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Concert Silence new release from Eluvium's Matthew Cooper ++
« on: February 02, 2010, 08:22:59 PM »
New release due in April on Infraction :
CONCERT SILENCE - "09.22.07" CD/2LP (INFX 042/INFX 042LP)
Concert Silence is a collaboration between Charles Buckingham and Matthew Cooper, currently both residing in Portland, Oregon. An ongoing conversation between the two began in 2004 when they met over a shared interest in live sound manipulation. “09.22.07” was the first major outcome of discussions regarding symbiotic cultures and their implications to music. A live performance set up was designed, allowing each player to have equal input and manipulation control, (which can be seen in a diagram within the artwork of the album). After the completion of a live session recorded to minidisc, the two decided to release the unmastered un-edited music for free download via their website. A short while later the free recordings were taken down from the site. Infraction Records is now releasing a previously unheard professionally mastered recording of the session in its entirety.

“The sound of piano, both pure and processed, has become almost a sub-genre of its own within ambient electronica. There’s a Satie-authored lineage stretching from Budd/Eno through to Sakamoto’s collabs with Alva Noto and Fennesz, with signs to other off-beat sites. Buckingham’s background in visual art makes his contribution to Concert Silence somewhat enigmatic. He had previously co-opted Cooper for the audio of an online ambient audio-visual collaboration in the ‘Window Exchange’ project; Cooper’s signature is clearly recognizable, for all that the pianism of his earlier Eluvium work are tweaked and tampered with here. Six discrete movements, an affair of edgy ambience, with lilting lulling passages ceding to digital depredations. Some parts subtly infiltrated, others strewn with the detritus of error-smithery. “Part Two,” for example, sounds as if it’s slowly spontaneously combusting in the player, gradually growing into a larger conflagration, culminating in a veritable firework display of pops, crackles and wayward woozy pitch shifts, eating itself in echo and fuzz, before returning to the opening lull of barely audible soft-pedaled piano purism. Overall the Cooper-Buckingham pairing puts a distinctive slant on the compositional tradition mentioned above, finding a beguiling blend of the worlds of piano concerto and that of digital signal processing, with its random reversals, glitch flurries, and drone. Yet, for all its peculiarities of pitch and microsonic mist, strong melodic lines serve as binding, stiched together, lending poise to noise. “ – Alan Lockett

“09.22.07” will be issued as a CD [INFX 042] and 2xLP [INFX 042 LP]. The CD will be a 6 panel matte digipak. The 2xLP set will be in a Stoughton gatefold sleeve, with full color inner sleeves, 180 gram vinyls, and an OBI strip. The D side will feature a vinyl etching. Both versions are in editions of 900. Artwork and typography by Jason Evans.

In addition there is a 3 song ep coming out at the same time :

CONCERT SILENCE - Rain Furniture CD/12" (INFX 047/INFX 047 LP)
With “Rain Furniture”, Charles Buckingham and Matthew Cooper wanted to explore a new and different musical territory than previously traveled, while still using the audio set up from “09.22.07”.

Rain Furniture will be issued as a CD (INFX 047) and 12” vinyl (INFX 047 LP). The CD will be in a matte finish 20 pt cardsleeve. The vinyl will be housed in a heavy cardstock sleeve, be of 180 grams and also have an OBI strip. Both versions are in editions of 900.