Parallel Worlds "Shade" (DiN32) new cd album.

Started by Parallel Worlds, February 02, 2009, 04:10:55 AM

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Parallel Worlds

DiN32 - Shade by Parallel Worlds
Release date 23rd March 2009

Shade is the studio album follow-up to Obsessive Surrealism (DiN26 - 2007) and is the fifth CD release by Parallel Worlds (the main musical project of Greek electronic musician Bakis Sirros).

Parallel Worlds employ a vast arsenal of both vintage and modern analogue modular synthesisers with extensive use of classic sequencing techniques to produce a sonic world that combines modern electronica and ambient music styles with the feel of retro electronic music. His attention to detail is astonishing and his careful sculpting of sounds and textures produce an organic, ever evolving atmosphere full of half glimpsed meanings and subdued emotions. The purely electronic rhythms and beats seem to have a life of their own and showcase a musician who is a virtuoso with these types of instruments that are the antithesis of the quick fix pick-a-preset mind set of much of todays society. Musically he likes to explore various states of mind, no doubt influenced by his medical background and this adds a tension and darkness to his compositions that are punctuated by disarmingly simple and wistful melodies.

With Shade Parallel Worlds show a musical maturity and command of sonic atmospherics that takes the music on a journey, moving through dreams and shades, aiming for the light.

audio clips and info here:

this album is full of analogue modular synths, including the Serge modular music system, Analogue Systems RS-Integrator modular, Doepfer A100 modular, Arp 2600, EMS VCS3, Technosaurus Selector system D, Livewire/Plan B/Harvestman modular, Metalbox/CGS modular, Analogue Solutions Concussor modular, Korg MS50, Oberheim 4 Voice modular, etc...

Parallel Worlds


Listening to "Obsessive Surrealism" while I download APK's freebie.  I am really looking forward to this new album. - Jesse

Parallel Worlds

Quote from: Numina on February 13, 2009, 08:53:56 AM
Listening to "Obsessive Surrealism" while I download APK's freebie.  I am really looking forward to this new album. - Jesse

i'm sure you'll enjoy the new album too.     :)

Parallel Worlds

new extract, from the track "Frightening Frontiers", uploaded to the myspace player!

check it here:

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Parallel Worlds

drone on

The sound samples are excellent. I will definitely be buying this album.  :)

Parallel Worlds

more great comments/reviews:

from Alio Die (

"I just got your new album and I'm listening to it, and again it is
great!!!!!!!  as usual and more than usual!
Great electronic music, your peculiar liquid rhythms and unique analogue
sounds, are so meticulously assorted together... your dreamy cocktail of
vitality, organic with a slight subtle nostalgia, have no comparison
with others.. it is your personal style, and I like it !
You have a strong passion, and a great ability, I hope you'll get the
acknowledgment you deserve :)   
Stefano/Alio Die"

from Italian webmag:

and the automatic google translation:
"I follow the work of Bakis Sirros for several years and what has always impressed me in its search of music is the absolute ability to give a romantic touch and obsessive use of modern instrumentation and analog synthesizers particularly like the Doepfer Modular A100 whose supporter. 'Shade' is the fifth studio work of Parallel Worlds and has the task of overcoming the results achieved from 'Obsessive Surrealism'. When you have listened carefully the album may be said that the last two episodes of the discography of the Greeks are very different. The first had a capacity for implementation and visually stunning in its notes could really portray your dreams or the concerns about today's society and its ailments. In this' Shade 'instead Siros that has left its melodic caresses turned its attentions to a fabric more ambient and less structured than in the past. 'Entities' and' A Moment Frozen 'liberate the mind before the fact and change everything around the machines to take possession of the universe. In a context so overwhelming the delicate chimes of 'Shade' may appear as small lights of hope but also evil ghigni of those who have discovered the most subtle to perpetuate pain. I can not choose then. Both 'Obsessive Surrealism' and 'Shade' are two shades of surrealism electronic Parallel Worlds and the only certainty is that Bakis Sirros remains one of the most farsighted of the alternative electronic scene."

Parallel Worlds

The "Shade" Album is NOW Available to BUY from the DiN store ($18.00 including worldwide postage) :

Parallel Worlds

new great review and comments:

from webmag:

(rating 8 / 10)

from Bob Williams / Analogue Systems (

"With his latest offering Shade, Bakis has released his best work so far.
There is some impressive sound design going on here and the mixture of analogue and digital synthesis is inspired" ----Bob Williams

Parallel Worlds

"Parallel Worlds "Shade" (DiN Records, 2009)

"Shade" is the brand-new album by Greek electronic musician Bakis Sirros who uses a helluvalot of gear, including large analogue modular systems. The cover gives it a rather austere look but let's hear if the music is similar or not. "Frightening Frontiers" gets things going with a dubby bass line and echoing experimental sounds. Soon a mysterious melody emerges, as the bass drum quickens its pace. This music is full of tension and anguish. It effectively combines IDM with traditional EM structures, leaning more towards the former. I must mention the great melodic content - it's really something that makes this track stand out from the crowd. Besides, there's a great attention to details and sound programming. The synthetic textures are used effectively and masterfully. With "Entities", we enter a darker realm. Analogue sounds wander on, as a slow bass line asserts itself of the blanket of synthetic pads and glitchy textures. A rhythmic section follows, interrupted by an atmospheric interlude where simply wonderful electric piano sounds appear. The track ends with quiet, Cluster-type chords that gradually fade into silence. "A Moment Frozen" is totally ghostly - two minutes of static, vinyl-like cracking and mysterious, deep chords. Wonderful, cinematic stuff. "Mutating Realities" is the longest track at 10 and a half minutes. Weird sounds are joined by a slow bass drum rhythm, as menacing chords persist in the right channel of the stereo field. More strange sounds are added, as the track sets up a menacing, dark mood. Surprisingly, distant Mellotron flutes surface after 4 minutes. These do not overstay their welcome, though, and are soon drowned by the rhythm and other synthetic sounds. For the last several minutes, this rather intense section is replaced by a barely-heard soundscape - ghostly, aquatic and shimmering. Soon the soundscape transforms into a reprise of the rhythmic theme that was heard before, this time it sounding more minimal and stripped down to the essential elements. "Compulsive Mechanics" is fittingly industrial. Metallic sounds are arranged into a curious rhythmic pattern, as the melody is hypnotic and repetitive. A key change follows, as the track gets more dramatic. Another key change and what we get in the end is a very enjoyable EM number of experimental nature. "Not Being Mirrored" begins with repeating bass, before a busy rhythm is introduced. A weird melody appears, developing into something more shaped and distinguished. Still not something you could hum to, though. A ghostly, musicbox-like melody is introduced, accompanied by synthetic rhythms. The title track plunges into melancholy with its repeating minimal melody and a gently popping rhythm. This is also probably the most emotionally charged track, although the emotions it expresses are those of the stark variety. "Urgency" starts with a voice sample before a stiff, slow rhythm is introduced. After a while, in come upbeat sequences and suspenseful strings. This could serve as the soundtrack to a chase scene in a futuristic movie. The rhythms here are a bit harder than what Bakis is usually known for. There's also a great, mysterious melodic theme near the end. "Towards" is ethereal and flowing, with the rhythmic elements mostly consisting of looped clicks, gentle bass throbs and other such subtle sounds. The track makes nice use of the piano. Finally, "Ungreat Certainty" finishes off on a purely Dark Ambient note. The track mostly consists of floating drones, processed sounds and subtle bass loops. "Shade" is certainly the most accomplished work by Parallel Worlds so far, with great choice of sounds and a claustrophobic, shadowy atmosphere. It's difficult to emphasize any track, but the ones that I thought really stood out were "A Moment Frozen", "Compulsive Mechanics", "Shade", "Towards" and "Ungreat Certainty". This album is highly recommended for fans of modern Electronic Music."

Artemi Pugachov / Encyclopedia Of Electronic Music

Parallel Worlds

Parallel Worlds

there is a new great review of 'Shade' album in the Morpheus music site:

(rating 5 / 5)

an extract:
"...The maturity of form and thematic content is strongly evident as Parallel Worlds continue their inevitable upward journey into the electronic halls of fame.

This album has been well chosen to appeal to the growing army of DiN fans. It is perhaps one of the label's more readily accessible products with plenty going on to hold the attention and a rich sonic chiaroscuro effect providing plenty of emotive ambience. If you enjoy brooding, dynamic electronica crawling with atmosphere - then this is a strong contender."
and another great review on the Reflections Of Darkness webmag:

(rating 8.5 / 10)

an extract:
"...Carefully crafted atmospheres and rhythms is what you'll get on 'Shade' while especially the atmospheres are outstanding pieces of work. Even though the project's released already 5 albums including this one, this was the first time I ever heard its name but I'm sure to keep an eye on PARALLEL WORLDS from now on and you should as well."

Parallel Worlds


the Parallel Worlds 'Shade' (DiN32) album is Now available on Musiczeit downloads platform as a digital download (mp3 and FLAC formats).

later it will be also available on iTunes and Emusic.


Parallel Worlds

Parallel Worlds

review in the German CUE-MIX web magazine:

a small extract:

"..."Shade" is a brilliant album – tracks like "Mutating Realities" or "Urgency", just to name two of my favourites, owns such a deep atmosphere I never heard before. Bakis owns two roles – a brilliant musician and a genius storyteller – by using such wonderful sounds.
Shade will be one of the most essential electronic albums 2009 – that's for sure!"

review in 'Guts Of Darkness' web magazine:

rating 5 out of 6.

Parallel Worlds

Parallel Worlds

Parallel Worlds

album review from Dieter Doepfer of Doepfer Musikelektronik:

"I listened to your new album several times during my short vacation.
Definitely a masterpiece of modern electronic music and a pleasure to track
your musical changes during the last few years from "Insight" via "Far Away
Light" and "Obsessive Surrealism" to "Shade". It's kind of a musical
evolution of your compositorial creativity that comes closer and closer to
my personal liking. From my personal view you have developed to a really
brilliant musician during these years! It's difficult to pick out a
favorite song from the new album. Whenever I listen to it there are new
aspects of each song I wasn't aware before. But I think the theme song Shade
is outstanding and that's probably why the album got that name. My other
favorites are Frightening Frontiers and Urgency. But this may change if I
listen to the album again and again as I find new aspects during each
passage that may change my mind.

In any case: outstanding stuff and keep up the excellent work. And I hope
our A-100 system will continue to be a good partner for this job.

Best wishes
Dieter Doepfer"