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Started by APK, July 16, 2010, 08:45:52 AM

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Now available from DataObscura:


Nunc Stans : We Leave Without Speaking

Music for an imagined film.

We Leave Without Speaking is a single, 72 minute piece of expansive and
deeply involving atmospheric ambience that wanders an enigmatic world of
its own making, seamlessly flowing through a variety of rich sonic palettes
and absorbing soundworlds. A work of considerable beauty, with an underlying
sense of forlorn isolation and longing. A mature and sophisticated continuation
of the Nunc Stans legacy.

Performed by Anthony Paul Kerby, spring 2010, using various synthesisers,
guitar, treated piano, field recordings, and digital processing.

Here are some longish samples from this 72 minute work :

- Sample 1
- Sample 2
- Sample 3

Available as either CD or Download encoded at 256kbs : DataObscura

NOTE: this album is currently being shipped with a free disk version of the
new 48min Nunc Stans ep release Stanzas From The Museum Of Dreams,
which comes in its own printed cardboard sleeve. This ep is also available for
free download at DataObscura.

Thanks !

The Circular Ruins / Lammergeyer / Nunc Stans

Joe R

This disc has spent LOTS of time in my disc player lately. An ever-morphing drone work that alternates between deep "lows" and bright "highs". A nice touch are the patches of white noise that surface occasionally, and of course there's the usual abundance of the tiny sounds that make Anthony's music so absorbing. This could not be more different than his previous disc, the incandescent "Invisible Cities", but that's a good thing  --what good is an artist who never stretches his boundaries?


Listening to this right now & it has had pretty heavy rotation in my CD player and seeing as it's summer when i usually opt for more upbeat music that must be something :)

This is very deep and entrancing, I love the minute details that pop out at me.


This is an excellent and very deep piece with lots of electro-acoustic flair added. I definitely recommend it.
Thomas Park
Mystified / Mister Vapor


I've been listening to this quite a bit recently. Another very good Nunc Stans release. I'm especially enjoying Stanzas From The Museum Of Dreams. Good job Anthony!
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Very pleased to see We leave Without Speaking being appreciated so much.
Many thanks for posting guys.

And thanks for mentioning Stanzas, Harry.
I have a great fondness for those pieces.

The Circular Ruins / Lammergeyer / Nunc Stans


Pleased to announce that "We Leave Without Speaking" is now
available in the Hypnos Store in the Blue Oasis/Databscura section.

And in Europe it is available from

Both places include the free disk version of "Stanzas From the Museum of Dreams".

The Circular Ruins / Lammergeyer / Nunc Stans