dreams


Glenn Main - Arctic Treasures, Message and Electronic Secret

Machine Head - Unto The Locust CD + DVD
"A painter paints pictures on canvas. But musicians paint their pictures on silence."Leopold Stokowski



Micronaut - Resistor & Particulate Ep`s. Excellent bit of old school Electronica. comparable to Warp`s Artificial Intelligence albums.
Urbex - The Kirkbride Plan. Quality atmospheric Downtempo/Electronica.
Pinklogik - Learning To Trust Higher Frequencies. Lovely and Warm Electronica, similar to early Aphex Twin etc.
DJ Future Sphere - Teenage Ignoreland. Inspiring Ambient House/Techno from a talented young kid.
Mayfairgrin - Memoirs From The Deep end. Kind of Ambienty/atmospheric, but with lots of different beats/rhythms. Good stuff.


- Last Days :: Sea 
- Olan Mill :: Pine
- Woodworkings :: mix of tracks

All excellent. And if you like the first two (or Eluvium and related things) you will likely enjoy the third. You can download a LOT of good free tracks on his LastFM page.
The Circular Ruins / Lammergeyer / Nunc Stans

drone on

Steve Roach -Quiet Music Complete Edition
Mazmoneth-Music by Mirrors (DiN) This could be the best DiN release ever.  Stunning.
Inade-Solar Architects
Steve Hauschildt (of Emeralds)-Tragedy & Geometry (Kranky)
Zodiac Free Arts Club-Floating World
Hawkwind-Hall of the Mountain Grill


Kalpamantra - Saur Maas compilation = simply awesome!


Steve Roach - Journey of One
Sam Rosenthal - The Passage
There is no spoon. Which sucks because I have a pudding cup.


that sam rosenthal CD is pretty nice, much better than i thought..
somewhere inbetween james johnson and.... william basinski.. but it's moving quite nicely over the course of its duration

recently lots of things (list just a few);

ishq - skyspaces
(really wonderful disc, i explored this one as Headonist urged's on the repeat-mode here!)

robert rich - medicine box
(overall colorful, exotic, detailed, in optimism wrenched sound, still digging it..)

oophoi - three lights at the end of the world
(bought the re-issue and liking it more then ever.. plus oophoi gets more re-issues in the new year 2012 on Practising Nature)

steve peters - in memory of the 4 winds
(quiet droney wind sounds, fieldrecording, balinese flute playing along with beautiful female chanting towards the end)

oophoi & seren ffordd - the martian chronicles
(a bit more abstract than i thought, 'Blue Fire' is an incredible piece, if they'd say it's new track from namlook & inoue, i would believe :o)

spheruleus - voyage
(fantastic radiant droning, at times a bit reminscent of Alio Die's heavenly droning..)

maps & diagrams - lights will call on you / the town beneath the sea
(2 favorites of the year, this guy really knows how to do it, beautiful droney timbres and sound design..)

nils petter molvaer - baboon moon
(i like it better than 'Hamada' if you ask me)

eliane radigue - triptych
(bleak quiet droney minimalism, intriguing somehow..)

chris watson - el tren fantasma
(fascinating fieldrecordings along the trainrails through mexico)

next -- steve roach - journey of one


new Alio Dies & Aglaias
steve roach - back to life Boxset!
max corbacho & bruno sanfilippo - bioma
harold budd/robin guthrie/eraldo bernocchi - winter garden
fennesz & sakamoto - flumina
mathias grassow - alchemystery
bvdub - then :o

drone on

Thanks again Jim02 for listing what's coming up!  Hadn't even heard about most of them. 

Anodize DB

Oy, yet more to buy... :)

Wasn't aware of another bvdub, always good news. In fact, that AN/AY label outta Japan has a ton of good stuff on it, so much so that I picked up 4 of their releases, including Brock's newie. Originally heard of the label via Arc of Doves, and AoD's excellent release on that label, The Light.

Have all those recent Hic Sunt Leones (save the new 5000 Spirits), all excellent, particularly the AD/A collab. Ditto the Maps & Diagrams twin releases & that new Molvaer.

Recent plays:

- Gary Strater Eleven to the Fourth Twice / ebay find...who knew the former (late) Starcastle keyboardist had a good electronic album in him? Dreamy ambient ala (early, Azure-phase) Kit Watkins vying with spunky 'melodies' based on fractals; very nice.
- Mr. Cloudy / Russian ambient dub artist releasing all over the place, on labels such as U-Cover & French label Entropy...all very Basic Channel/Yagya/Echospace-ish. If that sound's your cuppa, these will shift your time perceptions & listening space.
- New Fax discs by Gate Zero, Namlook/Montana, and Namlook's Elektronik, all worthwhile, all variable, from outright deep space excursions to tricky electronica by GZ to the always superb N/M collabs exploring crisp beat structures.

The listening backlist is *always* voluminous: in fact, recent buys include:

- Henry Threadgill Complete Black Saint/Soul Note Recordings (7 disc set)
- new Kate Bush, 50 Words for Snow
- Humcrush & Sidsel Endresen Ha! (Rune Grammophone)
- Pink Floyd Discovery Box (all studio recordings)
- Miles Davis Complete Columbia Recordings (75 discs!), replacing my original Columbia issues
- Andrew Liles The Flesh Creeping Gonzoid (7 disc set)

Also en route is new stuff on the Boltfish label, new Moon Wiring Club, Rinneradio +, two new ones by Mythos (old krautrocker turned Berlin School synthdriver), new one from Aussie improv giants The Necks, Eat Static Alien Artifacts reissue (yay!), Lard Free boxset (Captain Trip) incl. all 4 recordings, Byron Metcalf's Shaman's Heart I, new Ishq Awake, rare stuff from cv313 & Echospace, older title from Japanese fusion band Casiopeia, and on and on...

And Saturday I plan to trek south to a record show in Philly, taking in the local shops as well...more shelving units are in the future, obviously... :)
> Anodize / tactile visual audio / /
> Groupthink / wayward electroacoustic murmurings /
> e:


yes, there will be 2 Alio Die collabs. and 2 more Aglaia CDs, hopefully around the new year.
in my opinion the AD/A collab. isn't much of a worthy addition to their catalogues.. though i really liked the Honeysuckle, Aglaia & Enten Hitti one.
Alio Die also recorded together with Bruno Sanfilippo recently, see Bruno's facebook..

actually i'm looking forward to the new Mathias Grassow, will be a 2CD which sounds a bit in the vein of Alio Die's Aura Seminalis;

another collab. of interest is a new Yui Onodera & The Beautiful Schizophonic- Night Blossom CD

awaiting stuff for playing today;

harold budd - in the mist
bass communion - cenotaph
elve (ishq) - emerald
chihei hatakeyama & naph - air
koss - ancient rain