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Started by headonist, September 15, 2010, 11:16:49 AM

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Herion - Out and About CD
A Produce - Inscape and Landscape CD
Nebulae - Path of White Clouds CD
Miktek - Elsewhere FLAC
Martin Nonstatic - Granite FLAC
Cell - Hanging Masses FLAC

Haven't listened to any of the CDs yet, though I did check out the A Produce CD on streaming before purchase. The three Ultimae albums are very nice so far, need more listens. A lot of their stuff is just not my style but these I like.


Hanging Masses is a great piece of work, check out Live at Kumharas if you haven't already btw. Some new music from Cell would be good !!

Finally got this on disc from psychonavigation records......

Had the iTunes download for years but sounds even better on the silver . Beautiful ambience.


Here's a strong recommendation..........

New Carpe Sonum release, Jacob Newman - Biospherica

Beautiful, gentle, atmospheric ambience with hints of melody and sequences. Environmental sounds and a strong forest theme. Stunning.

Beautiful album cover also.


I'll second that: Biospherica is fantastic.


Great news for FAXheads....

Jus bought this download on bandcamp. Aerial Service area 2 . Fairly obscure but amazing FAX ambient music that has just been loaded up for purchase. I have been wanting to hear this album for ages after noticing it being discussed elsewhere. Dark, disturbing atmospheres from the galaxy and beyond. Love it.

Julio Di Benedetto

Thanks for the heads up thirdsystem on the Arial Service Area release.....recorded 1985-1994, sounds so contemporary.  Very different and enjoyable.  I will wait for the cd to come out according to their website.
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No probs Julio, great music , be nice to see CDs released and maybe a third ASA album !!

Been on a bit of a Prog frenzy also..

Radiohead - Moonshaped Pool LP , beautiful melancholy Prog.
Pineapple Thief - Your Wilderness LP, similar vein but absolutely stunning .

However most importantly ........

YES - Topographic Oceans - One of the greatest albums of all time, if not THE ! Remastered by Steve Wilson of Porcupine Tree. Also includes a Bluray of the album in surround sound. I suspect it may blow my mind when I hear this.


I'd be curious to hear what Wilson has done with that album, but I don't have a multi-channel system. Truthfully I've never fully been able to get into Topographic, and I have a nice sounding 70s 2xLP in excellent shape. Played my CD of Relayer the other day, I like that one more, even if it doesn't quite reach the heights of Close to the Edge for me.


Hey cvac, sorry I missed your reply to that.

I am actually just listening to Topographic in DTS surround right now. Amazing job by Steve Wilson remixing this in surround. Quite an experience listening to it. Hearing several things I have never heard before buried in the mix. Wonderful album that jostles for top position with Close to the Edge for me.

Also has to be said the 2016 stereo remixes are also excellent, quite apparently different in bits and worth checking out. This album has lived with me for about 40 years , I know it well, but still hear new stuff every listen.

It is probably my greatest album of all time, all genres. A few contenders for that though.


Just bought a number of Klaus Schulze reissues:
Irrlicht, Cyborg, Blackdance, Timewind, Mirage, Body Love Vol 2, X, Live, Dune.

I like the digipak covers and I've really enjoyed some of the music - not so sure about some, adding extra tracks from different years seems unnecessary and changes the atmosphere of the whole album.
   Others are really good additions....


Pete Namlook / Dave Moufang -

XVIII- Sexoid , there's a track on this called "Retro Future" , check it out and it will blow your mind  ;) especially in surround DTS.
XIX - Dawning Of A New Decade, a more ambient offering and again wonderful in DTS mode

and finally got hold of this.......................

Gert Emmens - Triza....................Love it. Some ambient parts but mainly Berlin school late 70s/early 80s Tangerine Dream vibe.


Mick Chillage - Exulansis

Almost 4 hours of high class ambient mastery. Mostly over drone work , some with hint of melody, space ambient, and some dark atmospheres. Amazing piece of work and still taking it all in.


Namlook / Moufang - Raumland Sphare. Possibly my least favourite of The Raumland trilogy, more beat orientated, but still very good indeed.

DTS surround mode will be activated for a listen later .


Possibly the greatest album of all time   ;)

Yes - Close to the Edge . The Steve Wilson (of Porcupine Tree fame)  remix. Difficult to get hold of this version now. The new stereo mix is excellent great clarity in the vocals and instrumentation. Possibly even an improvement on the original.

I will listen to the Blu Ray 5.1 surround at the weekend and possibly completely and utterly blow my mind  :)

Scott M2

Squire's bass is much fuller in this new surround mix, the guitars crisp and the floating space section of the title track is a beautiful dream.


Between Interval - The Edge of a Fairy Tale . Had the download for years but just purchased the CD as it is sooo good. . Atmospheric themes from another world. Class. He also has a new release out - Legacy - which I have heard on Spotify . Urgent list !!!!

Jonn Serrie - Daystar . Yet more space ambient mastery from the space ambient master.


Quote from: thirdsystem on April 30, 2017, 03:49:16 AMBetween Interval - The Edge of a Fairy Tale . Had the download for years but just purchased the CD as it is sooo good. . Atmospheric themes from another world. Class. He also has a new release out - Legacy - which I have heard on Spotify . Urgent list !!!!

Yeah, can't agree more, "Legacy" is definitely urgent, another big one from this Swedish ex-wunderkind!!! Each album by Between Interval is highly recommended!!!

Richard  ;)


Just streamed a few tracks of The Edge of a Fairy Tale on Bandcamp. Excellent stuff!


It's really a beautiful album Chris.  I would also recommend "Autumn Continent" I have been falling asleep to that one several nights in a row. Gorgeous music.

Just received the new CD ,

Melody orientated ambient beauty. Hope you are enjoying it also Richard    8)


Dreamfish. Namlook/ Morris

Had the download for years and it sufficed whilst I acquired other FAX on CD. So in my local, favourite record shop my eyes popped right out my head, literally, when I saw the reissue on sale for £1.99. All these years , in fact decades, I have been purchasing from said shop and I have never seen any Namlook. Made my week that did  :D