Author Topic: vinyl 12" singles - tossing this out there...  (Read 7293 times)


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vinyl 12" singles - tossing this out there...
« on: February 17, 2012, 06:58:55 AM »
Honestly - don't know that I really *want* to sell these - just pondering it. 

Essentially - I have almost every 12" single from several bands from the 80's - many limited editions, and some 7".   I'd have to check to make sure they are 100% complete - but let's say ... MOSTLY complete.

The Smiths - I'm fairly sure all of them, bought off of an avid collector and high school friend of mine - he treated his vinyl like they were treasures.
Erasure - bought from same guy

I also have just about every Depeche Mode, but I bought those and won't sell them.   As well as a lot of Cabaret Voltaire, Japan, Sylvian, and Blancmange.

I've always kept my vinyl stored properly and kept in plastic sleeve covers - most are very good or better condition.   I was a person that was ultra careful to all my vinyl.

Except when I loaned a Cocteau Twins album to a friend and he left it on his car dashboard... my fault for loaning i out... sheesh.

Again - not sure I can really part with them - just sort of opening up the conversation a bit.
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Re: vinyl 12" singles - tossing this out there...
« Reply #1 on: February 24, 2012, 07:43:26 PM »
If you do decide you want to sell any of them, I'd suggest Discogs. I've tried all (I think) of the marketing places out there and it's the only one that takes ONLY a fair share of the selling price (and only after it's sold), allows the seller to leave feedback about the buyer, and has a reasonably good vehicle for buyer-seller communication.
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