Get Well for Jim Brenholts

Started by einstein36, September 24, 2009, 08:24:04 AM

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I just wanted to let everyone know that our own Jim Brenholts(Rigel Orionis) is in the hospital and had a mild heart attack last week. So just wanted everyone to know and wish him well out in Cyberspace here:)....

I just found out last night myself considering we(Orion's Belt, Jim and Me) just finished our second collaboration cd and is being finalized..
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Best wishes for a complete and speedy recovery Jim!
Peace and Prayers from Canada, Kirk


Yep, take it easy there Jim.
All the very best.
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Sorry to hear Jim's having more trouble of this kind.  This is his third heart attack, isn't it?  I hope he bounces back and recovers soon.
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Mark Mushet

Scott M2

Damn!  Take it easy and take care Jim.  (Time to go vegan?) 

judd stephens

Hey Jim, when you come back to read this, I hope you open this link, if you haven't heard about the benefits of taking cayenne pepper.  I don't presume it'll cure everythng but maybe it helps you in the future, I hope...


definitely....He's got a lot more music to make....
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Sending best wishes and prayers - get well soon Jim...

Wayne Higgins

sucks.  get well soon (and quit smoking if you already haven't!)
I wonder what people will accuse me of doing when I have mine.  Sounds fatalistic, but heart disease has a 100% rate in my family.  At 51, I'm doing all right.  (But, it will either be the whiskey or the occaisional sausage biscuit to blame.) ::)
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Hope you are feeling better Jim. Here's to your speedy recovery.


I also hope you get to feeling better and have a full recovery. Take care, Jim.    Harry
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thoughts and prayers with you Jim-


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Jim clearly isn't listening to enough soothing ambient.  (Just kidding.  ;))
I hope things get back to normal for you soon, Jim.
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I wish you quick recovery!
All the best!

Jim, you are in my thoughts.

Get well soon.

Joe R

Best wishes and a speedy recovery to you, Jim. :)


Speedy recovery Jim. Lay  off the meat lovers pizza  ;D  j/k  and wonder when I'll have one. On meds for cholesterol (need to work on diet, I know) but reason for mine is alcohol, I like my beers/martinis/etc and that raises my triglycerides which raises the cholesterol as well. So I take my meds, need to get to working out (for sure!)l quit smoking (what vices will I have left = not happy person lol) and back to work as well
(highest priority for me).  But rest up and regain your strength so you can get back to music!