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Started by Scott M2, March 24, 2008, 08:18:02 AM

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Quote from: Scott M2 on January 25, 2009, 12:23:27 PM
Jamie & I have a tradition of jamming on New Year's Day to bring the year in on a positive note.
For 2009 we were joined by our friends Eric Hopper (Sylken) and Steven Sauvé (karmafarm).
I've extracted this piece and titled it Heliocentric Migration as it starts off ambient then takes off... perhaps to Venus.

Heliocentric Migration - (Scott M2, Jamie Todd, Eric Hopper, Steven Sauvé - 2009)

HiFi - http://www.dreamstate.to/audio/heliocentric_migration.mp3
LoFi - http://www.dreamstate.to/audio/heliocentric_migration_56k.mp3

i really dig you guys live Scott, two men; one brain.
if you and Jamie wanna do a New Years set this year together, just say the word.
as Kev, (Sleep Research Facility), told me; "these guys are like a modern Tangerine Dream", haha.

Scott M2

Quote from: modulator_esp on June 14, 2009, 06:44:35 AM
just listened to all of these and though I enjoyed them, for the live pieces would have much prefered to hear the full sets

any chance of these being released at all?

Thanks so much for the feedback gentlemen! As for releasing full sets - our OM CD was an hour release
from a 2 hour performance (with the groove pieces we play to break up our sets edited out, along with
some less inspired improvisations) but it's currently out-of-print. I can't see us releasing full concerts
without at least some editing - that's just the way I like to hear releases - as opposed to the actual concerts.

Stay tuned for a new dreamSTATE album next month of pieces extracted from AMBiENT PiNG performances
throughout the last decade to help celebrate the PiNG's tenth anniversary next month. I'm quite happy with
the soundscapes I've been discovering.

Here's a photo I rediscovered of dreamSTATE at the PiNG with cheryl o on cello. http://www.cellojuice.com
It was taken about a year after The Storm Within was recorded - but has some cool analog projections
by General Chaos Visuals.  http://www.generalchaosvisuals.com

Scott M2

A year ago today, on September 15th, 2008, Richard Wright, keyboard and synth player for Pink Floyd passed away.

dreamSTATE was scheduled to play an AMBiENT PiNG concert later that week (with Eric Hopper & General Chaos Visuals).
I suggested that we play our opening piece as an homage to Rick, who had been an important early inspiration for us,
and all agreed. I fashioned a ping on my Korg Kaossilator to begin and we winged it from there.

The concert was filmed by Jeff Howard & additional footage was later taped of the moon & water (Rick loved to sail),
so that in the last week I was able to create a video in honour of this anniversary of Rick's passing.

We hope that you enjoy the piece and that it may inspire reveries or memories of Richard Wright,
a wonderful and sensitive musician who was, perhaps, not fully appreciated in his time.

Here is the direct link:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZZaErwAb4J8

Scott M2

Jeff Sampson

I've just watched/listened to this three times in succession.

It is so beautiful.

Richard would have been impressed.
"ethereal atmospherica"

Boris Lelong

Scott, this a very nice video - and a good idea to make a video in the first place !
The piece is very sensitive and definitely relates to Richard Wright, a discrete artist with a tremendous importance in the Pink Floyd soundworld (and composer of my favorite song of the group's corpus , "The Great Gig In The Sky"...)


Scott M2

Thanks for watching and for the comments guys.

Yes - "The Great Gig in the Sky" is my favourite piece from "Dark Side".
I'd declare "Shine On You Crazy Diamond - Parts 1-9" as my personal favourite song of all time.
Rick was a huge contributer to this beautiful and emotional creation.


Quote from: Scott M2 on September 17, 2009, 06:59:00 AM
Thanks for watching and for the comments guys.

Yes - "The Great Gig in the Sky" is my favourite piece from "Dark Side".
I'd declare "Shine On You Crazy Diamond - Parts 1-9" as my personal favourite song of all time.
Rick was a huge contributer to this beautiful and emotional creation.

you sent me that link to my gmail Scott...


Scott M2

Well, here's a deep vein for this thread - an entire album of pieces for free download.

rik maclean, proprietor of ping things, invited us to create a release for the ping things label
in honour of THE AMBiENT PiNG's 10th Anniversary (August 18th, 2009) and we assembled a
12-track album of soundscapes selected from 10 years of dreamSTATE performances at the PiNG.

a decade dreaming is now available as a free and legal download (240 kps mp3s) at
the ping things label blog and we hope you enjoy this journey through the past with us.
These aren't throwaway tracks but works that contain the deepest aspects of our sonic essence.

We're honoured to include contributions from many of the great artists we've played with
throughout these years: Alan Bloor (Pholde), Jim Field (spacenoiz), Eric Hopper (Sylken),
Wally Jericho, James Johnson, cheryl o and Steven Sauvé (karmafarm).

The prime details are included on the DIY "CD" cover and tray card but I've also been building
a bloglike page of Extended Liner Notes at: http://www.dreamstate.to/decade
for people who like to know what's behind the music.

Here's the download page at the ping things blog:

For people, like me, who prefer CDs, we'll also make a Redbook CD version available
(in a standard jewel case) at a very low price in the very near future.
(Review copies will be sent out at that time.)

We hope you enjoy the scapes...


Thanks for the link!  Sounds great!  :)
Science News, Vol. 175, No. 9, April 25, 2009, page 1 -- "New mapping of the human genome shows none of us are normal."


Hi Scott,  I've been enjoying your compilation this weekend.   Thanks for sharing it.



Fantastic album that has a great mood and sequence to it. I have been playing it a lot the last few days.

Scott M2

Thanks Matthew!     

This is probably a good opportunity to announce that the new CD version of a decade dreaming
with a jewel-case and full-colour graphics is now available for only $5 through this link:

For those who don't care about CDs anymore - the album continues to be available as a
free mp3 download though the ping things label at:

Scott M2

In my day job I work in an office for the Government of Ontario.
There is much paperwork. As a government drone I take small
pleasures where I can. I was actually looking forward to writing
the date 10/10/10 on forms for a day. Small pleasures indeed.

As it turns out 10/10/10 is a Sunday (today) and that small pleasure
will be denied. Instead I've decided to create a 10 minute piece
titled "10 10 10" as a substitute high. After some thought, I realized
that a 10 minute remix of our "a decade dreaming" album would
provide a perfect source of content, as the music was sourced
from 10 years of live performances at THE AMBiENT PiNG.

I've begun the remix and have the first 2 minutes completed
and it's giving me much more than a small pleasure. My goal is to
release the completed piece tonight at 10:10pm EST at this link:

That's less than 9 hours away... Here's to small pleasures and
to all-consuming artistic obsessions.

Scott M2

Jeff Sampson

"ethereal atmospherica"

Scott M2

Thanks Jeff!

Yes, I've spent today, 10/10/10, working on a 10 minute remix of
our album "a decade dreaming" in honour of the number 10.
The Count should be very happy. I hope you enjoy it too.

The 192 kbps mp3 remix can now be streamed or downloaded at:

If it inspires interest in the album, a CD version is now available for $5 at:
and a free download mp3 version is available from ping things at:


Scott M2

dreamSTATE's Jamie Todd has just released a new URM album Stratification on the ping things internet label.

On Stratification, Jamie unleashes a sonic suite of sequences and soundscapes, six songs strung together
in a continuous hour long audio journey. With an influx of new audio toys (lots of new synths, efx and sequencers)
in the URM arsenal, Stratification is a tasty mix of sequencer driven Berlin School electronics combined
with haunting ambient soundscapes, seasoned with that little bit of weirdness that Jamie has always been so fond of.

Here's the direct link to the ping things label blog, where you can download the album for free:

URM - http://www.urm.ca

Jeff Sampson

"ethereal atmospherica"

Scott M2

It's now 3 years today since the passing of Richard Wright.
I wanted to share again a video piece of dreamSTATE with Eric Hopper (Sylken)
performing a small tribute piece created spontaneously in his honour.


Here's another video elegy I created a few weeks ago for well-loved Canadian politician
Jack Layton upon his untimely passing. You may not know who he was or what he
stood for - but I hope you'll get a good impression of how people felt about him
from the piece. Click the "show more" link for more about Jack. The music is by dreamSTATE.


Scott M2

I have two new ambient films in the latest edition of the Vague Terrain net journal of "Digital Art / Culture / Technology".

This is their Ambient edition with related essays, interviews, music and videos and is well worth spending some time with.  http://vagueterrain.net/journal20

"icon for a small planet" and "Limbus - Cloud Painting #7" both feature previously unheard dreamSTATE music.
Unfortunately I don't think you can expand the visual to full screen (and you may need a fast connection) but I certainly hope you enjoy the mood of these pieces and the rest of this special Ambient issue.



Good stuff, Scott.
Particularly enjoyed "icon for a small planet" with its Enoesque color morphs.

But was also interesting to have them both playing at the same time after
adjusting the volumes to a balanced mix.  8)
The Circular Ruins / Lammergeyer / Nunc Stans