OTPNYC / One Thousand Pulses New York City / Sunday May 6

Started by Anodize DB, April 12, 2012, 01:02:33 PM

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Anodize DB

OTPNYC / One Thousand Pulses New York City

GROUPTHINK (Periphery Records / USA)
ALPHA WAVE MOVEMENT (Harmonic Resonance Recordings, Periphery Records / USA)

7;30 PM - 11:00 PM

137 W. 14th Street (btwn. 6th & 7th Avenue)
New York City NY

TIX: $12


Event listing: https://www.facebook.com/events/288284544582553
201-316-5403 / thousandpulses@verizon.net

One Thousand Pulses (OTP) is the Northeast's premier series of electronic and experimental music. Showcasing artists whose sounds span the spectrum of electronic genres, styles, and motifs, OTP hosts semi-regular performances and events in venues throughout the region.

OTP's New York City debut showcase promises an evening of immersive, engaging, provocative electronica that dances around convention - the one commonality amongst the performers is an ability to sing the body electric by blurring context and texture, color and grain, light and sound.

> GROUPTHINK work up vast drones of machinic elegance buttressed by windswept atmospheres and the odd rhythmic pulse. A duo comprised of Darren Bergstein (iPhone synths, laptop, found objects, wayward percussives, voice) and Edward Yuhas (guitar, loops and processing, iPhone synths), Groupthink improvise with wild abandon, yielding, thanks to their various iPhemera, ambience with teeth, as found on their debut CD, "Of Microcosmic Origins".
www.groupthinksounds.com / www.otperiphery.com

> Gregory Kyryluk, aka ALPHA WAVE MOVEMENT, embraces ambient, "new age", and the classic 1970s German style known as Berlin School. Kyryluk is not only influenced by the masters (Eno, Roach, et al), his love of the natural landscape around him provides just as much imaginative gristle for the aural mill. He is, in fact, a true original; whether recording as AWM, Open Canvas, or as part of the duo Thought Guild, Kyryluk manages to transcend the historical baggage and clichés of his European EM colleagues. He recently issued the final Thought Guild disc on his own Harmonic Resonance Recordings imprint, as well as his ambient techdub debut under the alias Within Reason on the Periphery label. Kyryluk's appearance at OTPNYC will mark his first time ever performing in the Big Apple.
www.hrresonance.blogspot.com / www.otperiphery.com

> From Germany, the trio of BROEKHUIS, KELLER & SCHONWALDER have long maintained their foothold in the vast & rich European electronic music traditions set forth by aural ancestors Tangerine Dream, Klaus Schulze, Ashra, etc. However, rather than simply ape the styles of those legendary artists, BK&S have wrought a unique take on the genre, their mantra-like sequencer patterns snaking about epic, sprawling driftscapes and through a travelogue of inner/outer space excursions. The trio, collectively & independently, have released dozens of recordings on labels such as Manikin, Cue, Ricochet Dream, and many others. Inadvertently or not, the currently in-vogue (and resurrected) "nu-new age" retro synth music so popularized by Oneohtrix Point Never, Emeralds, Dolphins into the Future, Zombi, Majeure, and numerous like-minded artists owe a great deal of debt to BK&S, mavericks who have worked their particular brand of deep synth motorik for nigh on 25+ years now. Their performance at OTP will mark their NYC debut.
> Anodize / tactile visual audio /  www.anodizesound.com / www.otperiphery.com
> Groupthink / wayward electroacoustic murmurings / www.groupthinksounds.com
> e: anodizesound@verizon.net

Anodize DB

This Sunday May 6th marks the NYC debut of both BK&S *and* Alpha Wave Movement, bringing their space moozik thangs to Gotham. Tix still available - we look forward to seeing many of you here for this synth summit in the Big Apple!
> Anodize / tactile visual audio /  www.anodizesound.com / www.otperiphery.com
> Groupthink / wayward electroacoustic murmurings / www.groupthinksounds.com
> e: anodizesound@verizon.net

drone on

Wow, what a lineup!! I would love to see this.  Absolutely LOVE BK&S, what a rare chance to see them!!!

drone on

Darren, will all the Periphery releases be available on iTunes eventually?  I notice the Thomas Ronkin is not on iTunes but the others are.  Thanks.