Author Topic: Nord Modular G1 keyboard version for sale to good home  (Read 5586 times)


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Nord Modular G1 keyboard version for sale to good home
« on: August 28, 2010, 09:40:47 AM »
My apologies to the moderators and local community if this post is considered inappropriate.

I have also emailed Chuck Van Zyl, whose Star's End Gatherings I have been a long and faithful attendee of. Wonderful to live near Philadelphia and to have access to this event. I saw Manuel Gottsching live and in person for god's sake! I posted to Electro Music user group and emailed Phil Derby to get the word out. And also Darren Bergstein ( who pointed me to these forums.  Darren hosts live electronic concerts out of his home in North Jersey, Robert Rich has performed there!

Bottom line: if you know someone who needs a Nord Modular 1st generation in fully functional excellent cosmetic condition, I have it up for auction on eBay at a reasonable price given the other units that have been selling there. I am the original and only owner. Included is the original paper manual, the Wizoo Guide to the Nord, and a CD I have burned with documentation, tutorials, software, and thousands of patches.

I am gearing up to take a CCNA certification in Cisco Networking, and I need $$. Otherwise I would be hanging on to my Nord. Come check it out and contact me with questions through the eBay site, which I am monitoring. The rest of my time is taken up with studying for my certification test so I will not be back here for a while.

Thanks for your kind attention and see you on the next Bardo.