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Glacial Movements Records proudly presents:

- Solstice City -


1.To The Other Shore [3.14]
2.Trough Wind And Broken Ice [20.49]
3. The Snow Angel Factory [26.35]

All sound material has been digitally processed and arranged at Studio 3, EMS in Stockholm, Sweden, 2006
A Glacial Movements Records release, February 2009.All right reserved.

Format:  CD digipack
Photo by: Bjarne Riesto
Graphic solution and artwork by: Oleg Galy (Tantric GFX)


Skare is the collaboration of Mathias Josefson (Moljebka Pvlse), Fredrik Olofsson and Per Ã…hlund. The members of Skare are all fascinated by the circulation of water, snow and ice. The metamorphosis from gas to floating liquid to snow to solid ice through freezing, the light reflecting from the snow and filtered through the ice as a prisma and - most of all - the sound of this ever ongoing circle.

Skare's first album, Solstice City, is an interpretation of a journey through a shifting landscape where the city meets nature. Departing from a distant and foreign shore, the traveller embarks a ship, uncertain of his destination. This prelude, introduced vividly in "To the other shore", releases this pilgrim to further explore yet unchartered territories. Leaving all man-made conventions, the second track "Through Wind and Broken Ice" takes us where the city imitates nature. Finally, a factory appears in the whiteout; a place where angels are manufactured as presented in the final track "The Snow Angel Factory"...

The vehicles used by Skare on this journey are field recordings, found sounds and treated and manipulated instruments.



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AQUA DORSA (Oophoi/Enrico Coniglio) "Cloudlands"


New review by DARREN BERGSTEIN on Signal to Noise issue 55:

On the flipside, the trio operating as Skare (scare?) bring back isolationism with a vengeance, all dark ambient motifs aside. Like Aquadorsa, they have an uncanny knack for disorienting expectations thanks to a clever use of found sound, dialogue, glitchy crackle and a flair for environmental realism that also manages to dash cliché to the (frozen) earth. Solstice City, despite the barren, windswept, icy tundra of its cover, doesn't attempt to ape the defrosted aural palates of Mssrs. Koner, Biosphere, or the Kubrick-desolate fantasies of the Canadian Cyclic Law crew. Rather, the pointillistic sounds, resonant with the crunching of geomorphic permafrost underfoot, twinkling and falling to earth in a light if foreboding arctic mist, attain their strong footing in your consciousness precisely because of their stark flavors. The 20-minute "Through Wind and Broken Ice" illustrates those two phenomena perfectly, using their obvious identifiers to expound upon landscapes comprised of snap, pop, the bleating of distant, lonely fowl, and air whipping through furrows of moist oxygen. Even better is the near half-hour "The Snow Angel Factory": low-key atmospherics sit amid wailing cries from the outer horizon, where the props of a high-altitude plane becomes the lone humanoid interruptor piercing the "silence", where a solipsist air develops between prickly decays of synth fuzz and tone shudder, resulting in regions fairly bristling with abject tension. The idea of simple "field recordings" dappled across digitized soundscapes is turned inside out here: the melding of the corporeal and incorporeal is near epic in its scope, and when the surroundings breach outright, multiple noises, one becomes uncertain where the studio ends and the reality of these febrile environs begins. Pretty awesome.