Out Now: AQUADORSA (Oophoi/Enrico Coniglio) "Cloudlands"

Started by GLACIAL MOVEMENTS, June 09, 2009, 01:45:41 AM

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Glacial Movements Records proudly presents:



1. A Pillow of Clouds   (5.22)
2. Daylight Fading Into Evening Silence   (5.05)
3. The Pond Reflected Her Smile   (9.13)
4. Zero Gravity   (10.59)
5. Syhan   (12.11)
6. Alone in the Rising Fog   (18.31)
7. Night of Trembling Stars   (06.05)

All sound material has been recorded and mixed by Enrico Coniglio at Tripi h. Studio (Venice-Italy) and
Oophoi in The Kiva, winter 2008
A Glacial Movements Records release, May 2009.All right reserved.

Title: Cloudlands
Cat. number  GM006
Barcode: 08033959880029
Format  CD digipack
Photo by Bjarne Riesto
Graphic solution and artwork by Alessandra Clini

Aquadorsa is a new musical Italian ambient project formed by  Enrico Coniglio and Oophoi.Theyr first work "Cloudlands" is a perfect mix of glithc,classical and orchestral glacial ambient soundscapes. Enrico Coniglio is a guitar player  and composer and his research has increasingly focused on the relationship between 'music' and 'landscape ', in an attempt to represent the contemporary crisis of the territory, the loss of nature and identity of places, and the unknown on the evolution of post-urban and post-industrial territory. He has collaborated with various artists, including: Nicola Alesini, Joachim Roedelius and Elisa Marzorati.He has produced some releases such as "AREAVIRUS - topofonie vol.1" (2007 Psychonavigation), "dyanMU" (2008 Psychonavigation) and digital releases Sapientumsuperacquis on Touch Radio (Touch records) and Crònicaster (Crònica Electronica).Gianluigi Gasparetti better know as Oophoi started his own music experiments in 1995, trying to explore the shores of deep space-ambient. His live album "The spirals of time", released in 1997 by Amplexus, has been voted as one of the best ambient albums of all times.Oophoi uses traditional instruments as synths and sampling machines and his music is recorded using analog-only devices in The Kiva.He has released CDs for many International labels such as Amplexus, Hypnos, Nextera, Prikosnovénie and Glacial Movements and he has collaborated with Louisa John Krol,Alio die,Mathias Grassow and Klaus Wiese.




Hello folks,

a new review of AQUADORSA "Cloudlands" by Vital Weekly 683

" This is a new name, well at least to me it is. Behind Aqua Dorsa we find
Italy's well-known master of all thing very ambient Oophoi and a new name,
Enrico Coniglio. The latter gets credit for guitars, synthesizers,
programming and sampling, while Oophoi takes control of synthesizers,
piano, percussion, waterphone, chimes, singing bowls, theremin,
programming and sampling. Seeing this being released by Glacial Movements,
a label who announce themselves as 'ambient' and 'isolationist', and taken
Oophoi's previous output in account, you know which direction this. This
is ambient music but then with a little bit more, and no doubt Coniglio is
the man responsible for that extra bite. Not simply satisfied with 'just'
ambient synthesizer textures, there is an addition from the world of
microsound to this. Underneath the warm tapestries are woven of
synthesizers playing sustained textured sounds, but the icing (pun
intended) on the cake comes from the crackles, buzz and hiss that are on
top of this. That makes that this music moves out of the usual ambient
field, and blends together ambient and microsound, while, because its not
entirely generated in the digital realm, its not entirely ambient glitch
either. A marriage that works wonderfully well, I'd say. Deep atmospheric
textures, icy glitches on top. Maybe the album as a whole is a bit long.
One long track could have easily been skipped to make the album even a bit
stronger, where it now is a bit too much of the same here and there. But
its a fine altogether. (FdW)

and another new one by Norman Records:

" I feel like I'm in trapped some sort of ambient corner here sometimes. I appear to have become the office ambient beard without even realising! Well here's a CD of 'ambience' by Aqua Dorsa who are a couple of chilled out Italian dudes from all account. You know my brother in law was calling both his wife and child dude the other day. It must have been very confusing for them.... Anyway one of these Italians is Oophoi who is a reasonably well known ambient lord and if you've not heard his work then you should check it out. A couple of minutes into this and there's some beats and all sorts of stuff going on. In fact it reminds me a lot of when I first heard ambient music back in the late 80's when it was essentially just slowed down and more chilled out techno. There used to be a lot more going on in ambient music than you get these days. Cloudlands is one of those 'interesting' ambient albums and it harks back to those times where more shit was happening on the stereo and it's not just a long drawn out piece of music based around a whale farting. Well worth a punt!

by Phil "


New review of AQUADORSA by DARREN BERGSTEIN on Signal to Noise Magazine issue 55:

Italy's Glacial Movements label has, little by little, minimal increment by minimal increment, established itself as one of the world's most vital headquarters for both rural and worldwide-etched ambient and related musics. Though only a few releases in, already we've seen the likes of Rapoon and Lull (two soundscaping giants, certainly) make their presence known across the label's remit; future works are promised by no less a global isolationist than Thomas Koner, as well as the mutable Francisco Lopez and Marsen Jules.

Aquadorsa pairs two of Italy's finest sound artisans together in one of the more intriguing collaborations of late: the erstwhile Oophoi, whose own vast library of drones and broadstroke works has assumed mammoth proportions in both size and outreach, and relative newcomer Enrico Coniglio, whose 2007 release Areavirus on the Irish Psychonavigation label was one of that year's most criminally neglected outings. At first this doesn't appear to be the most simpatico of partnerships: though both artists are adept programmers of the requisite synths and samplers on hand, Coniglio's "classical" approach to sonic mythmaking feels at odds with expert abstractionist Oophoi. Naturally, initial appearances are deceiving, no less so in this case. Cloudlands reveals itself to be a veritable anomaly in this age of the mono(tone)drone and so much over-arching minimalism; layered and detailed to an impeccable degree, the seven lengthy pieces are practically regal in their pragmatic impressionism. Rather than ply more easily contrived and trivial "dark" ambient pursuits, or simply probe typically spatial, post-Tangerine Dream confines, the duo create a teeming hive of (micro)activity that plays like a millennia-burnished ecosystem of sound. Misty mountain samples, sharp clangs of (processed) guitar, metallic-buffed textures, and a number of surprisingly off-putting touches neatly sidestep the usual ambient clichés; sure, barometric pressures rise and fall, atmospheres are breached and respirate effectively, but everything seems intentionally placed here, with nary a duff note or redundant gesture. Powerful stuff, rife with ingenuity and constantly interesting—more please, fellas.