Parallel Worlds "Shade" (DiN32) new cd album.

Started by Parallel Worlds, February 02, 2009, 04:10:55 AM

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Parallel Worlds

review from electroambientspace webmag:

It's not hard to see why Ian Boddy likes Parallel Worlds aka Bakis Sirros. Quirky, darkly aggressive tracks abound, sounding very much like the sort of compositions Boddy himself creates. Shade occupies the same sonic territory as Bakis' previous DiN release Obsessive Surrealism. This is shadowy, moody music that you can tap your toes to, as on "Frightening Frontiers." If Otso Parikinen were to restrain his experimental leanings a bit more, the result would be quite similar to this I would think. Even more moving is "Mutating Realities," although the dance-friendly beat disappears abruptly a couple minutes before it ends. At that point it turns into very minimal ambient, nearly silent in fact. It's a surprising turn but the effect is cool nonetheless. "Compulsive Mechanics" sounds like machines gone haywire, but with a nifty groove running through it. The emphasis is on unique melodies and unusual sounds and beats. Dynamic rhythmically throughout, there are a couple of beatless sections here and there, but never for very long. The title track is exceptional, as is the dramatic piano-tinged "Towards", both playing like newly discovered pieces from industrial Berlin school masters Node. Sirros has finely honed his craft, fully coming into his own with this album.

Phil Derby /

Parallel Worlds

review from Sonic Curiosity webmag:


This release from 2009 offers 63 minutes of sinuous electronic music.

Parallel Worlds is Bakis Sirros (with help from John Sirros).

While keyboards play a vital role here, a majority of the music's charm lies in the inventive use of effects and pulsating tones (both in forefront and foundational application).

The electronics display a remarkable flow, generating lavish streams that defy gravity and indulge in a form of dynamics akin to oil in water. Bewitching sounds spill with adroit abandon, establishing sultry riffs that shimmer like electrified honey. Textural elements peer through as a vaporous foundation that excellently matches the overall temperament of the music's thematic nucleus.

The keyboard-driven chords adhere things together, conjoining harmonic oscillations with more melodic pulsations. This gentle union possesses a distinct gentility that borders on astral mesmerization while retaining an oomph that captivates the listener.

Rhythms abound, but they are usually of electronic origin, tempos born of looped non-impact sounds. This percussive definition tends to ooze through the mix instead of pounding with demonstrative residence.

The compositions make ample use of the alluring conjunction of novel sounds, all propelled by sinuous keyboards and nickering rhythmics. Sirros has found a way to harness ilbient elements and apply them in a graceful fashion that produces melodies of rippling appeal. The result is highly gregarious and extremely tantalizing.

Matt Howarth / Sonic Curiosity

Parallel Worlds

new great review from Sound Proector website:

and a small extract of the review:
"Shade to my pure personal opinion, can already be considered one of the best albums of 2009. There is few such incredible, tangible music nowadays, one must literally "separate the wheat from the chaff". Here is no run-of-the-mill track, each composition is a piece of mosaics, if you gather it you will get a perfect picture."

Parallel Worlds

Parallel Worlds - Shade:

Fans of analog sounds will no doubt be familiar with the work of Bakis Sirros and his musical project Parallel Worlds. On previous discs Siros has demonstrated a strong technical understanding and talent for analog manipulation, and with the release of "Shade" Siros firmly establishes himself as an extraordinary sound sculptor, creating dense and lush music through sequenced patterns and highly sophisticated tonal structures and forms.

The track "Frightening Frontiers" opens the disc, a fast-paced piece that establishes a tension that can be felt throughout the release. Abrupt shifts in direction work nicely throughout the song, complementing established themes that act as a constant identifier for the listener while being moved through new locations and environments. The later track "Urgency" follows a similar form, opening with a mysterious vocal and leading into a frantic percussive rhythm where occasional tonal stabs add a particular drama to the track. Over its course, "Urgency" changes direction a couple of times, but retains a steady feeling of presence that links the different movements in a very successful way.

Siros is equally skilled in creating beautiful melodic pieces on "Shade" as well, demonstrating not only his technical proficiency, but also an impressive understanding of texture and mood. The track "Entities" is a beautiful melodic
electronic piece where layers of sound build on a steady pulsing beat to create a very appealing framework. Adding some nice arpeggios and bell sounds to the mix, Siros creates a very tastefully layered track that is quite inspired. Title track "Shade" also stands out as a particularly appealing track, beginning with a slight piano melody and gradually adding in light percussive elements and a slow drone. As the track continues the soundfield gradually opens up, gaining in complexity and sophistication, with phrases being redefined through repetition.

Listening to "Shade", I can't help but recognize Siros' immense talent and artistry. The carefully created soundscapes on this disc present him as an artist who cares deeply about detail and space within his work, who can successfully take the listener through a wide range of environments capturing multiple emotions and feelings. I've enjoyed Siros' music as Parallel Worlds for some time now, and on "Shade" he surpasses all my previous expectations and sets a new standard of excellence in my mind.

rik - ping things


Looking forward to it Bakis, really enjoy your material-

Parallel Worlds

Parallel Worlds

'Shade' (DiN32) album new Great review from 'Heathen Harvest' Web Magazine:

a small extract:
"This is the kind of music –or art, for the matter-, that really shakes you inside, transforming your intimate fibres and relocating the plane of your unconscious, leaving you speechless and emotionally touched. So aside from being an excellent demonstration of IDM and modern electronica, or aside to be an exemplar on how to re-rubberize the qualities of "old" or "outdated" sonorities from synths and analogue equipment and to relocate the genre as something far new starting from old principles, Parallel world's "Shade" constitutes a great achievement again in what respects to aural influence over the mood, thoughts and acts from the listener. A work that just not opens sonic universes of ignote mystery and deep questions beneath its audience, but also raises high remarks about the technical ability from its author, showing him as some sort of new guru in the scene of dark ambient IDM. Highly recommended!"

Parallel Worlds

Parallel Worlds

new review from Cyclic Defrost magazine:

an extract:

"What makes this such a captivating listen is how Sirros melds virtual and actual analog sounds. It ensures the music cannot be placed in any one time. As soon as you start feeling a Kraftwerk flashback taking hold the dark and dense digital sounds of Autechre emerge from the mist.

Sirros has created an album that really does transform your immediate surroundings. As background music it serves its purpose well yet when you sit down and let the music take over your senses you enter a contradictory world where you feel both apprehension and calm. 'Entities' in particular is unnerving and comforting at the same time."

Parallel Worlds


Release "Parallel Worlds - Shade(DiN32)":

got to the 'Top 10 albums of 2009' lists of (Russian) Sound Proector webzine (from Dmitry Quarck):

Dmitry Quarck............................

+ Infinite Scale - Ad Infinitum // Rednetic Recordings
+ Point 7 - What? // Toytronic
+ Access To Arasaka - Oppidan // Tympanik Audio / Spectraliquid
+ The Kilimanjaro Darkajazz Ensemble - Here Be Dragons // Ad Noiseam
+ Yagya - Rigning // Sending Orbs
+ Proem - Till There's No Breath // Nonresponse
+ Jon Hopkins - Insides // Double Six Recordings
+ Parallel Worlds - Shade // DiN
+ Port-Royal - Dying In Time // n5MD / debruit&desilence
+ Synapscape - Again // Ant-Zen

also, it got to the 'Top 10 albums of 2009' list of (US) 'Sea of Tranquility' webmag (from Elias Granillo):

Best Of 2009

1. ZOMBI -- Spirit Animal

2. SIMAKDIALOG -- Demi Masa

3. PHIDEAUX -- Number Seven



6. CASTLE CANYON -- Gods Of 1973

7. MORAZ/BRUFORD -- In Tokyo

8. CLARKE, STANLEY with HIROMI & WHITE, LENNY -- Jazz In The Garden

9. PIANO CIRCUS Featuring BILL BRUFORD (Play The Music Of Colin Riley) -- Skin And Wire

10. SLIVOVITZ -- Hubris