Yagya Rhythm of Snow

Started by drone on, January 12, 2012, 12:35:57 PM

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Why hasn't this been repressed or reissued yet?  Prices on Discogs are outrageous!


The re-issue is happening soon

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Easily one of the best electronica (Dubambientech? Basic-channel tech? Whatever) records to come out in the last 20 years...set standards, models, & clich├ęs in the genre that have motivated legions of copyists & established its own subgenre, regardless of name.

Though I purchased "R.o.S." when it first came out, I'd be curious to see if/when this happens...you know something we don't, Headonist? :)

(Addendum: According to this Facebook page, Yagya's new one is done & he's shopping around for a label...)
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Yagya has been talking about  a re-issue of the first album several times on FB.


I do really love this album. Should I sell my CD for a fortune, and then purchase the reissue for cheap later?  ;)
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Somebody on Discogs was selling it for $2,000.  If/when the reissue happens, I'll make sure to buy a few copies and put the extras in a safe. 


Wow... I was kidding, but I WOULD sell my copy for $107 (cheapest price on Discogs). Yikes.
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Wow is right.I  bought two copies when it came out,one for home and one for the car.With my all original Basic Channel CDs,tin box version,I could take a vacation.

Julio Di Benedetto

I was just think about how I was going to put my new release together and was considering cd production numbers and pricing....that was until I read this post.

Firstly Ive decide the its going to be a limited edition of 1.   Initially the cd will be on display at the Pace Gallery NYC. No audio representation will be available during the show.  The actual audio will be only accessible to the collector that puts down the asking price. If he or she cares to distribute the said work of sonic art, the artist will collect royalty fees based on the projected endless download possibilities.

Commodity, Commodity......when you think of all the wonderful music out there thats at the normal asking price this is insane.  Its that good that it commands those prices or are they asking and dreaming

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No dreaming as far as I know. 100 euros for RoS is a realistic price. I sold my copy for 50 euro half a year ago.


Too bad I sold my copy many moons ago.  It didn't do at lot for me at the time--sounded too much like Gas (the group, not the flatulence).



I like this album, but I'll certainly take $150 for it, if it's really worth that to anybody. Just listed mine on Amazon Marketplace. We'll see if I get any bites.
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I've always wanted to hear this album - I've heard it mentioned as a 'best of the best' album for years.   
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drone on

There are a few complete tracks on Discogs/You Tube for listening.  It sounds pretty awesome.  This is probably my most wanted album on my Want List.