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Dolmen--Incantations Verses One & Two
« on: February 03, 2009, 08:19:38 AM »
Currently being absolutely blown away by this double offering from Jason Sloan and Steven K. Smith (aka Dolmen). It's the duo's final outing and they're going out big. Dark, dense guitar-based drone and noise pairs up with aggressive tribal rhythms. A sense of the ritualistic; a calling to a sensually dark place inside of ourselves. Mesmerizing stuff that makes me NEED to go back and find Dolmen's previous work.

Go find. Go listen.
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Re: Dolmen--Incantations Verses One & Two
« Reply #1 on: February 03, 2009, 08:49:34 PM »
Hypnagogue - Thanks. I'll be sure to let Jason & Steve know.
The noise about the two final discs has been kind of minimal so I thought I would come over here and
post some info about Incantations: Verse One & Two.


Dolmen is a collaborative effort between Jason Sloan of Baltimore, Maryland and Steven K. Smith of Cleveland, Ohio.
Since 2002 they have constructed an engaging and powerful new palette of evolving atmospheres and sonic
textures. Sloan and Smith enlist a heavily processed and manipulated arsenal of guitars, drums, bass and samplers.
While using many traditional instruments, at times it is impossible to tell what type of instruments are being played.
This in turn gives the sound a timeless, transitory and almost apocalyptic feel.

Incantations Verse 1 & 2 were composed and intended to be listened to back to back. However, each
CD stands on its own merit as a unique release. Incantations push the boundaries of dark ambient music
while encompassing the dense textures of shoegaze, the power of post-rock and the rhythmic
procession of authentic tribal music. This unique blend reaches its culmination with the Incantations CDs.

Sloan and Smith spent the last three years working on individual projects while recording and mixing
Incantations Verse: 1 & 2. They decided that this will be the final release for the Dolmen project.
Both feel they have reached the aesthetic objectives with Dolmen and want to end with what they believe
is their strongest work.

Incantations is a testament to the possibility of experimental music to not only be engaging but also emotionally
passionate and powerful.

You can find these discs in addition to the Dolmen back catalogue in the store over at
Both hard copies and downloads are available. The hard copies come packaged in a high gloss, full color 4 panel digipak.

To hear samples check the news page on his site or visit emusic, itunes, amazon, and other digital music services.
Out-takes from these sessions are also available in the download only mini-album "Burning Heaven Down."


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