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Will be updating the Hypnagogue site soon with reviews of a few Hypnos disks. Figured I'd share an opening thought on this one with the forum. (Along with my usual apologies for being so far behind...)

A bunch of years ago there was a short animated film called “Closed Mondays” where a drunk stumbles into a museum after hours and all the artwork comes to life in little tableaux as he watches. I was reminded of this as I made my way through the 2-disk gallery that is Sense Project’s The Sublime. Robert Logan brings together a broad array of sonic sculptures, tone paintings, and electronic sketches, each with its own inner life and story. The pieces range from softly drifting landscapes to challenging, noise-based works of art. Like any good gallery, each offering deserves more than a cursory glance—and yet, like any good ambient disk all the pieces blend together richly to create an overall experience.

[complete review coming...soon.]
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Thanks for this! I look forward to reading the rest of the review. :-)

The Wire just did a rather scathing review of my second Slowfoot album, "Inscape", so this has come as a nice surprise. Their review didn't specify any musical problems with the record or mention any tracks, though - in fact, the first half contains a fairly flattering account of the music. Once their attention turns to the "clunky" concept behind the record, however (though it isn't based on any single specific concept - the press release, which I didn't write, amplified a single piece of inspiration into a central theme), they accuse it of having an absense of "taste" and an "unsettlingly careerist sheen".

Still, any critical perspective is interesting and valid, and I'm thankful to The Wire for reviewing the record at all. I just found the final accusation unfair; I don't think any of us here who are involved in crafting the kind of music we're crafting have careerism in mind! ;)
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I listened to this on repeat throughout most of a work day about 2 weeks ago... it fit the day.    I like the album.
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