Started by GLACIAL MOVEMENTS, December 10, 2007, 05:17:30 AM

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Hello folks,

i'm honored to announce you that i'm in collaboration with NADJA (Aidan Baker/Leah Buckareff) for a split CD that will be available on Feb/March 2008 for one of the best experimental record label of the world: FARIO

The Fario label was created in 1998 by the staff of the French magazine Fear Drop.The concept behind Fario is the meeting : collaborations between two artists.Fario records show two halves created separately and a common track in the middle, a moment to share views or to oppose feelings.


Fragile / Dither
Mimetic kKno / Delphium
99 mg / Laurent Pernice
Lull / Origami Arktika
Francisco López / Steve Roden
Rapoon / Désaccord Majeur
Vromb / Telepherique
Troum / Christian Renou
Thomas Köner (the CD is due out 2008)
Nadja / Netherworld (the CD is due out 2008)


It's worth clarifying here that Fario and Faria are different labels, though both releasing fairly similar and connected music.  I was confused myself until I followed the link.
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