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Started by jim brenholts, August 16, 2009, 08:06:35 AM

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jim brenholts

i wish they'd had this when i had a motorcycle - especially when i was drunk. it was a real pain to either restart or push the bike after opening the door.
all the best and God bless


Thanks for posting that!  It was fun imagining a system like that at my place, until (even in my daydream!) it malfunctioned and resulted in my rather messy demise!
Science News, Vol. 175, No. 9, April 25, 2009, page 1 -- "New mapping of the human genome shows none of us are normal."


you know you're getting older when the beamer bike is more appealing to you than the girl in a skirt and heels.

heh heh.

i want that bike.