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Started by mgriffin, December 06, 2007, 02:02:28 PM

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I've recently been on an Echospace [Detroit] kick. I've always appreciated the music of Modell, Hitchell, and their friends, but I've found myself deeply absorbed in these three beatless, abstract ambient spaces this week:

Shorelights - Summer Cottage Soundscapes
Subtle glitches, field recordings (Mantra), and electronics. A beautiful, deep coma of sound.

Echospace plays Michael Mantra - Sea Shell City
Excellent recycling of Mantra source material. Slow and atmospheric. This would have been one of my favorites of 2016 if I had heard it then rather than hearing it recently.

A601-2 - Shibuya Hynagogia
A single longform piece that works well at low volumes. Urban field recordings + electronics.


Still on an Echospace kick this week:

Intrusion - Amongst the Stars
Deep ambient dub with a nice mix of tracks with pulses and those that simply drift.

Variant - [shadowbands] aphelion​/​perihelion
Deep space. The second track in particular is beautiful, drifting ambience.


Echoes of Polyhymnia - Hypnos compilation.
Eivor - Slor (English version)
Steve Roach - Darkest Before Dawn


Max Corbacho - Splendid Labyrinths

Splendid indeed, I needed that. Love the first track.


Andrew Heath and Anne Chris Baker - Lichtzin
Amazing collaboration full of brooding atmospheres, lost sounds, objects hidden behind corners, and beautiful ambient guitar soundscapes. A true journey!



Artist: LANY
Song Title: ILYSB

I am so in love with this song, and I love this band next to Maroon 5 and The Script.  :-*


Blake Gibson & Robert Davies - Quiraing
Beautiful atmospheric drone ambient. Highly evocative of the beautiful landscapes that inspired the music. One of the most stunning album covers of all time. Exactly the atmospheres evoked by the Quiraing on Skye.

Next -

Northaunt - Nightpaths Impressive and wonderful dark ambient, yet again, from Northaunt.


Nunc Stans - Edge of Visibility
Fun stuff from APK. Somewhat dark, and a bit more drone-based than some of his other work. I like it a lot.

Motionfield - The Passage
A collection of slow-moving ambient pieces with surprisingly few beats/pulses for this artist. I actually like this better than some of his other work.

Archives Various Artists - Soundscapes Volume 2

New compilation from the Archives label, featuring some of the recent artists featured on the label and some new up-and-coming ones. More guitar-heavy than previous releases, and a few really lovely stand outs (including the opening track by Steve Pacheco)


Yoyu - Open Heart Communication
Serene and meditative ambient.

Ghost and Tape - Var
Dusty, lo-fi guitar loops, in a 12k style.

Andrew Heath - Soundings
Field recordings and various instrumentation. Awesome with headphones.


Glad to hear you are enjoying the new Nunc Stans, Chris.  Thanks.

I like the new Sonmi451 : Panta Rei
The Circular Ruins / Lammergeyer / Nunc Stans


Good call! Panta Rei is fantastic!


Glad you feel that way, Chris.
Yes, it is excellent.
And surprisingly so, because he did have a lapse for a while, and this new style is a bit different
from what he was earlier so very good at ( which was more glitchy/clicky rhythmic beats sorta vaguely ambient).
The Circular Ruins / Lammergeyer / Nunc Stans


Snufmumriko - This Tide Will Bring You Home
Great EP on the Dewtone label from one of my favorite recently discovered artists. Lo-fi drones, rooted in a beatless dub space.

Max Corbacho - Source of Present
Similar in spirit to some of his other recent releases. Excellent and majestic ambience. The first track, in particular, is one I like to put on repeat and listen to in a sustained way.


Quote from: stargazer on December 01, 2017, 12:14:57 PM

Nunc Stans - Edge of visibility
Well thought out and detailled epic storytelling with musical notes.

Nunc Stans - Elementa
A perfect transcendence of music and elements.

Nunc Stans - Secret passages
Very melancolic with a sacral touch.

The Circular Ruins - Nightfall
Reflective and nocturnal, I absolutely recommend head phones to get the full intent.

Mr. Cloudy - Shades of the deep
Excellent and deep dub techno for listening and quiet times.

Fiction and Poetics - Solitude
As if you read in a book. Tranquil and touching. Do not miss the song "Trying to forget".

Wow, lots of gems, keep on enjoying all of them, Jana!!! As always, Anthony with his DataObscura delivers exquisite artistry and infinite consistency. Definitely a label to keep a deeply focused eye and ear on!!!

Richard :)


Quote from: chris23 on November 25, 2017, 10:01:12 AM
Max Corbacho - Source of Present
Similar in spirit to some of his other recent releases. Excellent and majestic ambience. The first track, in particular, is one I like to put on repeat and listen to in a sustained way.

I am blown away with the opening epic track "The Beginning Of Remembering". Monumental grace at its most breathtaking, unfathomable, fascinating and immersing!!! This certainly must be one of the deepest compositions Max has carved since "The Ocean Inside" opus. Bravo, Maestro!!!

Richard :)


Ishq - Sen
New release on ...txt. Ishq has been a bit hit-or-miss for me recently. It seems that some of the releases haven't been curated or filtered well. But this album is a gem if you have been longing for the more melodic, drifting, and yet mysterious side of Ishq. Absolutely fantastic from beginning to end.

Steve Brand and Ishq - Spiritual Science
This is a reissue on ...txt; I hadn't heard the original. I like this a lot, but it sounds a bit flat in parts, as if some of the sounds are copies of copies from an old tape reel era. Nonetheless, it is a great sonic journey, and the last track/CD is lovely.


Steve Roach - Spiral Revelation

Just found out it's nominated for a Grammy award in the New Age category (!)


Checking out two recent Hic Sunt Leones releases on Spotify.

Alio Die - They Grow Layers Of Life Within
Aglaia - Akupanga ( This is beautiful drifting, spacious ambience)

Two new releases out on the label also I see.

PS there are three A Winged Victory For The Sullen albums on vinyl for sale in my local record shop. Very, very tempting indeed.