RQ002: Artists you own the most releases from ???

Started by jkn, January 11, 2010, 11:21:21 AM

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Oophoi, Steve Roach, Vidna Obmana, Klaus Schulze.

in the past would have been Hawkwind and Throbbing Gristle


If I drop down into the under 20 category - it would be a truly long list.  ;-)

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I have complete CD discographies of Steve Roach, Robert Rich, Jorge Reyes, Michael Stearns..., missing few titles from vidnaObmana and Mathias Grassow. So the winner is... Steve Roach :).

When speaking of Steve, I am still missing two rare CD editions of his "Stormwarning" album. I have 1999 Timeroom edition of "Stormwarning", but still searching for the original CD edition by Soundquest from 1989 as well as 1992 edition by Lektronic Soundscapes. In case some of you guys have these ones and want to sell them (or give them for free... :)) to one strange guy/collector from Slovakia, please keep in mind I might be interested... Thank you.

All the best to all of you and enjoy your time on this forum!!! And thank you, Mike & Lena, for the coupon!!!


Wayne Higgins

I forgot Jethro Tull, Alice Cooper, Brian Eno and Bob Dylan (what a compo, eh?)
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Tom Waits
...pretty much everything Mike Patton has been involved in/with.


Quick glance at the shelves...

Brian Eno, including the two box sets.
Steve Roach
David Bowie
Bill Nelson including Bebop Deluxe and all the Cocteau recordings.
Wendy Carlos
Frank Zappa
King Crimson
There is no spoon. Which sucks because I have a pudding cup.

Brian Bieniowski

Artists I have 15+ releases from:

The Church
Cocteau Twins
Steve Roach
Vidna Obmana
Robert Rich
Namlook (and I'm not even that big a fan of him solo—it's mostly collaborations)
Alio Die
Cluster, Roedelius & related
Milieu/Brian Grainger
Mirror/Andrew Chalk
Popol Vuh
Heldon/Richard Pinhas


Tangerine Dream
My Dying Bride
Novembers Doom
Paradise Lost
Officium Triste
...having difficulty thinking of others I have lots of releases from....lol

Some are 4-5, others are several and beyond.

Ein Sophistry

Robert Rich - 32 releases (including collabs)
Alio Die - 34 releases (including collabs)
Vidna Obmana - 37 releases (including collabs and FFB stuff)
Steve Roach - 62 releases (including collabs)
Oophoi - 66 releases (including collabs and EPs)

...aaaaaaand the winner:

Mathias Grassow - 82 releases (including collabs)


Grateful Dead, King Crimson, Jefferson Airplane, ELP, Todd/Utopia, Cannonball Adderley, Art Pepper,
Jonathan Block


I totally forget to mention Herbie Hancock... probably 15 albums or so.
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drone on

Mathias Grassow
Alio Die
Steve Roach
Radio Massacre International

Anodize DB

now *this* is an insane question... ;)

i went through my database and just did a cursory glance coming up with these, which is by no means an exhaustive list (all CDs):

- alio die: incl. collabs, 31+
- asmus tietchens: 38+
- atom heart: incl. collabs, 35+
- bill laswell: 40+
- brian eno: 30+
- cabaret voltaire: complete catalog, incl. all aliases/solo/collabs, 70+
- chris & cosey: 30+
- conrad schnitzler: 35+
- controlled bleeding: 15
- future sound of london: 20
- harold budd: incl. collabs, 20+
- ian boddy: entire catalog, incl. collabs, 28+
- kim cascone: incl. collabs, aliases: 30+
- klaus schulze: entire catalog, 60+
- mathias grassow: incl. collabs, 30+
- nurse with wound: 45+
- ontayso: 44+
- oophoi: 30+
- radio massacre international: entire catalog, 36 discs
- rapoon: entire catalog, incl. collabs, 40+
- richard bone: 20
- robert rich: 30+
- roedelius, moebius, cluster: 50+
- steve roach: entire catalog incl. collaborative projects, 85+
- tangerine dream: 66
- the orb: 21
- vidna obmana: 30+
- zoviet france: entire catalog incl. collabs, 25+

the winner is probably namlook/fax cds, of which i have well over 117 namlook, and another 70+ fax discs.

and mind you, this is just culled from the electronic portion of my library - doesn't count jazz or rock, such as complete catalogs of miles davis, ozric tentacles, weather report, wire, genesis, yes, bowie, billy cobham, john mclaughlin/mahavishnu, lee morgan, freddie hubbard, allan holdsworth, just about all pat metheny, good chunk of king crimson, etc.

not sure of the efficacy of this question. i don't consider myself a completist per se, except that if i like a certain artist/group well enough i generally have acquired all of what they've done (or what is available), but this isn't a hard and fast rule. some artists have released what i thought were terrible records that i never bothered with when they were released on CD, or just didn't like enough to want to own. some artists are just incredibly prolific, or have been around for some time (t.d., schulze, roach, metheny, etc.) and have vast back catalogs.

and, in many cases, it's not the quantity per se but the quality... :)
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Paul Vnuk (Ma Ja Le)

Looking through iTunes:

I have my cds divided between their regular genre and bootlegs which contain studio sessions and live shows.

Art Blakey - 42 Albums
The Beatles - 65 Albums / 66 Bootlegs
Bob Dylan - 65 Albums / 83 Bootlegs
Charles Mingus - 32 Albums
David Sylvian - 26 Albums / 4 Bootlegs
Frank Sinatra  - 83 Albums / 16 Bootlegs
Genesis  - 24 Albums / 37 Bootlegs
Grateful Dead - 120 Albums / 1358 Bootlegs
Hank Mobley - 26 Albums
John Coltrane - 56 Albums / 7 Bootlegs
King Crimson - 75 Albums / 1 Bootleg
Kiss - 32 Albums / 11 Bootlegs
Led Zeppelin - 15 Albums / 82 Bootlegs
Miles Davis - 93 Albums / 18 Bootlegs
Pat Metheny - 22 Albums / 6 Bootlegs
Pink Floyd - 26 Albums / 33 Bootlegs
Porcupine Tree - 29 Albums / 3 Bootlegs
Robert Rich - 28 Albums
Rolling Stones - 25 Albums / 18 Bootlegs
Steve Roach - 90 Albums
Thelonious Monk - 39 Albums / 4 Bootlegs
Tom Waits - 28 Albums / 32 Bootlegs

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