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Started by headonist, September 15, 2010, 11:16:49 AM

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Eno - Music for Installations

Stunning music from one of the masters, really definitive. Beautiful box set with interesting book regarding these insatallation projects. Highly recommended.


The three albums released on Lee Norris' new label Neotantra.

Futuregapher and Eric 'the' Taylor - Effects of Clouds
Ambidextrous - Vision By Zero
Wurrm - Apotropaic

Atmospheric, beautiful ambience of the highest order from all three. What a start to this label, augurs well for the future. Really superb stuff and highly recommended.

Think my favourite so far is ;

Vision by Zero


And the next 3, can't get enough of this music. What a start to this new ambient label...

Circle of Pines- Dark Water Pond
Interconnected - Extended Environments
AOC - Folk Etymology