Jorge Reyes (R.I.P.)

Started by Undershadow, February 09, 2009, 01:21:18 PM

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Dear friends,

just some short informations on the concert/tribute to Jorge Reyes in Mexico City. "Concierto Homenaje a Jorge Reyes" was organized at February 27th. Also Piet Jan Blauw, who did with Jorge "Pluma De Piedra" album, was one of the performers. You can discover his "Tribute to Jorge Reyes" track on his MySpace site:

Among participating artists were also Ricardo Gallardo, Manuel Rocha, Vicente Rojo, Jimena Jiménez Cacho, Eduarda Gurrola, Nacho Arimany, Nok Niuk dancers, Tina French and also Jorge's wife Ariane Pellicer and his daughter Eréndira Reyes. More informations on this event can be found in Spanish language at:

Also you can check out about 30 pictures from "Concierto Homenaje a Jorge Reyes" on, but I think you have to register first. Here is the link, it's a page of my Mexican amigo, Julio Cesar Martinez, who collaborated with Jorge on his soundscape CDs.

With deep respect to Jorge

Richard Gurtler