Recommend some good tv series please ?

Started by Blackinfinity, July 31, 2010, 08:17:09 PM

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Alright, I need some good TV series to watch... which would you recommend and why ???

Some of my favorite tv series include LOST, battlestar Galactica, Dark Angel etc.

I am currently watching Caprica which is related to Battlestar is quite good..but the ambition and budget I think is lacking...
But I like how they mix the the real world with the virtual world.

I have also been thinking about to begin to watch Star trek once for all..I have only seen maybe 1-2 episodes on tv long time ago..
I doubt it is as good as Battlestar Galactica though...


We don't have cable, but I watch some television shows on Hulu, etc.

Right now my favorites include Eureka and Warehouse 13.  The scientific underpinnings are laughable, but the shows are fun!  A new show on the SyFy (really, what was wrong with SciFi???) network called Haven looks fun -- it seems to be loosely based on Steven King's The Colorado Kid.  Basically, these are science fiction shows with a second focus on comedy, relationships, etc.  Not very deep. but fun  --  and at the end of the week, there's nothing wrong with fun!

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Scott M2

Joss Whedon created several excellent series for TV.

Since you have an indicated preference for sci-fi start with Firefly.

If you enjoy the writing & characters in Firefly, proceed to Buffy the Vampire Slayer & Angel.
I realize they sound quite dumb looking from the outside - but they are powerful & emotional television.
(The first season of Buffy is the weakest, hang in till season 2 and things get darker/stronger/more emotional.)

Firefly & Buffy/Angel can all be purchased for very reasonable prices now and will entertain you for many, many months.

I've only seen part of Dollhouse - but I'm told that 1/2 way through the 1st season it kicks into gear.

Dave Michuda

I second Scott's recommendation of Firefly, one of my favorite series of all time.

A current series that I like a lot is Fringe on Fox.  The third season will start this fall.  It's produced by J.J. Abrams of Lost.  It's sort of like an updated X-Files, FBI investigators looking into bizarre phenomena with an overarching storyline about an alternate universe.  A very well done show.

Unrelated to the sci-fi theme but a great show I'm currently watching on DVD is Arrested Development.  Ridiculously funny & ahead of it's time.


If you like intensive stuff and always wanted to let your employees have it big time ;), I enthusiastically recommend Hell's Kitchen and Masterchef


Firefly - and then watch the movie Serenity.

Arrested Development - holy cow, yes yes yes.  You won't be sorry even though there's nothing sci-fi about this brilliantly written, acted comedy.

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Arrested Development is fantastic, but a lot of people wouldn't enjoy it.

Too many great shows lately have been killed prematurely.  Firefly, Deadwood, Arrested Development.

Going into Firefly, you have to be aware that it lasted less than a season, and Serenity follows on from there but doesn't exactly provide closure.  Prepared to be pissed off that it was never allowed to develop all the way, but don't miss it because of that.
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'The Royle Family'
Quintessential British humour (big in Finland apparently)
Doesn't get much more unglamorous than this.


try 'Shameless' for a more hardcore take on low-life culture (not recommended for more sensitive souls)

Scott M2

Another series you wouldn't expect to be good at all - but is very good
is Friday Night Lights. Excellent writing/acting/directing.
Very enjoyable even if you're not a sports nut.

A series that you would expect to be good (by Aaron Sorkin) and is very, very good is West Wing.
Try the first season and see if you get hooked.


american pickers

long time buds cruising america for lost gems and eccentric angels     h


Doctor Who (new season, new doctor) on BBC America, Fringe (lead female is kinda hot in a girl next door kind of way IMHO), Burn Notice (Gabriel Anwar looks SO HOT all ripped/in great shape for a semi-waify way and show is cool cuzz it has Bruce Cambell in it ;-)  Eureka is also cool show on Sci-Fi (SyFy - wtf was with that name change anyways? STUPID!).

Just some of the shows I DVR/watch.


Thanks for all recommendations

I have now downloaded Firefly, and it better be good, and with an IMDB rating of 9.5 it must be very good.

I will look in to the other recommendations also, thanks. 


I watched entire Deadwood in a matter of weeks. I miss Al Swearengen already.. :)
I'm pissed off there's no 4th season because it was cancelled. What a bloody shame!


Quote from: Terraform on August 07, 2010, 08:30:46 AM
Thanks for all recommendations

I have now downloaded Firefly, and it better be good, and with an IMDB rating of 9.5 it must be very good.

Firefly is kind of an oddball show. Think western in space with horses and spaceships! I thought the show had really good character development considering how short it lasted. And as JKN said check out the movie Serenity as it takes off literally where the series ended and concludes it pretty well.
Take care.

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Quote from: DeepR on August 07, 2010, 05:31:03 PM
I watched entire Deadwood in a matter of weeks. I miss Al Swearengen already.. :)
I'm pissed off there's no 4th season because it was cancelled. What a bloody shame!

Same here.  At the time they stopped the show, the plan was to release 1-2 feature-length movies on HBO to wrap up the series, but they postponed them until it was finally too late -- all the actors had moved on, all the sets were dismantled, and it would have been too hard to get everyone back together.

Sometimes I think they offer possibilities like this so people aren't quite as mad when they hear about the cancellation.  Maybe they never have any intention of offering any kind of closure.
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Doc Martin
A wonderful ensemble cast of top-notch British character actors. It's a very funny and intelligent show about a brilliant surgeon with a horrible bedside manner who develops a blood phobia and relocates to a small seacoast village to become their town doctor.


Thank you, I have now watched the first season of Firefly, it was really good!
But still strange that it did receive 9.5 on imdb. Especially for this kind.
I must think it appeals to a wide audience, and to both genders.

Now I will download the film Serenity, after that I am not sure what I will watch.

Dave Michuda


Thanks for the heads up on "Doc Martin".  I just watched ep1 season 1 and am looking forward to more.


Dave, each episode gets better and better. Despite his horrible bedside manner, the Doc becomes an endearing character as time goes on.


I have now seen serenity, it was a good film..a quite good ending to the tv series I suppose...

I will now download Twin Peaks, I have heard a lot of good things about it, and I know David Lynch is one of the directors.
Usually Prefer Sci-fi ..but since David Lynch is director I need to see it.