Were did TELOMERE go?

Started by happydogs, February 28, 2012, 04:21:43 PM

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Telomere (Christopher McDonald) seems to have disappeared.  No new music in years.  Does anybody know why?

Three of my all-time favorite ambient/space releases. 

Bill Binkelman

Chris (MacDonald, who is Telomere) never has been the most prolific artist, although his albums all contain uniformly excellent classic spacemusic. He released CDs in 1998, 2001, and 2007, so he's probably "right on schedule." Hell, Meg Bowles went 10+ years between From the Dark Earth and A Quiet Light. You can always try emailing Chris at telomere@evenfall.com (his label). I suspecthe is just taking his time as always.
May the odds be ever in your favor.



Thanks, Forrest.  That will hold me over for awhile until the next release.  Let's hope for sooner rather than later....

There's this recent project by Deepspace (Telomere appears on two tracks):



Hello all,

I've been in touch with him a short while back,; he confirmed he's indeed working very slowly on some new music, but not by far enough to make-up a new album.
The same goes for Thom Brennan btw.

So be patience as I am...


Here we are, five years later...
Is that it from him?  :(
I emailed him at his Evenfall address. Let's see if he responds..


Chris is currently busy composed and recorded the last track for a new album which he hopes to release toward the end of this year; there's still has quite some work to be done though....


Zoetosis 2001
The Stellar Sea 2007
Lux Primordia 2013

So we might expect something in 2019. :)
Lux Primordia is a fantastic album by the way.


Supergiant (2018)
The guy is as mysterious as ever.


Quote from: gorney on December 16, 2019, 07:43:27 PM
Supergiant (2018)
The guy is as mysterious as ever.

Yes, Chris aka Telomere keeps on recording and self-releasing his albums quite incognito. But the more magnificent they are and the last "Supergiant" CDr is no exception. Definitely worth all the efforts to track it down!!!



All Telomere albums can be ordered directly from Chris or through CD Baby.