out now: BVDUB "The Art of Dying Alone" Glacial Movements

Started by GLACIAL MOVEMENTS, July 06, 2010, 03:40:09 AM

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1. Descent To The End (8:08)
2. Nothing From No One (8:48)
3. To Finally Forget It All (21:20)
4. No More Reasons Not To Fall (11:19)
5. No One Will Ever Find You Here (9:18)
6. The Art Of Dying Alone (19:13)

written and produced in Shaoxing, China by Brock Van Wey / bvdub mastered in San Francisco, CA by Vincent Kwok
A Glacial Movements Records release, July 2010. All rights reserved.

Artist: bvdub
Title: The Art Of Dying Alone
Cat. number: GM008
Format: CD digipack
Cover Photo: Bjarne Riesto
Art Direction/Layout: Keep Adding


San Francisco artist bvdub (Brock Van Wey) is known all over the world for having realized resonant jewels of rare beauty such as "White Clouds Drift On and On," "We Were The Sun," "To Live," and many more. He has collaborated with labels such as Millions of Moments, Echospace, Smallfish, Styrax, and the German Kompakt, for which bvdub joined the famous compilation Pop Ambient 2010 curated by Wolfgang Voigt (aka Gas).

The personal sound of this artist moves from refined deep techno settings to more atmospheric and ethereal ones, leading to ambient soundscapes, and aiming to infinity.The treatment of the resonant subject is always executed with skill and discretion, and the sound possesses a wonderful capacity of description which lifts the listener up to the heavens."The Art of Dying Alone" is no exception, and in the new work composed for Glacial Movements, bvdub spans different sound-sorgents of classical moulds such as piano, acoustic guitar, violin and angelic female voices, along with delicate digital soundscapes. All this is manipulated and perfectly orchestrated into six wonderful compositions in which moments of melancholy, isolationism, coldness, and contemplation of life will take the listener's soul on a journey throughout those beautiful and desolate places eternalized in the cover photo by Bjarne Riesto, with great thanks to the huge design-work by Keep Adding studio.

"The Art of Dying Alone" is the contemplation of a final sunset over snowy peaks - it's the end of winter and the beginning of spring - it's a soft coat of ice on flowered grasses, quietly admired one last time.Without a doubt, this is the brightest but most melancholic work ever produced by GM.