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Started by GLACIAL MOVEMENTS, January 18, 2011, 02:14:09 AM

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Netherworld's icy symphony is back as the moniker of Alessandro Tedeschi, Glacial Movements's mind and arm. After having produced Mørketid – acclaimed by critics all over the world as a precious gem of ambient music, and featured on key compilations such as The Wire Tapper 22 ("Aurora Borealis" blu ice mix, edited for  The Wire), Zaum Vol.1 produced by the Ireland's Psychonavigation, and also a split CD with the Canadian duo Nadja titled "Magma to Ice" (Fario Records).Throughout his own label, Netherworld has worked with internationally renowned artists such as Rapoon (ex Zoviet France), Lull (Mick Harris/Scorn), Francisco Lopez, Oophoi , and bvdub and has already planned new features with Thomas Koner, Loscil, Pjusk and emerging, new talent.
In the sound of the Roman artists, fragments of classical music blend with field recordings of every kind, voices and found sounds are manipulated, sampled and remixed, converting them in new frames and timbres likely to evoke rest and silence typical of the extensive glacial vastnesses. 3 years after his first full length CD, Netherworld comes back with this new work titled "Over the Summit," in which enclosed memories, feelings, and past experiences, deeply lived during the years and surrounded by an almost deafening silence, can be heard and felt circling vast mountains' snowy peaks.
The underlined aspect is the sensation of peacefulness or contemplation of an uncontaminated and silent nature, wrapped in the winter's white blanket. For the six tracks composing "Over the Summit," the sound emanated by the Aurora Borealis has been embraced and manipulated for a work of art, melting it with ethers of orchestral fragments escaped by the perennial layers of Permafrost.

1. Over the Summit (09:02)
2. Aurora performs its last show (10:01)
3. Iceblink [Aurora Borealis mix] (13:14)
4. Crystallized words (05:45)
5. Thoughts locked in the ice (11:32)
6. Iperborea (08:36)

All sound material has been created, composed and mixed by Alessandro Tedeschi / Netherworld: processed and harmonized Northern Lights sounds, field recordings, violin, found sounds
Mastered by Oophoi in The Kiva, December  2010

please listen to this music in a quiet, nocturnal environment at low-medium level

Over the Summit is dedicated to the mythical Hyperborea, the legendary land of the extreme north
Special thanks to Nicoletta my sweet darlin', bvdub, Gianluigi, my family and friends and the worldwide GM supporters

A Glacial Movements Records release, January 2011. All rights reserved





Yes, we've ordered this, along with a bunch of other re-stocks from Glacial Movements. We're now at the mercy of international post, but it shouldn't be too much longer.
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