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Started by jkn, February 21, 2011, 08:27:29 AM

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Only posting this here because this week we're featuring Hypnos.   I normally send out updates of what's going on in the community about every other day - sometimes more sometimes less.   


There's a lot of new community activity! Really well worth skimming all the way down if you have time!

Member of the day is Michael Meara / Somnarium. Working in "cold void space ambience or the warmer currents of classical ambient drift".  Check out the front page!

Feature of the Week is the Hypnos label and store.  Hypnos has been a favorite of mine for over a decade!  Check the front page and scroll down a bit.

James Johnson has proposed a "derivative works" project based from the stems from his original recordings of many of his albums. This is such an exciting community project getting underway!  http://relaxedmachinery.ning.com/profiles/blogs/derivative-works-of-james

Feedback Loop is about to release [FbL010] Brave New World Compilation - featuring a who's who list of amazing talent!  Heck, Leonardo even let me be on it even though I'm not a who's who!  (LOL!)   Leonardo (Subterminal) has posted a "making of":   http://relaxedmachinery.ning.com/profiles/blogs/fblpod006-making-of-the-bnw

Jennifer H. Allison wrote a poem about the passing of Lucette Bourdin:  http://relaxedmachinery.ning.com/profiles/blogs/reflections-on-lucette

I wrote about why the site site is changing and why you temporarily (!) can't change your profile page background and colors:

Aaron Jasinski has posted a hello blog with his album, Humidity to stream:  http://relaxedmachinery.ning.com/profiles/blogs/hello-rm-world

Mysterybear has released Garage Drone + remixes:   http://relaxedmachinery.ning.com/profiles/blogs/new-release-garage-drone

>>> NEW FORUM SECTION: Classifieds / Gear for Sale <<<
James Johnson has a TC M3000 for sale now

Shane Morris has posted live video of Moscovitz, Waltzer, Manganero, Creek, and Morris - check the Video section!
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Thanks for the update, John.   I was wondering what James Johnson had been up to lately.  I enjoyed his Entering Twilight and Forgotten places collab with Robert Scott Thompson from way back when.  With the amount of time he must been spending on his sample CDs, I could see how he might not have had much time left to work on his own music.