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Started by mgriffin, December 06, 2007, 02:02:28 PM

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Novalis - Konzerte
Haven't played this for a while, forgot how damn good it is!
"A painter paints pictures on canvas. But musicians paint their pictures on silence."Leopold Stokowski


- Pjusk :: Sval (enjoyed the first half, then gradually grew tired of it)
- Maps and Diagrams :: Lights Will Call On You   (excellent)
- Keith Berry :: The Cartesian Plane  (always good)
The Circular Ruins / Lammergeyer / Nunc Stans

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The Chameleons-What Does Anything Mean? Basically.  WDAMB is the sublime 2nd album from this legendary band. 

The Fixx-Shuttered Room.  80's rock rules!!!

Steve Brand-Coniunctio 2CD (Relaxed Machinery).  Haven't heard this in awhile and just finished with Disc 1, "Pale Blue Orb," one monster track of heavenly ambience.  Highly recommended release.

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MY BLOODY VALENTINE-"Loveless" 2CD reissue.  Trying to determine if I can hear a difference between the "remastered from original tape" disc and the "mastered from original 1/2 inch analogue tapes" disc.  While doing so I have been rediscovering just how great this album is.  It gets a lot of hype and heaping praise and I have to say it's worthy of the accolades.  It's a swirling miasma of beauty, dissonance, grunge, and the etheric, and one of the most "psychological" albums ever released.  It's like it taps into your subconscious mind.  Listen on a good pair of headphones and swim in the gorgeous production.  They sure don't make albums like this anymore.   

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THE CULT-Love (Omnibus edition).  One of the great albums of the 80's, excellent remastering.  The singles/b-sides disc has some stellar tracks that could've fit perfectly on the "Love" album.  Solid live album is included.  The demos disc is pretty dodgy sound quality wise, think I've listened to it twice since I got this back in 2009.  Anyways, The Cult from 1984-1986 were perfect before they turned all "hard rock" and cheesy sounding.  This is just a classic album all the way through.   

Parallel Worlds

Philip Jeck - An Ark For The Listener (Touch)

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A SMALL GOOD THING-Slim Westerns Vol. 2.  Side project of O Yuki Conjugate.  Original Slim Westerns (ambient spaghetti western music similar to Roach's "Dust to Dust") came out in 1994.  This sequel arrived in 2002.  Not as great as the original classic, but still pretty darn good.  The UK label leaf issued Vol. 2 and also a 2-disc set of both volumes. 

Roach/Metcalf-Tales from the Ultra Tribe.  Still enjoying this a lot. Maybe a cross between Cavern of Sirens and Blood Machine?  Call it "cyber-tribal."     

Radiant Mind-Sense.  On Periphery, produced by S. Roach.  I put this one away for several months and came back to it.  I'd give it a better review now than I did back then, it really is excellent, sort of a cross between Roach, Vir Unis, and Thomas Ronkin. 

Gustaf Hildebrand-Heliopause.  Dark space ambient on Cyclic Law.  Great stuff.  Imagine "2001: a Space Odyssey" as a horror film.   

Dave Michuda

FaltyDL - Hardcourage -  very nice electronica/dance/idm, whatever it's called, it's good music.
Richard Chartier & William Basinski - Aurora Liminalis - new release on the Line label.  I love William Basinski but this one does nothing for me.  I'm glad I listened on Spotify first.
Bjork - Bastards - very good album of remixes of her Biophilia material.
Atoms For Peace - AMOK  - Thom Yorke project of glitchy, stuttering electronic tunes.  Still digesting this one, so far it all sounds a bit the same after a while.


has been awhile since i'm not welcome to the forum residing within parts of asia..
some favorites as of late;

bvdub - a careful ecstasy
(definately best Bvdub album for me, fantastic use of sensual, soulful vocals all over, complete surprise as this album smashed me)

bvdub - at night this city becomes the sea
(this one comes damn close to ACE.. but throws succesfully soulful and more classical vocals into the mix, very nice grooves as well!)

moss garden - understanding holy ghosts
(very nice release with airy, transparent layers of sound with an eastern touch to it.. nice cover too)

amir baghiri - the serenity
(nice but doesn't reach the hights and dephts of his former Live Long & Prosper CD, i think..)

ethernet - opus 2
(6 tracks, first 4 tracks are truly stunning, i think the 2 final tracks left do not compliment the overall feeling of this release initially set..)

kuniyuki takahashi (koss) - feather world
(remarkable release, Mister Koss knows what he's doing, mixing different styles into a jazzy ambient mix with great care for detail! a great one and a grower!)

jefre cantu-ledesma - conversations with myself
(simple loops of guitar/zither with some soft-hued drones, but quite elegant and effective. at times it could sound as a young Klaus Wiese, in love..)

federsen - for future time & beings
(good dub-techno, might be new CD by him there on ZeCc this year..)

robert rich - inner landscapes
(a Rich classic i would say, the tropical dark jungles and swamps come alive here)

b/b/s - brick mask
(terrific new collab. with Aidan Baker, Andrea Belfi and Erik Skodvin, way too short)


marsen jules - the endless change of colours (12k)
aidan baker - aneira (glacial movements)
earth house hold (bvdub) - see through you (peach)
eluder - through horizon (infraction)
dirk serries - microphonics XXI – XXV (tone float)
parikrama - manusyaloka (gterma)
hakobune - if it were to fade (gterma)
celer - viewpoint (murmur)


Andy Stott - Luxury Problems
Creative slice n' dice job with vocal samples. 

My Bloody Valentine - m b v
This is excellent. I realize that there is an expectation that artists will grow or evolve in their sound over a couple of decades. But, in this case, I feel that I've been teleported back to the early 90's and I'm happy to be there. Their ability to capture what was special about their old sound without literally reproducing it is remarkable.

Near the Parenthesis - L'eixample
Warm electronic ambient with sophisticated melodic structures. Highly recommended.

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Hey Jim02, as usual, thanks for heads up on the upcoming discs.  Don't forget the Alexander Saykov disc on gterma, which never came out as a cd from Cold Tear.  It is amazing.  BTW, I bought that Feather cd by the Koss guy and was very disappointed.  Some Koss like moments but most was well produced elevator music, with some really cheesy vocals.  Sad because I love that Ancient Rain cd and I just picked up his Four Worlds Converge disc, which is very good.


Quote from: drone on on March 03, 2013, 01:06:28 AM
Hey Jim02, as usual, thanks for heads up on the upcoming discs.  Don't forget the Alexander Saykov disc on gterma, which never came out as a cd from Cold Tear.  It is amazing.  BTW, I bought that Feather cd by the Koss guy and was very disappointed.  Some Koss like moments but most was well produced elevator music, with some really cheesy vocals.  Sad because I love that Ancient Rain cd and I just picked up his Four Worlds Converge disc, which is very good.

talking about the Saykov CD, i've been trying to get into it but i can't, after a few tracks i switch every time to another release.

Koss is a different thing, when he works under his own name, mostly his music is pushed into a more jazzy thing.. though very well produced and sets the mood for it, for me.

today some things i'm rather enjoying;

krill.minima - sekundenschlaf
(took me a few listens but simply excellent crispy-clear produced dub-techno!)

martin schulte - slow beauty
(good relaxing dub-techno that won't keep your head still for a moment..  :))

grouper - the man who died in his boat
(today i finally started to appreciate this release as i wanted.. so i pushed the order button for a psysical copy)

aidan baker - lost in the rat maze
(one my Baker favorites over the last few years)

mathias grassow - second gift of life
(excellent recording, typical Grassow, but in fine shape!)


steve roach - soul tones


Tangerine Dream - Zeit, 2 cd release. Enjoying listening to the new old music. 8)

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Vangelis-Opera Sauvage, China.  Love the man!

Bill Nelson-Chance Encounters in the Garden of Lights.  Disappointed after finally finding this used (usually Amoeba only had one disc of the two-disc set for sale), the full two-disc version.  I had read it was more ambient than most of his stuff, but to me it's still more like instrumental music with some ambient tendencies.  A little too much quirkiness going on (like most of his stuff)...


Between (Corey Fuller, Tomoyoshi Date, Simon Scott, Marcus Fischer, & Taylor Deupree) - Between
This is pretty good. The sounds and atmosphere are highly similar to that represented in Faint.

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A couple em:t discs:

Miasma1195:  this is a really strange, surreal, but still accessible ambient album with shades of modern classical, avant pop, downtempo ambient, etc.  Excellent sound design on this disc. 

Qubism2294: "Angels in Time" is an awesome track.  This disc has some technoish stuff that on first appearance sounds totally cheesy and commercial but there's still a cool vibe about it that rescues it from mediocrity. 

Segue-Pacifica (Silent Season) Ambient dub techno release from just a month or two ago.  This has grown on me after a few listens, there is some excellent work here although not great all the way through. 

Dave Michuda

Rust and Bone (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)
Phosphorescent - Muchacho
Ethernet - Opus 2
Benoit Pioulard - Hymnal


- Namlook  & Montana :: Labyrinth   (there is some excellent music on this Labyrinth set of albums)
- Ruhe :: Easing   (interesting shortish grainy drone album on the brit. Cotton Goods label, now out on bandcamp)
The Circular Ruins / Lammergeyer / Nunc Stans

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My Bloody Valentine-MBV.  I think there was an error at the plant.  My cd is full of distorted, screechy fuzzy noises...!  Beautiful yet again.  Worth the wait.


Rumforskning - Himmelhvælv
The first two Rumforskning releases on DataObscura were some of my favorite albums from the 2000's. Somehow this Gears of Sand release slipped me by. It is solid, but hasn't quite grabbed me in the way that the other two albums did. I'm fond of it nonetheless.

Kiloton - Language Lost
A 2010 release by Mads Weitling (Rumforskning) of which I was not aware. Really interesting (and occasionally  noisy) soundscapes. The music is designed to compliment some visuals; the "soundtrack" can be freely downloaded via the artist's website at