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Started by headonist, September 15, 2010, 11:16:49 AM

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Purchased SR's Now on vinyl last week. Waiting on its arrival. Should be good.


Be interested to hear what you think ^^^^^ both on the album and the vinyl quality.


Joerg Schaaf - Sonar Experience . This is very good indeed. A mixture of styles ranging through Berlin to ambient and experimental.  Geat stuff. Think I might email him and tell him how much I am enjoying his music ........

Southfacing - Make Way For The Young deep ambient and very good it is too......

And importantly Lorenzo Montana - Black Ivy / Serpe double disc set from Psychonavigation. The first is beat orintated melodic ambient with great tunes the second deep space ambient with some beautiful melodic content also. Also on bandcamp for ordering the discs/download if you are interested .

Edit .... Both of these were on FAX originally, my iTunes downloads have about worn out so nice shiny CDs it is.


Found a 2nd hand CD of Budd/ Guthrie - After The Night Falls in my local record shop. Now I have to confess that piano type ambient is not my favourite, I have to be in the mood for it, I own plenty Budd btw (and enjoy it when I play same occasionally) This album is excellent though, been on constant rotation, probably a bit less piano orientated though.

Phobos - An October Evening Very deep and dark , as ever. Great stuff and a track with some beats  ;) surprising but excellent !! Looking forward to watching the DVD .

Ecovillage - Jesus of Nazereth on psychonavigation bandcamp. What a beautiful, ethereal , uplifting listen. CD ordered. Good for Christmas Ambient Listening.

Edit - link below


Quote from: thirdsystem on December 15, 2015, 02:26:37 PM

Phobos - An October Evening Very deep and dark , as ever. Great stuff and a track with some beats  ;) surprising but excellent !! Looking forward to watching the DVD .

Thanks for the support 8), hope you enjoy the DVD
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Joseph Minadeo - Amehuru

(some very nice ambient with occasional Budd-ian piano and a fair amount of textural variety, though some of the pieces are a bit long (the whole thing is almost 3-1/2 hours long))

Rainer Bruninghaus - Freigeweht

(a spacy early 80s ECM favorite I was happy to track down on CD.  He was the kevboard player in Eberhard Weber's Colours band)


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Is anyone compiling their Best of 2015 list?  Maybe in a couple weeks we could start a thread...


FAX CDs to upgrade from downloads( ie important stuff !!)
Namlook/ Inoue - 62 Eulengasse , possibly my favourite FAX album
Namlook/ Spyra - Virtual Vices 4 , superb jazz orientated with ambient also. My first ever FAX download a few years back.
Namlook - A View to a Chill
Gate/Sol , beautiful ambient with some acoustic instruments. Underrated gem of an album.

Robert Schroeder - Dream Access
Steve Roach - Day Out Of Time

Vinyl - Floating Points - Elaenia .


Steve Roach - Tucson Live 2014 and Emotions Revealed

Both very good indeed and on name your price at bandcamp.


Spocks Beard - Snow , triple vinyl  8)
Robert Wyatt - Different Every Time, compilation - superb
Dark Side of the Moog, 1-4 boxset - KS and the much missed Mr Namlook - This is very good indeed, more beat orientated in bits than my usual fair but enjoyed it all, some wonderful ambient soundscapes.

Carpe Sonum release of Nachtplank - Alien new album. Now this is different, very different from Echo Ark. Difficult to describe, probably experimental, alien like  :D  and very interesting. I like it.


Autumn of Communion - Polydeuces.

The series of albums ended with AOC 6 and a new direction commenced. First couple of listens - this is excellent, still space epic ambient but in a different vein and recommended.


Some CDs from the Spotted Peccary $5 CD sale:

Craig Padilla - The Light in the Shadow

Markus Reuter - Trepanation

Jeff Greinke - Virga

Chad Hoefler - Quiet Glow

Two FLAC downloads from the Projekt Bandcamp Sale:

Alio Die - Under a Holy Ritual

Forrest Fang - The Sleepwalker's Ocean


Dark side of the Moog - 1-4.
Joy Division - Closer remastered.
Hawkwind - Quark Strangeness Charm
Hawkwind - Hall of the Mountain Grill
Ozric Tentacles - Technicians of the Sacred
Gong - You
Elle King - Love Stuff
Steve Roach - a number of the digital offers recently - inc Sigh of Ages, Arc of passion.
Michael Stearns - Planetary Unfolding


Eno - The Shutov Assembly , excellent.
Peter Gabriel - Birdy soundtrack. Instrumental and ambient album from possibly the best vocalist on earth ?
Santana 7" 45 -  1978 promo - I'll be Wating / Flor D'Luna  :)


Quote from: thirdsystem on March 06, 2016, 12:31:13 PM
Eno - The Shutov Assembly , excellent.
Peter Gabriel - Birdy soundtrack. Instrumental and ambient album from possibly the best vocalist on earth ?
Santana 7" 45 -  1978 promo - I'll be Wating / Flor D'Luna  :)

The Birdy soundtrack sounds interesting. I passed on a used LP copy of that awhile back. I do enjoy his early solo work and of course "Passion", which is an amazing album.

Don't have any Eno post-Thursday Afternoon. What does that album sound like?


Hi cvac.

The Birdy album is excellent. Mainly ambient orientated. About 4 of the tracks have themes from PG3 and 4 . I really enjoyed the mix of themes and soundtrack. Will need to watch the film again. Must be about 25 years since I saw it last. I just bought PG1 on remastered vinyl. One of these expensive mastered at 45rpm jobs. One of the best quality pressings on the black stuff I have heard. Stunning and great album also.

I have only heard he Eno twice through so still digesting. Beautiful, classic Eno ambience. Possibly one of the best I have of Mr Eno. Many plays will follow his week. It's that kind of album , which in my experience is always a good sign .


Steve Roach - Possible Planet

Haven't noticed much mention of this album on the net. Having checked the samples on bandcamp thought I would enjoy this.

Dark and brooding with mysterious life forms, organic slow growth becomes more active and emerges into a lighter world on the final track where there is a subtle hint of a more Berlin School environment. All on analogue equipment.

I really like this album, been on constantly the last few days. The perfect companion to the otherworldly space epic I am reading.


Quote from: thirdsystem on March 12, 2016, 04:41:46 AM

Steve Roach - Possible Planet

Just played this one yesterday, really enjoyed it.



Zeppelin - In Through The Out Door , remastered 180g vinyl.

Only had this on cassette , therefore so wonderful to hear it on the black stuff. Many Zep fans not so keen on this one. I love it. Reminds me of my youth  :)

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In Through the Out Door along with Presence are my two favorite Zeppelin albums.  I'm probably in the minority, where others would cite Zoso and Physical Graffiti, which are still great of course.  I bought the 2CD remaster of Out Door.  I was greatly disappointed in the remastering of the original album.  I found it too bright (the lower frequencies inexplicably sucked out),and very digitized sounding.  I kept my original Page remaster from the 90s luckily.  Really enjoyed the companion disc of different mixes.  Strangely the companion disc sounded as good as the older remaster.