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Started by mgriffin, December 06, 2007, 02:02:28 PM

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Dave Michuda

Bersarin Quartett - II - f***ing awesome!
Peter James - Landfall - excellent classic ambient sound - deep, thick & slow.
Dictaphone - poems from a rooftop - chamber music with electronics, nu-jazz, modern classical - whatever you call this it's very good.

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Fields of the Nephilim--Ceromonies 2CD/DVD

drone on

David Sylvian-A Victim of Stars

Klaus Wiese-Klangschalen Sounds


duane pitre - feel free
(very good disc, actually 1 track divided in 5 parts, beautiful engaging acoustics at play,such as guitar, dulcimer, harp, violin, contrabass, cello)

asher - landscape studies
(beautiful MP3 release, my warming up for his new 2-part Untitled Landscapes)

bvdub - serenity/don't say you know
(addictive and uplifting throughout, especially i'm taken by the vocals, though some parts i don't understand..)

mulm - the end of greatness
(maybe the best i've heard on Cyclic..)

asc & sam kdc - decayed society
(definitely OK, would fit nicely on Silent Season as well..)

36 - bass communion remixed by 36
(absolutely deep & gorgeous, should be released on CD, though that will never happen)


david tagg - hand of clovers (yes!!)
shrine - somnia
en - already gone
mathias grassow - dammerung CD & uttarakuru 2CD
seaworthy - bellows & breath

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Quote from: jim02 on April 17, 2012, 11:33:20 AM
mulm - the end of greatness
(maybe the best i've heard on Cyclic..)

Excellent album, just listened to it the other night.  The first 2 songs are especially awesome.


Bop - Clear your Mind
I enjoyed "Adventure/pixel" so much after Dave's recommendation that I wanted to check this out too. It is great as well, but Adventure/Pixel nudges it out by a hair.

Steve Roach - Back to Life
I've been doing my best not to buy on impulse every Steve Roach album that is released. (I'd be broke if I did.) But I decided to splurge on this one because I enjoyed the samples. The album is great: slow and drifting pieces that capture the spirit of albums like Quiet Music and New Life Dreaming. It didn't stay on my rotation for long, however. Not sure why.

Alio Die - Deconsecrated and Pure
This one was worth the wait. The first track in particular is fantastic. This disc represents the ethereal side of the Alio Die catalog more than the "eat mushrooms and bang on things" side.

Sea Oleena - Sea Oleena & Sleeplessness
Probably the best thing I've heard in a while. Independent artist from Montreal. Female vocals and great homemade-sounding lo-fi music.

Sóley - We Sink
Don't know much about this artist, but iTunes thought I would like her and I did. Reminds me of Sea Oleena. Guess I'm just in that mood this week.

Grimes - Visions
I didn't expect to like this, but, as someone who was completely fixated on 4AD in the 1980's, I feel compelled to continue to explore their modern catalog, even though I find it to be hit and miss sometimes. This album is a true gem. It is a bit pop/disco in some regards, but the things this performer can do with her voice are astonishing. She has a true gift for processing, manipulating, and layering vocal tracks. I would love to see her perform live sometime.


Excellent prog from Poland, and superb packaging, 8 panel digipak and poster
"A painter paints pictures on canvas. But musicians paint their pictures on silence."Leopold Stokowski

Dave Michuda

Felt like some jazz today, & some nu-jazz or noir-jazz(whatever you call it)...

Art Blakey & The Jazz Messengers - Hard Bop
The Kilimanjaro Darkjazz Ensemble - from the stairwell
Hidden Orchestra - Night Walks
Portico Quartet - portico quartet

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Listening to Slow Promises - The Winterhouse today....


Started needle-dropping through Hynogogue Podcasts and came across some gems I hadn't listened to in a while.

Dug out:

Brannan Lane - Sextant
Altus - Complex Silence 22
Igneous Flame - Lyra
Lucette Bourdin - Silver Moon
Max Corbacho - Ars Lucis
There is no spoon. Which sucks because I have a pudding cup.

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Steve Brand-Coniunctio.  Got this today from itunes, for reasonable price of $11.99 for a double album.  Good stuff as usual from SB.  I'm really liking this label (Relaxed Machinery) the more I hear.  Very much recommended for late night skywatching or dreaming!


amir baghiri - live long & prosper
(yes, this' very good indeed ! speaking about huge shimmering drones..)

mathias grassow - sky
(despite its little mastering glitches, i rate it amongs Grassow's finest)

lungia fungi & shrine - strange growths / wander
(excellent split from both artists, Shrine's contribution is really thrilling, shimmering though apocalyptic sounding)

artificial memory trace - ama_zone1 (black waters)
(fascinating fieldrecordings of the highest order, like being in the middle of a deep tropical swamp)

asc & sam kdc - decayed society
(a real grower for sure, way recommended)

anticipating (lots is coming up, not good for my wallet);

forrest fang - animism (surprise! just noticed it along with a 2CD digipack re-issue of Steve Roach - Day out of Time; is it out yet Forrest ??!
dale lloyd - organisms
v.a. - Gyalpo (comp. on Gterma, excerpts (especially the powerful Grassow one) sound very good if you ask me)
mathias grassow - wisdom of fate 2CD (again on Gterma !)
carl weingarten - panomorphia (buy with Carl himself for $11 only !)
tape loop orchestra - the words on my lips is your name..
talvihorros & damian valles - monuments & ruins
hakobune - while shadows sweep across the lawn


Oophoi - Time Fragments Vols 1 and 2


Quote from: jim02 on April 23, 2012, 01:04:04 AM

anticipating (lots is coming up, not good for my wallet);

forrest fang - animism (surprise! just noticed it along with a 2CD digipack re-issue of Steve Roach - Day out of Time; is it out yet Forrest ??!

Hey jim02,

Thanks for the mention.  Animism is not formally out yet (the street date is June 19), though Projekt is taking pre-orders for it.  Steve Roach is actually carrying it now.  Here's a link to his page for my Animism CD:

Both that page and the Projekt page for Animism have mp3 excerpts up for each track.  I'm really pleased with how the release turned out.  As mentioned elsewhere, I also have a free EP ('Seeds of Memory') that will released on Thomas Park's Treetrunk netlabel in conjunction with the June 19 release date.  Hope you enjoy the music.



Module - Imagineering. Masterpiece of beautiful, timeless Electronic music.
Edgar Froese - Solo [1974 - 83]. Five quality remastered solo albums at a bargain price.
Tangerine Dream - The Virgin years: 1977 - 83. Only had Force Majeure so I had to get this. Really enjoying it.


Dave Michuda

Mohn - Mohn - fantastic new project from Jörg Burger and Wolfgang Voigt.  Slow mo techno, dub, ambient.  Brilliant.
Daniel Rossen - Silent Hour/Golden Mile - New release from Grizzly Bear member.  Beautiful recording, at times lush & layered and others sparse and intimate.
Double Muffled Dolphin - who's on third - classic electronic feel that sounds older than the year, 1999, when it was released.
Steve Roach - back to life - thanks to Chris23 for reminding me of this fine Roach album.


E=Motion - Hypnotic Sequences
Driftin' Thoughts - Secret Dimensions

I'm not sure how to categorize this: 80s Tangerine Dream ?

drone on

Solar Fields-Random Friday (Ultimae) Sort of a companion piece to his other ambient techno disc of throbbing beats and dark and light textures, "EarthShine."  Nothing original here but this artist definitely has the touch.  Recommended. 

I've Lost-Sc'ath M'anam (Relaxed Machinery).  Wow, this is really good.  Haunting minimal drones w/ambient guitars.  Very original sound.  Can't put my finger on it but there's something very special about this music. 

Steve Roach-Day out of Time CD/DVD (Projekt).  Good deal from Projekt on this two-disc package. 


Bruno Sanfillippo-Urbs (Hypnos).  Nice sound samples!


All the talk of the upcoming Mathias Grassow releases had me digging out some older titles:

Mathias Grassow - Ambience
Alio Die & Mathias Grassow - Expanding Horizon

Both lovely, long-form drone albums. If you didn't already have them in your collection, it's a good time to add them.
There is no spoon. Which sucks because I have a pudding cup.