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Started by 9dragons, January 29, 2008, 02:36:45 AM

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Not sure if there is already an Infraction thread but I have to start one. Just got Aloof Proof - Piano Text, Milieu - Beyond the Sea Lies the Stars, Tetsu Inoue - World Receiver, and am awaiting arrival of Koda - Movements. I feel like I'm arriving late to the party but this label is epic! Finely designed digipaks with smooth looking text and graphics, and of course the music. Please mention other favorites from this label, or comments about the above releases...


Quote from: 9dragons on January 29, 2008, 02:36:45 AM
Not sure if there is already an Infraction thread but I have to start one. [...] Please mention other favorites from this label [...]

There hasn't been a dedicated thread, but Infraction releases have cropped up regularly in posts relating to 'Best of 2007' or 'Currently listening':

These two have had the popular vote (and mine):
Adam Pacione - From Stills to Motion (review:
Northern - Drawn (review:

These two are slightly older and would have come up similarly in 2006:
Beautumn - Northing (review:
Kiln - Thermals

If interested, I did up a label profile a while ago which covers most releases up to around the release of the Milieu album:

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GReat label!!! Both the Beautumn releases are stellar, especially Northing.  Deep ambience with glitchy-type rhythms, maybe Budd/Eno meets Zoviet France for a comparison(?)...Zimmianvian Night 2 is great--quiet static drone album. World Receiver by Tetsu is a classic.  I too have just ordered Koda and Aloof Proof, can't wait to hear these.  Will have to check out those two new ones as well. 

Ben Fleury-Steiner

just now spinning beautumn's white coffee--unfortunately, it's out of print for the uninitiated, but what a gem of an ambient / soft noise disc...the contrasts of warming drones and textural noises are really first rate and induce maximum listening...I'm not biased or anything  ;) but Infraction's catalog is quite stunning without a clunker to be heard...Jason is curator par excellence...


I agree that Infraction is one of the top few ambient labels out there, and also one of the few that never releases anything disappointing.  Jason has done a great job and I hope it continues and grows!
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Ben Fleury-Steiner

I'd say Databloem, Native State, Blue Oasis, Hypnos , Infraction, 20 Hertz are the top minimal ambient labels in terms of sound quality, artwork--that is to say, the whole package...Tony, Mike G, Evan B, and Jason et al really inspire us smaller CD-R labels to keep striving for excellence...Gears of Sand has ebbed and flowed in terms of our ability to do the kind of quality product we aim for...It's taken 4+ years for us to find our stride and now we're ready to go to the next step w/ our live series (just posted about this in mike's 'small labels' thread)...I'm a sucker for a great package and aim to sell more discs so that we can keep improving our product and be more and more selective about the kinds of releases we do...I also do a lot of my own music that I don't release free so as to raise funds to put back into the label... It's the "business" of keeping this beautiful artform alive and well...profit?!?!?!  yeah, right...


Thanks Ben :)

And yes, I think Jason does a super job with Infraction releases. Fine music, excellently packaged.
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Aloof Proof, Piano Text: breathtaking - primordial majesty. Northern, Drawn:  psychoactive, genius structures, alive. Haven't given a full listen to Pacione's From Stills to Motion yet, but am looking forward to it. Still considering getting Northing, is it as highly recommended as the above releases?


Imminent Infraction Alert:

"Aversion Therapy is an interesting and divergent choice for Infraction's first long player. Its creators, Drafted by Minotaurs, are questing instrumentalists, exponents of the kind of band-based stretching-out you'd have thought alien to the Ohio imprint's ambient and electronic-oriented remit."

Now read on... here...

Couple of tasters in the player here


Just ordered the Aglaia/Alio Die recording

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The Alio Die/Aglaia is excellent, as is the Sleepy Town Manufacture disc (Beautumn side project).