Stephen Phillips

Started by Sighthound, August 14, 2012, 11:59:07 AM

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Whatever happened to Mr. Phillips?  His sight has not been updated in quite some time, and I haven't seen any new releases.


Yeah, he sort of fell off the map around 2010.

It's curious that you bring him up. I was listening to StillStream a few days ago, and suddenly heard his voice... his usual "you're listening to" blurb during live shows. He hasn't been a host for years, but I checked to see if he was just doing a random live show (which he used to do from time to time). Nope. I assumed whatever was playing happened to have his voice recorded over top for some reason.
Anyway, it was kind of weird.

I know a few guys who were close to him. I'll ask if they know anything.
Mike Carss -- Altus : aural journeys for the mind's eye


Thanks for the info.  Hope he is well.


I managed to get in contact with Stephen.

I'm glad to report all is well with him, but unfortunately he's lost his muse and hasn't been making any music lately. "Real Life" has taken hold as well, being a father of two children.
He's been staying creative though, finishing a book of poetry he'd been working on, although didn't provide any details on that.
He certainly plans on producing music again... just not sure when.
Mike Carss -- Altus : aural journeys for the mind's eye

einstein36 does get in the way of things, I know that really Fact, I do apologize, I haven't been around much musically in the last 2 years, but I just finished up writing my Sci-fi novel, Alien Tears..but I am currently working with my guitar player again and we are creating a new album together hopefully maybe:) be done by Christmas.....
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