A true legend in Science Fiction passes away - Ray Bradbury

Started by Bill Binkelman, June 06, 2012, 03:36:10 PM

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Bill Binkelman

CNN's obituary here:


Well, he lived to be 91, which is pretty damn good, IMO, but still it's a sad day for those of us who loved classic science fiction.  :(
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I remember reading his short story collection, "The Illustrated Man," as a kid.  The one story that stuck in my mind was "The Veldt," which was both vivid and creepy in a Rod Serling sort of way.



We need more writers like Bradbury, who always cared as much about the power of the language itself as things like plot and character. One of the all-time greats.
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He was one of the greats; a true master of nostalgia and wonder.  I voraciously read everything he published; he added a layer of humanity to old SF, in a way that Azimov or Clarke couldn't match.  Sad to see him go.

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RIP, good sir.
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What a big influence on me. I remember reading whatever I could find by him as a kid. I'm looking right now for a collection of short stories I have by him.  RIP, Ray.
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