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Started by jkn, February 11, 2011, 08:36:13 AM

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Devin Underwood + Marcus Fischer - Correspond
Distance Recordings

[These are simply off the cuff remarks about the album as I listen. I am not a reviewer, simply a fan and fellow musician.]

Luscious opening track, modulating background, staccato moments, gorgeous feel.

There's an overall... feel... to this album. Hints in the background of field recordings.  Drones feel almost like very smoothed out wind chimes... the deep longer length good medal kind - but processed beyond immediate recognition.  Admittedly - probably not wind chimes at all.

Contrails and Mountains - oh my - this track sits beautifully in a deeper register, less movement than the previous tracks. Wonderful track placement here - and a wonderful song. This is moving.

I highly recommend this album - and frankly - anything you can find from Marcus Fischer and Devin Underwood (records also as Specta Ciera).  I am a big fan of both of their work.



This is a free netlabel release - TO DOWNLOAD:   http://distancerecordings.com/dist020

Devin Underwood + Marcus Fischer - Correspond

Correspond is the first collaboration between U.S based musicians Devin Underwood and Marcus Fischer. Together they have created five beautiful pieces of delicate, free floating ambience. Followers of each artist individually will find that their styles seem to effortlessly combine as they experiment with their shared love for minimalism, field recordings, acoustic and electric instruments and natural reverb.

The tracks on Correspond are presented in the order in which they were completed, allowing the listener to trace the trajectory which the artists followed during the creative process. This release is a free download as always, but the artists also have a limited number of CD's available. Email m AT NOSPAM mapmap.ch for info.

DIST 020

Album Credits:
Written + Recorded in Cambridge, MA + Portland, OR by Devin Underwood + Marcus Fischer
Mastered by John McCaig at Panic Studios in Seattle, WA

Artist Resources:

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