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Started by mgriffin, December 06, 2007, 02:02:28 PM

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A real mixture of female voices:
Annie Lennox, Lisa Hannigan, Laura Viers, Patti Smith, Elle King, Evanescence, Madonna, Lady Gaga, Agnetha Faltskog and others...

...with Mozarts requiem and White Noise - An Electric Storm...thrown in the midst for good measure

just played whatever the current track made me think of next - uncertain how the White Noise track The Visitations came into mind.....


Logic Moon - Oblivion
Nice mix of field recordings and electronics, all with loose, drifting structures. The Archives label is really hitting it out of the park this year: 6-panel digipaks with matte finish, beautiful art, and a cohesive set of releases that bring some beautiful ambience out of some lesser-known artists. Strongly recommended.


Been enjoying Bill Seaman's double album on Eilean Records :

Erasures and Displacements
The Circular Ruins / Lammergeyer / Nunc Stans


Quote from: chris23 on June 24, 2017, 06:20:10 AM

Experiments in Silence - Suspended Form
Treated piano sounds with a nice use of space. The original 30-min piece is by Experiments in Silence; the second remixed piece is by Ishq.

Ishq - Ecalyculata
More experimental soundscapes from Ishq. I'm tiring of these. I'm always curious to see what he's up to, but I miss some of the more structured and serene work prior to 2015 or so. This has some neat sounds, but the tracks don't seem thoughtfully curated or assembled.

The Experiments In Silence CD I have from ...txt is really beautiful stuff , will dig it out this weekend and give your link a listen also.

Have to agree with you Chris on the more experimental stuff from Ishq. Checked out the recent Archetypal of Light and fhorm on Spotify and really not sure about them at all. However I have been playing a lot of the more recent chilled ambient stuff , again on Spotify - Evergreen Ocean, Pureland, Dimensions of Air and I think the other two I liked were Onirojenik World and Nuiemiu Rift . Hard to keep up with this lads music but I do enjoy dipping in frequently on Spotify.


Steve Roach - Early Man
Jonn Serrie - The Sentinel

CP - Robert Rich - What We Left Behind


I'm really enjoying some of the new Hic Sunt Leones releases:

Alio Die + Aglaia - Opera Magnetica
Slow moving loops and drones. Great for sleeping, meditating, reading, and spacing out. The physical CD has a repeat track on it by accident, which is unfortunate. The digital version corrects this error.

Alio Die - They grow layers of life within
This is great: More drone work, with some nice bells and other effects woven throughout. This has a clear Alio Die signature, but departs from some of the other Alio Die releases in important ways (new sounds rather than remixes of old samples).

Aglaia - Thumbnails in the setting sun
Sometimes when two Aglaia CDs are released at once, one feels more experimental than the other. This is the more experimental one.

Aglaia - Water inside the light
And this is the more 'traditional one' and my favorite of the pair.


Enjoying all 4 of these releases ^^^^^^

Still deciding which I like the most, possibly - They Grow layers ........... at the moment.

Great stuff as ever.


I think I'd agree. This is one of the more powerful Alio Die releases from recent years. Also love the collaboration with Aglaia!

Now playing:
Warmth - Home
New album from the Archives label head, released yesterday. Soft drones and warm melodies in a beatless ambient space. Fantastic.


Alio Die has, for me, been on a very good trip with his new releases this past year. Thoroughly enjoyable.
I will pick up the new ones on Bandcamp.
The Circular Ruins / Lammergeyer / Nunc Stans


Been on a Klaus Wiese kick lately:

Ruh (2016 Version)
Divine Orbit

I might get Space II soon and maybe another of his older albums on CD.


Shuta Yasukochi - Short Stories
Guitar drones from Archives. Sleepy and warm.

The Circular Ruins / Lammergeyer / Nunc Stans


Good find, Anthony. Thanks for the head's up.

Recent spins: Dronescapes from the El Culto summer sale. (Thanks for the nudge, Castleview):

Wintersilence - Slow Focus

Klaus Wiese - Divine Orbit

Klaus Wiese - Ruh


No problem  :)

That previously unreleased version of Ruh is much better than the original IMO.


Marifa - Qumrah

Speaking of Klaus Wiese, this is an awesome tribute to him. One of my favorite albums of the year so far.


Max Corbacho - Arte Magenetica
Digital only/name-your-price on Bandcamp. Great stuff--with some experimental twists that depart from the style he's been cultivating in recent years.


Suso Saiz - Odisea

This is an interesting compilation from an ambient artist whose biggest claim to fame is collaborating with Steve Roach and Jorge Reyes in Suspended Memories. Quite a bit variety here. Some of this stuff hasn't aged well but quite a bit of it is superb so far.


Lustmord - Dark Matter
Very nice album!

Raison D'Etre - Metamorphyses
Love it. Maybe it's my favorite from this artist.

Jean Sibelius - Symphony No. 7
My new favorite recording of this masterpiece, paired with some nice images. Obviously it takes time to get into this music, but it's so much worth it. The ending is surely one of the most profound moments in music.


Marcus Fischer - Loss
New from 12k. Beautiful slo-mo, low-fi tape loops and atmospheres.


Move D / Namlook - The Audiolounge .......... and Wired. 

I suppose fairly beat orientated, but massive ambient leanings with a bit of a jazz vibe thrown in. Love it.